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Vianet Open Its New Branches

15th February 2023
"Vianet expanded its new branch in Urlabari of Morang district, Lalmatiya of Dang district, and Abukhaireni of Tanahu district."

Vianet Communication Ltd. is known for providing high speed internet and television services for commercial and personal purposes all over Nepal.

While expanding its services, it has expanded a new branch in Urlabari of Morang district, Lalmatiya of Dang district, and Abukhaireni of Tanahu district.

Now the common man of Urlabari, Lalmatiya and Abhukhaireni will also benefit from the schemes of Vianet, which conducts various schemes for its customers from time to time. Recently, through plans like Vianet's Ultra-Fi, customers can enjoy ViaTV with more than 175 channels along with high-quality internet at affordable prices.

In this context, the company has provided a special opening offer in its UltraFi package to share the joy of service expansion in Urlabari, Lalmatiya and Abukhaireni.

This facility has been brought by the company for a limited period.

Vianet provided fiber optic internet service for the first time in Nepal and in 2016 it also launched the first IP TV service in Nepal.

Vianet is known as a high-speed internet service provider. S. O. 9001:2015 is an authentic company.

Vianet has partnered with world-renowned technology-friendly brands such as Nokia, Juniper, Cisco and Sienna to provide world-class, quality services to its customers.

Vianet, which is providing quality television services with broadband services of the latest technology, has recently been in the process of expanding throughout the country.

Today's world depends on the Internet. Most of our daily life is spent on the Internet. In such a situation, high speed internet has become a necessity for everyone.

That's why Vianet has been helping customers move forward by providing high-speed, high-quality Internet services.

In addition, various informational, news and entertainment TV channels are also being provided under one roof to provide more facilities to the customers.

Therefore, take the service of Vianet today and always stay updated and informed and assured.

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