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Electric Vehicles | Cars | Bikes: Advantages and Disadvantages

30th December 2019
"The government is motivating the customers to buy electric vehicles through tax waivers for EVs."

Not long ago, Nepal only imported vehicles that were generated and operated through fossil fuels. The reasons were simple, lack of enough electricity and public trust in electric vehicles. However, considering the fact that Nepal is one of the richest sources of water and reduction of power cuts, Nepal is now being seen as the potential country for EVs.

Maaz Ashraf, the marketing and communications manager from NIU electric scooter quotes, “This is the third year for NIU electric scooter in Nepal. The first year was disappointing as the people didn’t get the idea of an electric vehicle, and its price range. The second-year was comparatively better and the third year has been overwhelming. The perspective of people towards EVs is changing.”

NIU Electric Scooter

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                      NADA Interview | NIU

The government is motivating the customers to buy electric vehicles through tax waivers for EVs. Also, the reduction of load shedding and awareness of people about the difference in cost when switching from a petrol vehicle to an electric vehicle is a supporting factor. More?

Did you visit the NADA Auto Show 2019?

We could observe that there were only a few fuel generated vehicles launched. The rest of all was electric. Brands like Hyundai, KIA, Peugeot launched their EVs recently and they are undeniably hitting the market with a good response. New and local brands like BYD, TheeGo, Genius, Miyama were also getting a very good response from the public. Recently, Yatri introduced Project Zero, YATRI bike which is getting launched in January 2020, has been the talk of the nation. People are more inclined towards the EVs than the fuel generated vehicles.

Electric cars in Nepal

 NADA Auto show 2019

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                    Yatri Bike

                    Genius First Look

Is an electric vehicle the future?

Electric Vehicles Advanages and Disadvantages

When we asked this question to the visitors of NADA and other general people and enthusiasts, we got mixed opinions. Some said that electric vehicles are indeed the future because it has advantages of low cost, easy maintenance and eco-friendly. However, some opposed stating that the motor vehicles are supposed to be roaring through the streets and no electric vehicle can give such experience. One visitor we interviewed in NADA said that the electric bike is no less than a cycle, it definitely doesn’t give the vibes of a motorbike at all.

Electric vehicle's disadvantages: Lithium-Ion, the main component of the EV’s battery, being a limited resource, cannot fully replace all the vehicles. Similarly, in the context of Nepal, we don’t have any policy regarding the disposal of the used battery (as of now). As quoted by Santosh Nyaupane, “The liquid coming out of the battery is a hazardous chemical that degrades the environment. If the liquid is disposed at a particular place, it becomes deteriorated and we cannot expect anything to grow from the soil for at least a decade.”

Battery used in electric vehicles

The pioneers of electric vehicles are trying to come up with ideas and inventions for the invention of full proof eco-friendly vehicles. The government is supporting the initiative by providing low-interest rates on loans for installing electric charging sockets. Companies like Hyundai are already exploring and testing hydrogen-powered vehicles. The future of the automobile is still getting advanced. We will keep on informing you of all those innovations. Stay tuned with us.

Hydrogen powered car

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Compiled by : Debashish S Neupane Debashish S Neupane