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DFSK Glory 580: An Extensive Review

DFSK Glory 580: An Extensive Review

1st July 2019
"The remote-controlled key can open and lock the doors and even open and close the windows from a distance."

A quick question! What do you expect in your new car? A premium quality? Or a touch of class? Or a variety of features? Or the latest technology? Or do you simply want it under your budget? Or is it all of the above? If you want all of the above, DFSK is the perfect option for you. And, here is the full DFSK Glory 580 Review and DFSk Glory 580 price in Nepal for you.

About DFSK

Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK) is one of the top car manufacturers of the world's largest manufacturing country, The People's Republic of China. The meaning of the word Dongfeng is "Eastern Wind" in Chinese. The Eastern Wind has influenced almost all the Car manufacturers of the world. Dongfeng has partnered with Honda, Kia, Citroen, and Peugeot and has gained every pie of experience from cars all around the globe.

Imagine a power pact vehicle with the touch of Japanese, German, Korean and French manufacturers. Even though the two companies merged in 2003, they are already giving a tough competition to the premium luxury vehicles all over the world. They are now exporting their cars to seventy different countries and ranked 68th in the Fortune Global 500 Companies.

DFSK Glory 580 Logo in Front of Vehicle

DFSK has two factories, one located in China whereas the other one located in Indonesia. All the left-hand drives are manufactured in China and exported to the countries with left-hand drives and the right-hand drives are manufactured in Indonesia and exported to countries having right-hand drives.

Why is DFSK Glory 580 so special?

In a nutshell, an SUV that is said to be giving a tough competition to Honda CR-V but resembles the shade of one of the most premium Hyundai SUV Santa-Fe and inspired by the first-gen Audi cannot be disregarded as one of the most premium SUV ever made. Also, some experts believe that the SUV projects the nostalgic image of Volkswagen's luxury SUV, Tiguan. Above all, the pricing is so aggressive, it will make your head spin.

 DFSK Glory 580

Even though the price of this luxurious and premium quality SUV is half the price of its competitors, it has by no means compromised in its quality. With the research and development centers and platforms in China, United States, Germany, Japan, and Indonesia, it has gained everything an SUV has to have to become a premium product. The SUV has attained the certification for EURO III, EURO IV, EURO V, EURO VI, and WVTA (Whole Vehicle Type Approval) and has attempted to cover all the safeguards to make it a safe SUV hitting the road. It has every aspect covered to be regarded as the safest vehicle including parking sensors, rear camera, driver airbag, passenger airbag, anti-theft alarm, child-safety lock, ABS and speed-sensing auto door lock.

DFSK GLORY 580 Engine

The SUV has a powerful 1498cc powered engine that provides with 148 bhp power at 5600 rpm and 220 Nm torque at 5600 rpm.

DFSK GLORY 580 Mileage

This petrol fuel type vehicle, Glory 580 gives the mileage of 11-13 km depending upon the road you are driving on.

 DFSK Glory 580 Engine

DFSK GLORY 580 Interior

Talking about the interior, the DFSK Glory 580 has a luxurious leather couch like seats in which you can cruise on. The leather seats are reportedly coming in dual-color within a few days in Nepal. The steering wheel is perfectly sized for the effective maneuverability and has the handgrip underside the steering wheel so that the hands don't slide off while driving.

DFSK GLORY 580 Features

The infotainment system built in the SUV supports both IOS and Android operating systems leaving the biasness off to the hands of the customers. If you feel that the interior is getting dark or needs more air, there is the option of opening the sunroof and letting the light fall into your luxurious interior.

 DFSK Glory 580 Interior Steering and Front View

Another specialty of the SUV is its interior space. The DFSK Glory 580 is a spacious SUV fit for adventure and touring. You can take your bikes, mini freezer, and fish rod and go on a vacation anytime you like. The trunk can be pulled and an additional two seats are available making it a seven seated vehicle. Why be only limited to four members of your family? Take your grandparents for the tour along with you. They will not stop blessing you and the glorious Glory 580.

 DFSK Glory 580 Interior

The console is both digital and analog and the overview of the car is located at the center of the steering wheel. It shows the vehicle from the top view and notifies when your doors are open. It is so much detailed that it shows the exact door that is opened, even the trunk. So you can now cruise the SUV down the road without worrying if any of your doors and open.

DFSK GLORY 580 Lightings

The lightings are extraordinary in the DFSK Glory 580. The lion eyed headlamps gives the SUV a sharp look and the fog lights glow from far away. The vehicle is visible in any of the worst weathers. The emergency light is designed in such a way that the lower part of the vehicle also possesses the lighting.

In times of emergency, when the trunk has to be opened, the lower lightings glow making you visible from anywhere. The backlights are inspired by the first-gen Audi which is stylish, cool and trendy. The doors when opened has a light in the bottom corner to aware the passerby that the door is open to avoid any accidents.

DFSK GLORY 580 Remote Control

The remote-controlled key can open and lock the doors and even open and close the windows from a distance. Imagine keeping your vehicle under the hard sun. It is impossible to get in, open the windows and let the hot air blow away. The remote-controlled window opening and closing can be handy in such a situation.

DFSK GLORY 580 Price in Nepal 

The luxurious SUV, DFSK Glory 580 price in Nepal is just Rs 62,80,000. You can book your DFSK Glory 580 with the authorized dealer- Kuzu Nepal Pvt. Ltd., located at New Third Eye Investment Complex, Panipokhari. Booking and buying a car is easy but maintaining it is a difficult task. Luckily, the spare parts are imported from both China and Indonesia and there shall be no shortage of maintenance. DFSK's authorized service station is in Jwagal, Kupondole, Kathmandu.

DFSK GLORY 580 Warranty

In this budget, the company provides 7 years of warranty time and 150,000 km of warranty distance. It is one of the best deals in the automotive sector. Contact the dealer and book for a test ride now!

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Compiled by : Debashish S Neupane Debashish S Neupane