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How to keep your car safe from theft?

14th November 2021
"A car is your investment and its security should never be neglected."

A car is your investment and its security should never be neglected. Here are the very basic tips you must remember to keep your car safe from the thief: 

Secure your car every time you leave it:

This very basic security measure is often forgotten by car owners, leaving their cars at risk. Always double-check your car if you have locked your doors and windows properly.

Secure windows

Alarms and GPS:

Always utilize the anti-theft alarm that your car comes with. You can also invest in a GPS tracking system that sends alerts to your smartphone or computer. This also allows you to give authorities the exact location of the vehicle when stolen.

Keep your valuables out of sight:

Try hiding any expensive electronics and kinds of stuff in the boot or take them away with yourself. When kinds of stuff are visible it attracts the thief. So always remember to keep your stuff out of the sight like in the boot or in the glove box.

Park intelligently:

A simple but effective trick is to turn your wheels into the curb or towards another vehicle. As a result, this will make it a lot harder for thieves to make a speedy getaway in your car.

Parking car

Moreover, it is also a very good idea to park near building entrances though or near where security personnel or security cameras are active,

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