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Google Pixel 4 hands-on before the release

23rd September 2019
"Pixel 4 is ditching the fingerprint scanner for the new Face unlock feature"

Pixel 4 can be dubbed as the most leaked phone from Google till date. And new leaks has surfaced again giving the hands-on look of the device before its release.

Thanks to Nextrift we got a good look at pre-release Google Pixel 4 XL. In the photo, we can see White Google Pixel 4 XL running pre-release software allowing us to guess how the “light matte finish” on the back of the device will look like.



Talking about front of the device, it is expected to feature a 6.23-inch 3,040 x 1,440 display and by the looks of it, sure is going to compete with the flagships display with those deep blacks and rich colors. In one of the leaked photos we also see Smooth Display setting in the device meaning it will allow display to dynamically adjust the device’s refresh rate between 60 and 90Hz.

Another new feature expected is the Face unlock. Yes, Pixel 4 is ditching the fingerprint scanner for the new Face unlock feature which works similar to the Apple devices and will be the only biometric unlock functionality in the device.


Previous leaks before the hands-on include square camera cut out with large camera bump, device is expected to be notch-less with large foreheads and small chins, Pixel 4 specs may include the Snapdragon855 chipset and 3.5mm head phone jack not returning.


Google Pixel 4 series is set to be released on October 15, 2019 and the launch event will be held in New York just like last year. Price of the devices are still a mystery but launch date is not far away.

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Compiled by : Biplav Gachhadar Biplav Gachhadar