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Tips to Take Care Of Hair Damage Caused by Dying

3rd February 2022
"The most effective technique to treat dry and damaged hair is determined by the source and kind of damage."

Hair damage affects almost everyone, ranging from dryness and brittleness to split ends and breakage.

The most effective technique to treat dry and damaged hair is determined by the source and kind of damage.

With this preventative and solution advice, you'll be able to choose the best solution for your hair.

Use a moisture-rich hair dye

Many dyes include conditioning agents to aid in the protection and restoration of hair throughout the coloring process.

Choose a semi- or demi-permanent product for gray coverage; it will fade faster but is less harsh than permanent color.

To highlight at home, stay away from pull-through caps, which can cause color overlap.

Only dye your roots

To reduce chemical exposure on the lengths, reapply dye only to the roots when possible, and "space coloring hair 10 to 12 weeks apart at a minimum.

 Finally, big color changes should be left to the professionals because they can cause major damage (including hair breakage or even loss) if done incorrectly.

Don't brush wet hair

Water exposure expands and strains the hair's shaft, causing the shingle-like outer layer to lift, and stress from brushing in that state can cause it to break.

If possible, brush your hair before washing it, and if you have to untangle it while it's still wet, towel-dry it so it doesn't drip, then use a leave-in conditioner.

Invest in a good brush

Brushes are essential for avoiding breakage. They should be soft, smooth, and spaced out like comb bristles. Avoid ones with plastic balls on the ends.

Its thin, perfectly-spaced bristles are flexible and carefully developed to be firm enough to go through knots and tangles, yet gentle enough to maintain hair healthy and snag-free.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

Ways to Thicken Your Hair Naturally

26th January 2022
"Thick hair refers to the density of hair in your scalp, therefore the major goal is to increase the volume of hair that grows on your head."

Thick hair refers to the density of hair in your scalp, therefore the major goal here is to increase—or, in most cases, maintain—the volume of hair that grows on your head.

Here are some ways to thicken your hair naturally:

Stay hydrated

Your scalp is skin, and as such, it is prone to skin problems. Drinking 4 to 8 glasses of water every day will help keep your scalp moisturized and less prone to issues like itching, dandruff or dry flakes, and shedding due to breaking.

If left untreated, this breakage can result in a general weakening of hair density, which contributes to hair loss.

Brush properly

Brushing your hair with a good hairbrush may stimulate sebum production and disseminate natural hair oils from the scalp to the ends.

By massaging the scalp, deep brushing once a week can increase hair growth.

Avoid over-washing

If you have thinning hair, avoid washing it every day since this might cause it to dry out.

Try to wash your hair a few times each week, and if it seems dull or filthy in between washes, apply dry shampoo.

Invest in the right styling products

Look for style products with lightweight compositions, such as cremes, foams, or styling sprays, if you have thin hair.

Heavy style products, such as gels or lotions, can weigh hair down and make it appear lifeless.

The most vital style product to purchase if you must blow-dry your hair is a heat protectant spray.

Try Some Curls

Curly hair frequently seems fuller, bouncier, and more volumized than thin, flat hair. To immediately make curls, use a curling iron and then spritz with a hair spray.

Pin curls, on the other hand, are a quick and simple overnight hairdo that lasts for a few days. In fact, there are so many heatless techniques to achieve curly hairstyles.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

Prevention for Pregnancy Hair Fall

1st February 2022
"The natural cycle of hair follicle shedding is slowed by rising estrogen levels during pregnancy."

In the vast majority of situations, postpartum hair loss is completely natural and nothing to be concerned about. The natural cycle of hair follicle shedding is slowed by rising estrogen levels during pregnancy.

Here are some suggestions for preventing hair loss after childbirth or during pregnancy:

Skip the styling

Hair that has been heated with a dryer or a curling iron may appear thinner. Hold off on doing anything fancy with your hair and let it air dry until the loss stops.

Brushing your hair too hard might cause it to fall out in larger clumps, so be gentle while brushing and just brush once a day. You can spend the additional time cuddling your baby or sleeping!

Eat well

The best method to ensure that your body gets all of the nutrients it needs is to include a variety of fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins in your diet.

Some experts prefer dark leafy greens (for iron and vitamin C), sweet potatoes and carrots (for beta carotene), eggs (for vitamin D), and salmon (for omega-3 fatty acids) (for omega-3s and magnesium).

Take your vitamins

Vitamins should not be used to replace a balanced diet, especially if you are a new mother with a newborn to look after.

However, if your diet isn't well-balanced, it might be useful as a supplement. Although no specific vitamins have been linked to hair loss, they are essential for overall health.

It's common advice to keep taking prenatal vitamins after your baby is delivered, particularly if you're breastfeeding.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya