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New e-payment app, CellPay in town

2nd August 2019
"CellPay, no wallet app required"

E-Payment is a convenient way of payment, but it can be a hassle for many instead. First you need to link the wallet like eSewa or Khalti to the bank, than transfer the fund to the wallet, than you are ready to pay electronically.

Now a new app named CellPay has been launched here in Nepal which allows the fund transfer and payments directly from the bank account you have connected, meaning no wallet app is required. This reduces the hassle of transfering the fund to the wallet before payment.

CellPay owned by IMS Group, is a digital payment platform, which is 100% owned by Nepalese and have already got the license of the payment service provider (PSP) from Nepal Rastra Bank.


Features of CellPay

  • Make instant fund transfer: Using CellPay, customer can transfer fund in real-time and get the notification of fund transfer instantly.
  • Fund transfer to mobile number: Fund transfer can also be done to the mobile number, after which the receiver’s bank account will be credited. If the transfer is done to non-registered phones, the transaction will be rejected.
  • Top Up and bill payment: CellPay supports mobile top-up, utility bill payment, physical merchant/shop payment, online shop payment, etc.
  • Multiple bank account link: CellPay also allows linking multiple bank accounts in the platform. They currently have a partnership with 10 commercial banks of Nepal which are:
    • Century bank
    • Citizens bank
    • Everest bank
    • Himalayan bank
    • Mega Bank
    • Nepal Bangladesh Bank
    • NIC Asia
    • Kaman Sewa Bikash Bank
    • Muktinath Bikash bank
    • ICFC
  • CellPay will add more banks to partner with them.
  • QR code-based payment: CellPay allows to make payment by scanning a QR code of the receiver either an individual or a merchant.
  • Nepali Language: CellPay also supports the Nepali language to use in the application.
  • Hassle-free payment: With CellPay, there is a hassle-free payment, without the need to transfer money to Wallet, as CellPay is not a Wallet service.
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Compiled by : Biplav Gachhadar Biplav Gachhadar