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NIU N Series Review

NIU N Series Review

1st November 2018
"A companion that lets you glide to your destination with spectacular efficiency and style."

Nepal has been regarded as one of the most polluted countries. It has been ranked 177th out of 180 countries by the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) making us the third last country in regards to air quality. The pollution made by fossil fuel-generated vehicles is undoubtedly the primary source of pollution. In an era like this, our country needs a revolution in terms of vehicle management. Meanwhile, Niu electric scooters are exactly what we need in this country.


Imagine a scooter that is stylish and lightweight that silently passes through the narrow lanes all over Kathmandu. It is electric and there should not be any problem charging it in the night as the load shedding has been reduced. The size of the scooter is perfect for the crowded streets of Nepal. You can pass through the gaps and corners easily and leave those high powered bikes and scooters behind.

The design of the scooter is very trendy. The appearance is no less than the stylish Vespa. It looks cool regardless of your gender. They have given a premium touch to the scooter with a ring-shaped LED headlight that makes you unique in the road. Brace yourself for the turning of heads while you take down your sweet ride for a spin.

Motor and Battery

The motor used in this ride is made by Bosch with 2400 watt power backed by Panasonic Lithium-Ion Battery. So there is no need to queue up in the petrol line and be a step ahead than other bikes and scooters. The battery is designed in such a way that you can charge it directly from the scooter or you can take your battery with you to your home or office and charge it just like you charge your laptop. The scooter makes no noise and lets you reach the maximum power silently. The highest speed we were able to reach was 52, annnd that is the maximum speed limit for any road inside Kathmandu Valley. Now you can brag about how you always ride at the edge in maximum speed and the traffic can never catch you.


There is a strap specially designed for you to hang your bag. Also, the scooter has a multipurpose holder. You can keep a water bottle, a phone or even charge your phone when you are riding it. Don’t worry if your mouth becomes dry in this city full of dust and dirt, there is always some time for you to drink water.

The key has a remote control key-fob that can be used to lock and unlock the scooter. It can also locate your scooter when you leave it in the parking lot. The Chinese brand makes sure its technology is quite ahead of its competitors so they have designed an app for the scooter that locates you, notifies your battery, checks if all the configurations are well maintained and many other functions. The company also states that if your scooter gets stolen, they can contact the head office and instantly shut your engine down and locate it as soon as possible.



You can store your accessories in the boot underneath your seat. It has quite a large space for storage in comparison to other electric scooters. The footrests are on-the-go, letting you sit and press it to open. The wheelbase is 1280 mm which is quite good for a scooter. The ground clearance is 145mm, making the scooter convenient only in urban areas.



The price of the scooter is Rs 2,54,000 which might seem quite high but considering the fuel expenses, it gets a lot cheaper in a long run. Now you may tell that the electricity bill might make the expenses quite the same, but the catch is that the government has waived all the taxes for the electric scooter as an initiative for environmental protection. A 4-6 hour of charging gives you 80 kms of estimated range. Also, the motor and battery come with a 2 years warranty. Fair deal, isn’t it?


To conserve the environment, there are quite a few and in the race is NIU. If you want to change society, start from you. There is no loss for sparing some time to book a test ride, we assure you that the scooter will give you an electric feeling that you have never experienced in your life. 

Compiled by : Debashish S Neupane Debashish S Neupane