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Transform Your House with LG: Home Sweet Home

16th September 2019
""LG ThinQ, having a wide array of features, integrating artificial intelligence with day-to-day gadgets and home appliances.""

Picture a world free of chores, free of exhaustion, free of stress… too dreamy? Not anymore!

It started in 2017 when LG managed to deliver a novel technology to its market, LG ThinQ, having a wide array of features, integrating artificial intelligence with day-to-day gadgets and home appliances. The mean of interacting with LG ThinQ products is based upon a voice control mechanism, through a product recognition engine and learning technology.

 As lifestyles, preferences and aesthetics are evolving, a great demand for more artificial intelligence products equipped in appliances is occurring in the market place. In that contrast, LG ThinQ is leading the corresponding industry, delivering outstanding value to consumers. Through its hard work and customer dedication, LG has made sure it makes your home a better place, somewhere safe and neat, enabling you to focus less on house chores and more on yourself! Truly, LG’s redefining customers’ happiness; a clear horizon, with nothing to worry about on your plate.

LG’s new Flagship Door-in-Door refrigerator, endowed with Alexa, a virtual assistant developed by amazon, has revolutionized the modern kitchen’s layout. With its sleek design and advanced features, LG’s new integrated built-in fridge will blend seamlessly into the kitchen space, keeping food at the peak of perfection. The ThinQ refrigerator displays a 29-inch LCD screen that has in the ability to become transparent with two knocks on the screen, allowing customers to identify the items inside the machine.


Furthermore, the fridge can be connected to the house Wi-Fi, providing recipes, food management controls, and other internet-based features, demonstrating its multi-functionality. With LG’s never-ending efforts, there’s no more worrying over the dirty laundry from last week’s hike or the bagels you left in the fridge yesterday, so sit back and relax, LG’s got you all covered!

On another note, LG is providing a brand new Signature Kitchen Suite that would ultimately change the kitchen tasks into a more entertaining, dynamic experience.


When we speak of high-quality monitors, we can’t miss on LG’s newest UltraFine 5K Display. Perfect for photo and video editing, the UltraFine 5K Display gives you plenty of room for a multitude of tools and windows, while rendering incredibly lifelike images and razor-sharp text instantaneously. Having done that, LG has once more been able to successfully submerge a new integrated technology into the market, while staying on the same track of turning our houses into safer smart ones.

LG Electronics is aggressively expanding its voice recognition-enabled smart home appliances, with almost two dozen markets on board. Using conversational voice commands, users can effortlessly control their LG appliances and monitor their operation for the ultimate in smart home convenience.

Through the company’s valued artificial intelligence (AI) partners Google and Amazon expanding sales of AI speakers globally, LG anticipates a simultaneous increase in demand for appliances supporting voice recognition. With LG’s ongoing efforts and prominent collaborations, millions more LG home appliance owners across the world will enjoy a smooth, connected smart life that includes some of the world’s most popular home products.

Consistent with its open strategy for enhancing global users’ daily lives through open partnerships, open connectivity, and open platforms, LG will continue to work closely with valued AI partners Google and Amazon to deliver more integration to LG customers. AI not only enhances convenience, but the technology also makes appliances safer and more energy-efficient, perfect for the growing concerns over the environment and the seemingly ever-increasing utility bills.




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