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CES 2020 Innovation Award-Winning Technologies from Samsung

8th January 2020
"Samsung’s CES® 2020 Innovation Award-winning display and soundbar technologies include QLED 8K TVs’ new Q-Symphony sound feature and the lifestyle TV “The Sero” (both of which snagged Best of Innovation honors), as well as the Q950TS QLED 8K TV, and ....."

In the leadup to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show 2020 (CES 2020), 46 of Samsung Electronics’ newest products and services were selected to receive the showcase’s coveted CES 2020 Innovation Award – with three earning Best of Innovation award.

ces 2020 innovation award winning samsung TVs

Samsung’s CES® 2020 Innovation Award-winning display and soundbar technologies include QLED 8K TVs’ new Q-Symphony sound feature and the lifestyle TV “The Sero” (both of which snagged Best of Innovation honors), as well as the Q950TS QLED 8K TV, and the company’s latest gaming monitors, the Odyssey G9 and G7.

This year’s honorees in the display, home appliance and memory categories in CES 2020.

  • Q-Symphony  Samsung’s revolutionary Q-Symphony feature harnesses the power of 2020 QLED 8K TVs and the HQ-Q800T soundbar – combining the former’s built-in speakers with the latter’s impressive audio capabilities – to deliver a truly immersive and powerful sound experience.


  • The Sero  Samsung’s versatile lifestyle TV, The Sero, not only provides users with a conventional horizontal TV-viewing experience but can also be flipped 90 degrees to allow them to enjoy content created in vertical formats.


  • Q950TS – Samsung’s 85-inch Q950TS QLED 8K TV is packed with enhancements, including a groundbreaking design and next-level picture, screen and audio technologies. Standout features include the TV’s new Infinity Screen and true-to-life 8K resolution, as well as its innovative AI Quantum Processor 8K and Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+) technology.


  • G9 – A CES® 2020 Innovation Awards honoree in the Computer Peripherals and Accessories category, the Odyssey G9 features Samsung’s all-new Infinity Core Lighting on its rear. The eye-catching lighting adds a futuristic glow to the gaming monitor’s already-striking white exterior, further setting it apart from other devices on the market.


  • G7 – An honoree in the Gaming category, the 32- or 27-inch Odyssey G7 offers users a gaming experience unlike any they’ve seen before, thanks to a first-of-its-kind combination of a 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, QHD (Quad High Definition) and a 16:9 aspect ratio.

 ces 2020 innovation awards samsung home appliance

Winning entries in the Home Appliance category in CES 2020 innovation award include the latest version of Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator, as well as the company’s new Cube Refrigerator Series.


  • Family Hub – The latest edition of Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator features personalized, AI-driven enhancements that help users get the most out of their kitchen. These enhancements enable families to plan meals, share video content and manage their smart home – all from their kitchen.


  • 4D-Flex BESPOKE  Samsung’s 4D-Flex BESPOKE refrigerator establishes a completely new category of customized home appliances. From materials to colors and even fridge and freezer functions, users can customize a wide range of the refrigerator’s features to make this innovative product their own.


  • Cube Refrigerator Series – Available in a versatile range of colors, including Wine, Beer and Beauty, Samsung’s Cube Refrigerator Series features three new compact models whose stackable design and innovative low-noise cooling technology make them suitable for any room – from the kitchen to the bedroom.


  • Portable Slim Double Induction – Samsung’s Portable Slim Double Induction is an innovative cooking solution designed for those who live in smaller households. It features two versatile induction burners that themselves feature nine different power levels to suit any culinary need – not just in the kitchen, but in other rooms as well.


  • Samsung Shoe Care System – The Samsung Shoe Care System is a trailblazing innovation in home shoe care that offers users an all-in-one shoe care solution, enabling them to deodorize, dehumidify and dry shoes with a single convenient device.


  • WA8500V Front Load Washer – Samsung’s latest front load washer not only offers users a laundry experience that is both personalized and powerful – thanks to its large capacity and wide range of wash cycle options, including Super Speed – it also offers advanced Wi-Fi connectivity and smart voice controls for ultimate usability.


Samsung’s memory solutions were also honored with a number of awards. This year’s winners include the Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch, an external storage drive featuring significantly enhanced speed and security; the Samsung SSD 980 PRO, a consumer SSD solution that’s optimized for high-end PCs; and the PM1733 30.72TB PCle Gen4 NVMe SSD, the industry’s fastest and largest capacity storage drive, developed for next-generation datacenters and enterprise server systems.

Many of the innovative products covered in this article are currently on display at this year’s CES, alongside a wide range of products from across Samsung’s mobile ecosystem. These include the category-defining Galaxy Fold – recognized for its innovative materials and technologies – and the Galaxy Note10/Note10+ – the latest power devices in Samsung’s Note series, designed to help users do more of what they love. The Galaxy Note10+ 5G received its CES® 2020 Best of Innovation award based on the sheer power it offers users with its best-in-class specs, features and network speeds. Similarly, as Samsung’s first 5G flagship phone, the Galaxy S10 5G has been recognized for offering users fast network connectivity, advanced features and high performance. Furthermore, the Galaxy A50 has been acknowledged for bringing users advanced hardware and premium features at a lower price point.


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