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Runner Hawk: The Off-Road King | Reviews Nepal

Runner Hawk: The Off-Road King | Reviews Nepal

27th August 2019
"Hawk named after its design inspired by the real hawk, is a budget dual sport bike brought to you by Runner, a brand from Bangladesh that has partnered with UM, Dayang, and Freedom."

Runner Hawk Review

Dirt, rough and mean are not always bad. It can be badass sometimes.

Hawk named after its design inspired by the real hawk, is a budget dual sport bike brought to you by Runner, a brand from Bangladesh that has partnered with UM, Dayang and Freedom.

Runner Hawk Design

The design of the bike is similar to the iconic Honda XR with the red and white color combination. The ground clearance is 260mm making it an ultimate off-road bike. The seat is smoothly outlined, slip resistant and ergonomically designed to comfort your drive. The silencer of the bike is strengthened with the heat-proof panel and the chrome-plated tail gives it a fantastic look.

Runner Hawk design


Runner Hawk Features

The diamond-faceted headlight and the backlight make it a dual sportbike. The meter is digital that has a speedometer, clock, trip meter, fuel gauge, and gear position indication. 

The high teeth tires prevent skid with a strong grip and let you ride easily on any type of road. The bike has front and rear disc brakes making it good with the stop and go function. 

Another unique feature of the bike is the key slot. The upper part of the key has a unique pattern that can open the key slot. It protects the slot from water and theft.


Runner Hawk Console

Runner Hawk Engine

The maximum power produced by this 200cc engine bike is 19.5 bhp @ 8000 rpm and the maximum torque produced is 17.5 nm @ 6500 rpm. It has both kick and electric start, making it convenient in times of emergency. 

Runner Hawk Engine


Runner Hawk Mileage

The fuel tank capacity of this bike is 7.5 liters and 1.5 liters goes to the reserve.


The best thing about this bike is comfort. You can take it anywhere and the frontal suspension and rear mono-shock do its part. It efficiently reduces the vibration and offers you a comfortable ride. 

Another advantage of the bike is its maneuverability. The handling of this bike is so smooth that it makes you ambitious enough to go to any terrain land and face the difficulty. 

This drift king does not only do well in off roads but provides the same performance in the smooth roads. 


Runner Hawk Price in Nepal

With 2 years warranty on this bike, Runner is selling this bike in only 3,99,000 NRS. 

Runner Hawk on the road


Runner Hawk Showroom in Kathmandu

Normally, we buy branded bikes just to be assured about the spare parts and service centers, but Runner with its two years warranty and 7 service centers within Kathmandu has made this bike a great deal. 

Don't believe us! Visit the showroom located in Bagdol and book a test ride. You will know by yourself.

Runner Hawk showroom in nepal


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Compiled by : Debashish S Neupane Debashish S Neupane