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Wai Wai Dynamite Break Bars Successfully Completed

26th November 2021
"This year's Wai Wai Dynamite Break Bars has been successfully completed."

This year's Wai Wai Dynamite Break Bars has been successfully completed. The show's Finale happened on 25 November 2021 at Club Fahrenheit and was Live broadcast on Wai Wai's official YouTube channel.

The show was attended by around 800 people in the club, while the Live was attended by 36,048 people virtually.

The presence of celebrity guests like V- ten and Sushant Khatri at the event was the talk of the town. Uniq poet and Ktm Souljha were the guest judge of the event with the other three regular judges.

Wai Wai

Dmriti bagged the title against Swopnil and became the ultimate winner of the show. Likewise, Baabu won against Hareep and became the wildcard winner.

Wai Wai Dynamite Break Bars is a Rap reality show. It started its journey with the top 16 rappers from all over Nepal. Judged by Easi 12, Ease Is Easy and DJ Vital, the show premiered on 21 September 2021 for the first time.

The show is broadcasted via the YouTube channel of Break station and Wai Wai simultaneously. There was a monetary reward for each round winner. All the eight winners of the 1st round were rewarded with Rs 11 000/- each.

Likewise, all the four winners of the Quarterfinal round were rewarded with Rs 22, 000/- each, while winners of the Semifinal round were rewarded with Rs. 33,000/-.

In the Finale, runner-up Swopnil and winner Dmriti were rewarded with Rs. 44 000/- and Rs. 1, 00,000/- respectively.

Wai Waii

Also, two wild card entries that were chosen from the audition done through social media from all over Nepal got an opportunity to battle in the Finale among themselves and Baabu. The winner won Rs. 20,000/-.

Wai Wai was the title sponsor of the event. As rap is always known as an underground event, Wai Wai readily supported the show so that the unheard and undiscovered talents could come to light. The craze seen among the youngsters and rap enthusiasts on various social media shows the event was a massive success.

Currently, Wai Wai Dynamite has come up with a scheme where the consumers can get a coupon inside the packet of Wai Wai Dynamite, and the coupon is full of prizes Royal Enfield being the most significant prize followed by android tv, smartphone, smartwatch, headphone, and ear pods.

Other small prizes like hoodies, t-shirts, caps, bandanas, mugs, and many more also can be won from the coupon.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

Wai Wai Nepal Star- Nepal's Own Brand New Singing Reality Show | Audition

26th January 2020
"Wai Wai Nepal Star- Nepal's own singing reality show."

Wai Wai Nepal Star- Nepal's own singing reality show. It will be broadcasted only on Nepal Television. Participants from age 16-45 years are eligible to take part in the Nepal Star competition.

Nepal Star program is a singing reality show based on Nepali singing competition and is being produced in collaboration with Nepal Television with their technical support and production by Key advertising. The viewers can watch Wai Wai Nepal Star every Saturday on Nepal Television at 9 pm from 24th Falgun, 2076 (7th March 2020).

The program, Nepal Star will be of 36 episodes starting from Falgun 24th every Saturday of duration 1.25 hrs.

Nepal Star Audition

For this, the audition will be held in a total of 8 places, the seven auditions have already been held in Itahari, Bardibas, Chitwan, Butwal Pokhara, Surkhet, and Dhangadi.

The Kathmandu audition of Nepal Star will be held on 31st January 2020, at Golden Gate International College, Battisputali from 9 AM onwards.

Nepal Star

The form for participation in Nepal Star:

Make sure to take a couple of your passport size photos and an Identity Card (Citizenship, passport or driving license)

Nepal Star Selection

Approximately, 150 contestants will be selected from the Nepal Star Auditions held at 8 places and there will be Top 30 round in which there are 6 contestants from outside Nepal for Nepalese and Non-Residential Nepali (NRN) through a digital audition and Top 4 will be selected for the Grand Finale.

Nepal Star Prize

Total Prize money is 50 lakhs. The top 4 will receive 5 lakhs each and the winner will get 30 lakhs and an additional 5 Lakhs as one of Top 4 finalists.

Nepal Star Judges

The judges for the program are Anju Pant, Alok Shree and Ram Krishna Dhakal.

For further details, contact: 014251940, 9804680651 - Nepal Star Official




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Compiled by : Reviewer Samana Maharjan