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Golchha aids Nepali students to build an Electrical Vehicle

15th March 2021
"They are building the EV not for the purpose of transportation but to submit to an international competition on September. "

Golchha Group is helping a team of students named “Shireto” from Thapathali Engineering Campus who are building an Electrical Vehicle (EV) from scratch.


They are building the EV not for the purpose of transportation but to submit to an international competition in September. 

Till now the team has only constructed the chassis. According to Shireto team, due to the internal college exams, construction of the outer frame of the EV has been postponed.  

Some people are baffled by the name Shireto for the team. According to the team the name comes from the cold wind (means shireto in Nepali) that appears due to change in weather at the beginning of their work.

That means their work is dedicated metaphorically upgrading the speed of the vehicle with the change of weather that ran only a few kilometers per unit of electricity.

Cell Energy organizes marathons in American, European and Asian countries, where vehicles that run on electricity, petroleum and hydrogen fuel compete against each other.

The vehicle that provides more mileage using the least amount of energy wins the top position in the competition.

Shireto team consists of 10 students from 3rd year of Bachelors in Electrical, Automobiles and Electricals majors. They are being guided by faculty advisor Mr. Subodh Kumar Ghimire.

Following advice and suggestions Mechanicals student Saugat Pandey, Dhan Prasad Pradhan and Ojashwi Sharma, Mechanicals student Anil Khadka, Aman Shrestha, Yugen Maharjan, Bhuvaneshwar Dahal and Vivek Poudel along with Electonics and Communication student Swarnim Shrestha have been working their best on the production of the EV.

Golchha Group has been contributing necessary aids for this project under their C.S.R. Golchha Group has always appreciated and supported in the pursuit of newer advancements in human society.


Compiled by : Reviewer Raj Kapali

An Electric Car Made in Nepal ! Hulas Motors Nepal

16th May 2019
"Hulas Motors has come up with a new car that runs on electricity after it stopped manufacturing its first car Hulas Mustang"

The world is revolutionizing. People are tired of all the fuel-generated engines creating pollution. The governments are encouraging electric cars as a substitute for fuel consuming vehicles. The European Nations have already adopted these types of vehicles and Indian Sub Continental countries are on the verge of implementing such rules.

In the context of Nepal, we are still in the primary era of driving the fuel consuming vehicles creating pollution all over the places. Recently, Hulas Motors has come up with a new Electric car after it stopped manufacturing its first car Hulas Mustang. Hulas Mustang car made in Nepal, was halted because of the pollution parameters as directed by the Nepal Government.

In such a scenario, we interviewed Mr. Prafulla Chandra Das, the General Manager of Hulas Motors. According to him, the Nepalese market has still not been able to adapt to the electric car and modernization because of the predominant petrol consuming vehicles. Plus, Hulas Motors has not been able to gain the trust of Nepalese citizens because of the same price scale for both cars that are imported and manufactured in Nepal.

When asked about his expectations for electric cars in the upcoming budget, he stated that the company manufactures cars in our own sovereign. Nepal is desperately in need of such manufacturing companies. Plus, an electric car manufactured in Nepal would have a great local sentiment if the government cuts out taxes and makes it affordable to the Nepalese citizens.

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hulas electric car

There are various other electric cars being imported to Nepal such as e2o from Mahindra and Soul EV from Kia. If the government imposes the same tax to both imported and manufactured cars, there is no incentive for the manufacturers to manufacture a car in Nepal and for Nepal.

Presently, Hulas is manufacturing three-wheeled electric rickshaws to sustain itself and is about to launch an electric car in Nepal for which the name has still not been finalized.

Electric Car is one of the primary things that should be considered in our country due to the present pollution and pollution parameters. Looking at the present condition, it is a high time to switch to electric cars in Nepal as it helps in sustaining the environment and solves the problem of the fuel crisis. From the user’s perspective, the cost of consumption is drastically reduced if the electric alternative is used. Das also states that the primary cost to maintain for a fuel-consuming vehicle would be Rs 10/km whereas the electric car cost would only be around Rs 4/km. Now, the choice is yours.



hulas electric car


We will update about hulas mustang price in Nepal, its full Specs soon. Also, We will be doing a review of the car as soon as it launches. Stay tuned. For more details of the car, click here.

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