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Basic tips for buying the right motorcycle tires

3rd February 2022
"It is essential to pay attention to your motorcycle's tires because they are the components that ensure the bike's speed, stability, and consistent performance."

If you own a motorcycle, you must keep it in good condition. It is essential to pay attention to your motorcycle's tires because they are the components that ensure the bike's speed, stability, and consistent performance.

Here are some tips for selecting the best motorcycle tires to use daily and before going on long road trips:

Tire Compounds:

The Tire Compound describes the rubber's nature and, in turn, determines how well the tire will grip the road.

The tire compound is primarily divided into three types, though there may be others depending on the manufacturer.

Slicks and Hyper sport are two types of soft compound tires. The second type is a hard compound, which includes extremely hard tires with a high load-bearing capacity.

Dual compound tires combine hard and soft compounds to improve performance on the track and the road.

Treads on the tire:

Tread is the rubber pattern on the tire that comes into contact with the road.

Different tread patterns are found on different types of treads.

There are no treads on slicks, some treads on hyper sports, and plenty on street, dirt, and sports touring tires.

The main purpose of the treads is to keep the bike traction in all riding conditions, especially when it's raining.

The greater the number of treads on a tire, the better it will perform in the rain.

Size of the tire:

The size of the tire should always be chosen according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Many people make this mistake, which reduces their bike's overall performance.

The bike's mileage is also affected by the size of the tire.

Installing a tire that is larger than the intended size will increase Rolling Resistance, putting stress on the engine and lowering mileage.

To find out the right tire size, look for the Tyre Rating Code written on the sidewall of the stock tire or consult the owner's manual.

The Carcass of tire:

This is the "body" of the tire beneath the tread, in simple terms.

Bias-ply or radial tires are common on motorcycles and refer to how the tire is made.

Radial tires have reinforcing belts that run across the tread from bead to bead.

Bias-ply tires have belts, which are typically fiber cords made of polyester, aramid, or fiberglass that run at an angle of 30 to 40 degrees or so from bead to bead.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Why isn't your motorbike starting?

4th November 2020
"Still trying to identify what could be wrong with your motorcycle. Well here's a few answers."

Few things can be more infuriating than a non-starting bike. It has the power to spoil your whole day if you're all set to go for a trip only to be interrupted by a dilemma you weren't expecting. Trying to identify what could be wrong with your motorcycle, rather than dwelling on your anger, will help you find answers and eventually get you back on the road as soon as possible. Working on your bike is a perfect way to be productive rather than frustrated, because if anything, at least with a small problem that you might have done yourself, you will stop wasting money on a technician.



It’s one of the obvious reasons why your bike might not be starting. It is very difficult to judge its availability using the scale when the fuel level goes down, and it may also be a reason why your bike does not start. You should use certain old school methods at the time to verify whether or not your bike has petrol. One of the safest approaches is to softly shake the bike on the main stand and wait to hear the usual telltale slosh of leftover petrol, if any, from the tank.


Indeed, the battery that is secured securely on your bike is the lifeline to the whole electrical grid. The starter motor is totally reliant on the battery for two-wheelers fitted with only an electric start. It will only be able to rev up the motor that requires a very high voltage from the battery if the battery holds enough power.

One will not be likely to use the electric starter on a relatively small battery. Any signs of a dead or faulty battery are that neither really works well or reports complete loss when you press the horn button or turn on the lights.

Spark Plug Wires


With a wire being defective, it may not be an issue, but it could have come loose. Metallic conductors that connect to the spark plug tips are inside the wires. It won't make a clean connection if the wire is loose, and the engine will refuse to fire properly or begin and malfunction.

Loose spark plug wire for motorcycle riders is not a new phenomenon, it can arise because of the jerks or it may be a trick. To resolve this error, you don't need a technician. Only unplug the connections and re-plug them to try once more to power the motorcycle.

Clutch Problems


The typical failure mode of a worn-out friction disk of the pressure plate that has lost its tension is a clutch that does not completely engage or slips under heavy load. The abrupt onset of a sliding clutch usually means that the friction surfaces have been polluted by an oil spill, or something else.

You need to pull the clutch lever correctly when you start your bike and the transmission is in gear. The clutch does not engage correctly often which causes a starting question. Bring the transmission to neutral in such a state and try again.

Clogged fuel tank vent

Vehicles today have a vent hose which forms part of the fuel system. Fueling consequences follow when this line is clogged or diverted.  Attempts to fuel the motor fails, since the back pressure turns off the pump continuously.

The tank blocks the flow of fuel to the lower device as this vent is clogged. In that opening, you can unclog the vent with a very thin wire or pin together with a forced blast.

Bike not Starting of cold

Way too many of us are struggling to get our bikes started early in the morning, particularly in the winter months. Many riders can fire up a freezing engine to its full max, and then there are others that want to kick-start the engine one too many times by flooding it. Your engine can be damaged by all these strategies.

Cut-off engine switch


Before getting irritated with the initial problem, it is one of the most popular items we fail to investigate. We use the ignition key much of the time to power off the motorcycle instead of the button to disable or shut off the engine. So when we use it, sometimes we fail to turn off the switch and keep struggling to make the motor crank.

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Compiled by : Upasana Poudel Upasana Poudel

Five ways to increase the speed of your bike

26th November 2021
"If you want a faster ride, here are some simple things you can change to a stock bike to increase power and engine performance."

The performance of a bike depends on hundreds of factors but majorly a few out of them are responsible for the everyday stress that we can face with our vehicles.

However, if you want a faster ride, here are some simple things you can change to a stock bike to increase power and engine performance:

1) Weight Loss

More weight means a lag in performance and this is one of the major factors that keep your bike’s speed and mileage on the lower side.

A lighter rider could win a race from a heavier one when both are riding the same motorcycle as less power is wasted in pulling the excess weight.

Getting rid of heavier parts that are not usable for you can help your bike perform better on the road.

2) Air Filter

Increasing the air intake is one of the cheapest and easiest ways of increasing power. The stock parts can be easily upgraded so cleaner air gets through, resulting in more combustion and therefore more power.

A performance-spec air filter is one of the best ways to boost the performance of your motorcycle as it is even the most inexpensive component that helps the engine get more air and burn some extra fuel to produce more power.

3) Performance Exhaust

Apart from bringing down the amount of weight a stock silencer carries, performance exhausts help the engine push out the gases at a faster rate.

This, in turn, means the motorcycle can now burn more fuel and get easily rid of the gases, helping it work overtime and that too by causing lesser stress on itself.

 The performance exhausts even provide aural pleasure through different sounds at different speeds.

4) Gearing

A motorcycle can be made quicker or much faster by making changes in the gearing of the same.

The right combination of front and rear sprocket can help you get the best combination of acceleration and top speed.

The bigger rear sprocket or smaller front sprocket will result in more acceleration while doing the opposite will make the motorcycle more focused towards top speed.

This does not improve the power output but only changes the way power will be used while riding.

5) Tuning

Carburetor-fed bikes are easier and convenient to tune as setting up a perfect mixture helps the bike perform in the smoothest possible manner.

This works best when combined with a performance air filter and exhaust system.

Some modifiers even go for high-performance engine parts but that is not possible on the engines of entry-level basic motorcycles.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal