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Hyundai innovated center sided airbags

17th September 2019
"The new center side airbag is expected to diminish head injuries caused by passengers colliding with each other by 80 per cent."

Hyundai Motor Group has built up a central-side airbag, which attempts to isolate the space among driver and passenger. The Group will reveal the innovation in up and coming vehicles. This new, extra airbag expands into space in between the driver and passenger seats to avert head wounds of travelers in the front row. In the event that there is nobody in the front passenger situate, the airbag will shield the driver from side-impact from the right side. The central-side airbag is introduced inside the driver's seat and will send once the effect is detected.

Up and coming Euro NCAP is expected to incorporate side-sway into its thought starting the year 2020 and Hyundai Motor Group's airbag will surely help in accompanying to this.



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Compiled by : Debashish S Neupane Debashish S Neupane