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Covira app launched to measure risks of COVID-19

21st June 2020
"Covira app launched to measure risks of COVID-19"

A covira application with method to measure the personal and local risks of COVID-19 was made public amidst a programme on Sunday. The Nepal Engineers' Association launched the application developed by the Science Hub Nepal with engagement of subject experts. 
Users have to browse the website to access the assessment method. Adopting this method, one can make risk assessment of his/her own and their family members in terms of COVID-19. It also allows the users to see the state of COVID-19 risks in any geographical area within the country. 
Association's general secretary Chhabi Pokharel said such research-based method would substantially help Nepal and Nepali to manage risks during the pandemic. 
Likewise, Prof Padma Simkhada of UK-based University of Huddersfield said the assessment method would be useful for the government, community and individual. 
It is claimed to the first-ever research-based application developed on the joint effort of subject experts and scientists incorporating scientific facts, methods and evidences. 
On the occasion, Dr Rishiram Parajuli of the Bristol University, UK delivered a presentation on the preparation of the bases of the application. 
The application can be used to assess own risks based on the age, gender and state of chronic disease as well as the risk of transmission of coronavirus based on the routine activities. 
Also on the occasion, Dr Bhojraj Ghimire of the Nepal Open University shared about its amendment in terms of the technology, data use, privacy and safety of the application. 
It was shared that the Science Hub will gradually amend the application in a way to collect crowd-sourcing data in multiple languages. 
Association chair Triratna Bajracharya remotely launched the application through webina

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Compiled by : Debashish S Neupane Debashish S Neupane