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Car price in nepal 2020 - All Brands and Models

15th March 2020
"Price List of All Cars in Nepal 2020"

Car Price in Nepal 2020

Ford Car Price in Nepal 2020

Brand: Ford   

GO Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.     

Thapathali, Kathmandu, Tel: 01-4244254

All-New Figo (BS-VI)  
All New Figo Variants Price MRP
1.2L (Petrol)  Trend  2,899,000
 1.2L  Titanium  3,099,000
 1.2L  Titanium +  3,249,000
1.5L (Diesel)  Trend  3,199,000
 1.5L  Titanium  3,349,000
 1.5L  Titanium +  3,599,000


All New Aspire (BS-VI)  
All New Aspire Variants Price MRP
1.2L (Petrol)  Ambiente  2,699,000
1.2L  Trend +  3,199,000
1.2L Titanium  3,349,000
1.5L (Diesel) Trend + 3,349,000
1.5L Titanium  3,549,000


Freestyle (BS-VI)  
Freestyle Variants Price MRP
 1.2L (Petrol) Trend 3,249,000
1.2L Titanium 3,490,000
1.2L Titanium +  3,549,000
1.5L (Diesel) Trend 3,390,000
1.5L Titanium 3,649,000
1.5L Titanium +  3,790,000


EcoSport MCA (BS-VI)  
EcoSport MCA Variants Price MRP
1.5L (Petrol) Ambiente 3,690,000
1.5L Trend 3,990,000
1.5L Titanium 4,390,000
1.5L Titanium Thunder 4,740,000
1.5L Titanium + Sports 4,890,000
1.5L (Diesel) Ambiente 3,999,000
1.5L Trend 4,349,000
1.5L Titanium 4,790,000
1.5L Titanium Thunder 5,290,000
1.5L Titanium + Sports 5,499,000


All-New Ranger    
All-New Ranger Variants Price MRP
3.2L (Diesel) XL 8,300,000
3.2L (Diesel) XLT A/T 9,900,000


Endeavour DSL Variants  Price MRP
2.0L (BS-VI) (Titanium + 4x4 A/T) 14,900,000


Raptor DSL Variants Price MRP
2.0L A/T 14,900,000




Datsun and Nissan Car Price in Nepal 2020

Brand: Datsun and Nissan            
Pioneer Moto Corp Pvt. Ltd.        
Thapathali, Kathmandu, Phone No.: 014101427,01446042/014101170


Datsun Redi GO (Hatch Back) Variants Price MRP
Redi GO T(O)  799cc 1,999,000
Redi Go T(O)   999cc 2,199,000


Datsun New Go (Hatch Back) Variants Price MRP
Datsun New Go A (O)   1198cc 2,599,000
Datsun New Go T 1198cc 2,699,000
Datsun New Go T (O) 1198cc 2,799,000


Nissan Micra (Hatch Back) Variants Price MRP
Micra XV 1198cc 2,884,000


Nissan Kicks (SUV) Variants Price MRP
XL Petrol 1498cc 4,899,000
XV Petrol 1498cc 5,349,000
XL Diesel 1461cc 5,099,000
XV Diesel 1461cc 5,699,000
XV Diesel Premium  1461cc 60,99,000
XVP Diesel OPT (Mono Tone)  1461cc 64,99,000
XVP Diesel OPT (Dual Tone)  1461cc 65,25,000


Nissan Sunny (Sedan) Variants Price MRP
Sunny XVD 1461cc 3,999,000


Nissan Navara (Pickup) Variants Price MRP
Navara MT  2488cc 8,249,000
Navara AT  2488cc 9,249,000


Nissan Xtrail (SUV) Variants Price MRP
Xtrail 5 seater 1998 12,499,000
Xtrail 7 seater 1998 12,999,000


Nissan Urvan (VAN) Variants Price MRP
Nissan Urvan  2488cc 7,799,000

Hyundai Car Price in Nepal 2020

Brand: Hyundai                    
Laxmi Intercontinental Pvt Ltd, Naxal, Kathmandu

Santro (Hatch Back) Variants Price MRP
1.1L Era 23,96,000
1.1L Magna 26,56,000
1.1L Automatic Magna-AMT 29,96,000
1.1L Sportz 28,56,000
1.1L Asta 31,56,000


Grand i10 (Hatch Back) Variants Price MRP
1.2L  Magna 30,56,000
1.2L  Sportz 32,96,000


Elite i20 (Hatch Back) Variants Price MRP
1.2L Magna+ 33,56,000
1.2L Sportz + 37,96,000
1.2L  i20 Active S 38,96,000


Verna Variants Price MRP
1.6L SX 49,96,000
1.6L SX (O) 53,96,000


Venue (Petrol) Variants Price MRP
1.2L E 36,26,000
1.2L S 39,96,000
1.0L S 43,96,000
1.0L SX 49,96,000
1.0L SX(O) 54,96,000
1.0L Automatic S 48,36,000
1.0L Automatic SX+ 57,36,000


Venue (Diesel) Variants Price MRP
1.4L S 44,56,000
1.4L SX 50,56,000


Creta (Petrol) Variants Price MRP
1.6L E+ 46,56,000
1.6L EX 48,56,000
1.6L SX 53,96,000
1.6L SX AT 60,96,000
1.6L SX (O) 61,96,000


Creta (Diesel) Variants Price MRP
1.4L E+ 43,96,000
1.4L S 51,56,000
1.6L SX 59,96,000


Tucson (Petrol) Variants Price MRP
2.0L GL MT 74,96,000
2.0L GL MT 4X4 84,96,000
2.0L Automatic GL Plus 4X4 98,96,000


Santa Fe (Diesel) Variants Price MRP
2.2L Automatic GLS 4X4 1,45,96,000


Electric Variants Price MRP
IQNIQ EV 100 KW 55,96,000
KONA EV 100 KW 55,96,000
KONA EV 150 KW 65,96,000


Mazda Car Price in Nepal 2020

Brand: Mazda

Mazda  Variants Price MRP
2.0L Cx-3  1,25,00,000
1.6L Mazda 3 90,00,000
2.5L Cx-5 1,65,00,000
2.5L Mazda 6 1,45,00,000




Advanced Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.

Thapathali, Kathmandu, Tel: 4431254

RENAULT Car Price in Nepal 2020

New Kwid (Hatch Back) Variants Price MRP
 New Kwid RTX”O” Manual 1.0L 2390000
 New Kwid RTX”O” Automatic 1.0L 2490000


Triber (Hatch Back) Variants Price MRP
1.0L Petrol RXE 2820000
1.0L Petrol RXT 3160000
1.0L Petrol RXZ 3990000


Duster (SUV) Variants Price MRP
1.5L Petrol RXE 3,990,000
1.5L Petrol RXL 4,190,000
1.5L Petrol RXS 4,390,000
1.4L Diesel RXS 4,699,000
1.4L Diesel RXZ AWD 5,909,000


Captur (SUV) Variants Price MRP
1.5L Petrol RXE 4,814,345
1.5L Petrol RXL 5,090,000
1.5L Petrol RXT 5,590,000
1.4L Diesel RXZ AWD 5,909,000
1.4L Diesel RXL 5,590,000
1.4L Diesel RXT 5,990,000


DFSK Car Price in Nepal 2020

Brand: DFSK 
KUZU NEPAL PVT. LTD            
Pani Pokhari, Lazimpat Road, Kathmandu Tel. No.: 9801056614  / 9801056615

DFSK  Variants Price MRP
DFSK-Glory 580 1.5L (SUV) MT 62,80,000
DFSK-Glory 580 1.5L (SUV) CVT 69,99,500
DFSK-DFM RICH 2.4L (PICKUP) 2438cc 59,80,000


Peugeot Car Price in Nepal 2020

Brand: PEUGEOT            
Shangrila Motors Pvt. Ltd.            
Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal, Tel: 425000

 PEUGEOT (SUV) Variants Price MRP
3008 ALLURE (Petrol) 1.6L 12,000,000
3008 ALLURE Sun Roof  (Petrol) 1.6L 12,400,000
3008 GT Line  (Petrol) 1.6L 13,000,000
3008 ALLURE (Diesel) 2.0L 12,400,000
3008 ALLURE Sun Roof (Diesel) 2.0L 12,900,000
5008 GT Line  (Petrol) 1.6L 13,800,000


Subaru Car Price in Nepal 2020

Brand: Subaru            
Vijay Motors Pvt Ltd.            
Naxal, Kathmandu, 01-4414625, 4433205

Subaru (SUV) Variants Price MRP
 Subaru XV 2.0L 10,700,000
 Subaru XV 2.0L 11,500,000
 Subaru Forester 2.0L 12,500,000
 Subaru Forester 2.0L 13,200,000


MG Car Price in Nepal 2020

Brand: MG


NAXAL, KATHMANDU   Tel. No.: 01 4443233

MG (SUV) Variants Price MRP
MG GS Manual 1.5L STD 5,800,000
MG GS Automatic 1.5L STD 6,500,000
MG GS Automatic 1.5L COM 7,090,000
MG GS Automatic 2.0L LUX 8,150,000


MG (CSUV) Variants Price MRP
MG ZS Automatic 1.5L COM 5,350,000
MG ZS Automatic 1.5L DEL 5,640,000
MG ZS Automatic 1.0L COM 5,960,000
MG ZS EV 44.5 KW 4,999,000


Volkswagen Car Price in Nepal 2020

Brand: Volkswagen

Pooja International Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Thapathali, Kathmandu Tel. No.: 97714100593

Polo (Sedan) Variants Price MRP
1.0L Petrol TL 2,895,000
1.0L Petrol TL Plus 2,945,000
1.0L Petrol CL 3,195,000
1.0L Petrol HL 3,545,000
1.6L Petrol HL 3,845,000


Vento (Sedan) Variants Price MRP
1.6L Petrol TL 3,995,000
1.6L Petrol CL 4,395,000
1.6L Petrol HL 4,745,000
1.6L Petrol HL Plus 5,195,000


Tiguan (SUV) Variants Price MRP
2.0L Petrol   TL 11,500,000
2.0L Petrol  HL 15,200,000


Honda Car Price in Nepal 2020

Brand: Honda

Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd

Jyoti Bhawan, Kantipath, Kathmandu, Tel: 4225490

HONDA AMAZE (Petrol) Variants Price MRP
1.2L  EMT 3,290,000
1.2L  SMT 3,565,000
1.2L  S-CVT 4,090,000
1.2L  V-MT 3,890,000
1.2L V-CVT 4,290,000
1.2L VX-MT 4,150,000


HONDA JAZZ (Petrol) Variants Price MRP
1.2L  V-MT 3,950,000
1.2L  V-CVT 4,690,000
1.2L  VX-MT 4,350,000
1.2L  VX-CVT 4,890,000


HONDA CITY (Petrol) Variants Price MRP
1.5L S-VMT 4,890,000
1.5L VMT 5,090,000
1.5L V-CVT 5,525,000
1.5L VX-MT 5,600,000
1.5L VX-CVT 6,160,000


HONDA BR-V (Petrol) Variants Price MRP
1.5L SMT 5,050,000
1.5L V-MT 5,490,000
1.5L VX-MT 5,900,000
1.5L V-CVT 6,090,000
HONDA BR-V (Diesel) Variants Price MRP
1.5L SMT 5,590,000
1.5L V-MT 5,990,000
1.5L VX-MT 6,430,000


HONDA WRV (Petrol) Variants Price MRP
1.2L SMT EDGE+ 4,390,000
1.2L VX-MT 4,890,000
HONDA WRV (Diesel) Variants Price MRP
1.5L SMT EDGE+ 4,830,000
1.5L VX-MT 5,360,000
BRIO 1.2L (Petrol) SMT 2,925,000
HONDA HR-V 1.5L 9,900,000
HONDA CR-V 1.5L 13,300,000


Mahindra Car Price in Nepal 2020

Brand: Mahindra


Panipokhari, Kathmandu, Tel No.: 01-4006711

K100 (KUL) Variants Price MRP
1.2L K4+ G80 2,775,000
1.2L K6+ G80 2,965,000
1.2L K8+ G80 3,145,000
1.2L K8+DT G80 3,175,000
1.2L K6+ D75 3,445,000


XUV 300 Petrol (SUV) Variants Price MRP
1.2L W4 3,975,000
1.2L W6 4,375,000
1.2L W8 5,075,000
1.2L W8 (O) 5,650,000
XUV 300 Diesel (SUV) Variants Price MRP
1.5L W4 4,125,000
1.5L W6 4,500,000
1.5L W8 5,150,000
1.5L W8 (O) 5,725,000


TUV 300  (SUV) Variants Price MRP
1.5L T4+ 3,735,000
1.5L T6+ 3,995,000
1.5L T8 4,365,000
1.5L T8 DT 4,435,000
1.5L T10 4,435,000
1.5L T10 DT 4,500,000


Scorpio  (SUV) Variants Price MRP
2.0L S5 4,885,000
2.0L S5 4X4 5,300,000
2.0L S11 6,180,000
2.0L S11 4X4 6,680,000
2.2L S5 4X4 5,600,000
2.2L S7 5,780,000
2.2L S11 6,565,000
2.2L S11 4X4 7,125,000


Bolero  (SUV) Variants Price MRP
2.5L XL NAC 3,650,000
1.5L SLX 3,485,000
1.5L ABS SLX 3,585,000
Thar 2.5L 4X4 CRDe STD 4,315,000


Bolero (Single Cab-PICKUP) Variants Price MRP
2.5L Maxi Truck Plus 1,825,000
2.5L Camper SC XL 2,140,000
2.5L Pickup 2X2 2,365,000
2.5L Camper SC 4X4 2,275,000
Bolero (Double Cab-PICKUP) Variants Price MRP
2.5L Camper 2X2 2,545,000
2.5L Camper 4X4 2,765,000


Scorpio (Double Cab) Variants Price MRP
2.2L S4 3,595,000
2.2L S6 3,760,000
2.2L S6 (4X4) 4,135,000
2.2L S10 (4X4) 4,440,000

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Compiled by : Debashish S Neupane Debashish S Neupane