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Reasons your Motorcycle Battery Dies Overnight.

26th January 2022
"Are you tired of your motorcycle battery dying every night?"

Are you tired of your motorcycle battery dying every night? There are several problems causing it.

Moreover, If you're going to test your batteries, you'll need a reliable multimeter in your toolkit. To keep your battery healthy on a regular basis, use a battery maintainer to keep it healthy and ready to ride.

Here are some reasons your battery died overnight:

Didn’t turn the key off

Many motorcycles allow you to pull the key out of the ignition before it reaches the full 'off' position. Of course, this means that the motorbike is still technically 'on,' and your battery is being drained.

After you've parked the motorcycle and turned it off, take a quick look at your ignition and make sure that your key is truly in the off position.

Electrical system

Dealing with a motorcycle's electrical system will not be a pleasant process, even for the most qualified mechanic.

With today's technology being intermixed into motorcycles and people adding more to their bikes, electrical problems will cause people to lose their minds quickly.

If you think you have an electrical short as a result of your battery is dead, you can already rule out that your battery is the problem. Also, a blown or faulty main fuse will cause all of the electrical components on your motorcycle to die.

Corroded connections

Corroded electrical connections can create dozens of new issues with a motorcycle's electrical system.

A sensor that isn't operating properly is a common problem with today's contemporary bikes, which contain a lot of wire.

Take some to inspect any of your motorcycle's wiring that you can see or reach too easily to see whether it is properly connected or rusted.

If you intend on cleaning, whether with a product or a do-it-yourself solution, make sure to separate your batteries from the system so you don't get shot.

Parasitic draw on the battery

A parasitic demand on your battery, like parasites in the real world, will suck your battery empty. Except in this situation, the parasite may be any of your accessories that take tiny quantities of electricity from your battery till it dies.

Power-stealing accessories can range from the standard equipment that comes with your motorbike to aftermarket devices such as GPS electricity supply or anything else on your bike that requires power.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

Things to Consider Before Storing Your Motorcycle For a Long Period of Time

8th December 2021
"There are times in a rider’s life where they encounter problems and situations in which they need to store their motorcycle for a long period of time."

There are times in a rider’s life where they encounter problems and situations in which they need to store their motorcycle for a long period of time.

There might also occur many problems with your motorcycle. There are certain steps that must be taken into account to make sure your motorcycle remains in good condition once you return to take it back out on the road. Steps are:


Always wash the bike before you store it.

Motorycle wash

Get all the hidden chain gunk and road grime out of all those hidden areas and dry your bike thoroughly after washing it as this prevents your bike from rusting and also when you come back there will be a good looking handsome motorcycle waiting for you!

Oil Change

If it’s been a while since your motorcycle has had a proper oil change, then it would be a good time to have one before you store your bike for an extended period of time.

Engine oil acts both as a lubricant, but it also helps the filtration system of the motorcycle.

In just a matter of a few months, gasoline will begin to deteriorate, causing the buildup of gunk. Once that build-up hits your carburetors, your engine could start to have problems.

A lot of people say you should empty the gas tank prior to long-term storage, but condensation and varnish can still build up inside the tank. So always fill up or change the oil before leaving your bike for a long period of time.

Tender the Battery

Remove the battery from the motorcycle, or at least disconnect the terminals. Keep the battery plugged into a battery tender, or trickle charger to keep it fully charged while the bike is not being ridden.


Lubricate your chain and apply anti-corrosion oil to any metals that are more susceptible to corrosion, such as chrome from drying out during storage. Good lubrication will prevent moisture from penetrating and rust forming.


A cover is an important part of long-term storage and you may want to consider a cover that is a bit more permanent.


Wrap it all up, it looks like the most important thing to do when you store your motorcycle outside is to use a good, quality cover designed specifically for your bike. In winter, summer, long term, or short term, covering your bike will provide you with the protection you’re looking for.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

Motorcycle Overheating | Causes |

9th December 2021
"A very common issue among riders traveling long distances is the overheating of the engine."

A very common issue among riders traveling long distances is the overheating of the engine.

You should not forget that an engine that runs too hot can damage the vehicle and threaten your safety.

There are different causes you must know about your overheating motorcycles.

Coolant leak

The major reason for overheating the engine might be the leaks in the coolant. Coolant removes the heat from the engine by carrying away the heat.

Always make sure that the coolant level is correct at all times. If the level of coolant is below the recommended level, immediately top it up by adding distilled water to avoid heating problems.

Fix the leak, if any, and continue riding to avoid overheating. 

Faulty radiators

Radiator fans are used to cool down the coolant in the radiator when the motorcycle is standstill and the coolant temperature exceeds. Improper functioning of the fan leads to consequences.

If the fan is damaged then, the coolant coming from the radiator to the engine is not cooled down and still carries heat.

Moreover, the engine will provide more heat to the coolant. The heat will remain with the engine components. Thus, causing overheating in the engine.

Riding at high speeds for a long time:

Riding at high speeds for a long time means keeping the engine highly active. When the engine is active for a long time will keep the pistons moving and the combustion of fuel takes place without a break.

Moreover, riding the motorcycle at too high an RPM continuously in a long ride can be one cause of overheating. The engine is constantly active and pushing its limit causing the overheat in your bike. 

Low oil level

we all have a really bad habit of usually leaving the oil refilling part to the mechanic or the service center without even bothering to check the type of oil used.

If your motorcycle is using mineral oil but you have a large capacity engine, it is a mismatch. Similarly, synthetic oil is not suitable for lower cc engines.

Moreover, poor quality or low levels of oil will not function as a good coolant that will carry away the heat.

This is especially true in air-coolant systems where oil is super-important for carrying away the heat from the frictional surfaces.

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