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Reasons for motorcycle pop sound |Motorcycle Backfiring|

31st January 2022
"Backfiring on a motorcycle is a typical occurrence that you should be aware of whenever you are out riding."

Backfiring on a motorcycle is a typical occurrence that you should be aware of whenever you are out riding. As a result, this problem occurs in your motorcycle's intake or exhaust.

Find a solution to these issues and you can enjoy your ride without worrying about it backfiring.

Wrong Exhaust Upgrades

One of the most common causes of motorcycle backfiring is an aftermarket exhaust.

This is due to the fact that they are not made for certain bikes, such as yours. Instead, they're designed to force out even more performance. These devices aren't always compatible with ordinary jetting.

To overcome this issue, you must properly jet your motorcycle. You might even have it modified to fit the latest aftermarket exhaust system.

Faulty Carburetor

You should begin by periodically inspecting the carburetor. When your motorcycle backfires, the first thing you should do is do this task.

You must understand that a malfunctioning or unclean carburetor will not allow fuel to flow freely. If it happens, the result will be a lean-running engine.

As a result, your motorcycle will backfire and possibly not accelerate at all. This problem can be solved by just cleaning the carburetor and allowing the fuel to flow correctly through it.

Excess Fuel

The combustion process can be hampered by too much air or fuel, resulting in serious engine damage. The ignition process is known to be hampered by excess fuel in the cylinder. This is due to the fact that the ignition will not be able to burn the fuel during combustion.

The exhaust valve is generally used to remove surplus gasoline from the cylinder head.

As this fuel comes into contact with the hot exhauster header and fresh air, it combusts to create a bang or loud pop sound.

Fortunately, you may avoid such situations by ensuring that there is sufficient fuel in the cylinders for the combustion process to occur. If your motorcycle has been sitting for a long period, you should disassemble the carburetor and thoroughly clean its components.

When every portion of the carburetor is clean, you can be confident that the fuel flow will be smooth, resulting in improved engine performance.

Shorter Exhaust Pipes

Short pipes, on the other hand, are referred to as "shorties" and are always 12 inches or less in length. Their main purpose is to make a motorcycle seem cleaner and reduce stronger exhaust sounds. These pipes do not have a built-in baffle to reduce loud bags when they are short.

A baffle is a small piece of pipe that functions similarly to a muffler in a car. It transforms a chaotic flow of exhausted gas (exhaust) into a more controlled and quiet flow.

Short exhaust pipes also have a higher chance of backfiring since they don't have adequate pipe length to ensure a smooth flow of air. To avoid such problems, you should consider purchasing a motorcycle with a longer exhaust pipe.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

How often should I give my motorcycle for servicing?

1st November 2020
"Keep your bike high and your head even higher."

This is a very difficult question to answer with specificity. All motorcycles aren’t the same. A sports bike, for example, is optimized for speed, while a touring bike is designed for endurance and effectiveness. As a consequence, when it comes to having a facility, they may have very different criteria.

When to give your motorcycle for servicing?


Checking your individual textbook is what you ought to do. Every manual would state that, based on your bike's CC, you need to have the bike tested after a certain amount of kilometers, usually about 4000-6000KM, or at least once a year Even if you don't hit that number before then.

Furthermore, as a rider, how much you take the motor for a tune-up depends on you. On summer weekends, you could only take your bike out for a ride, or you can rely on it virtually every day to get you to and from work.

When you think of moving it to a specialized garage, how much it is used and the lengths it drives can affect it.


5 things to avoid severe servicing of your motorcycle.

  • Tuning the carburetor every 2 years.

  • Flushing the Cooling system every two years if you have a water-cooled engine.

  • Changing your oil every 4000-6000 Km or every month. Whichever comes first!

  • Lubing the motorcycle chain and checking the pressure on it every 6000 KM or every month. Whichever comes first!

  • Checking the tyre pressure every month.


Ensuring that the bike undergoes routine servicing should allow for the detection and handling of any possible issues before they become serious. In addition, it is also possible to perform simple maintenance activities including oil replacement, which will keep the wheels working smoothly.

You should look for a dealership where the mechanics are up-to-date on all the new specifications for your particular model while searching for places to take your motorcycle.

Remember to simply take it to the garage and ask if you have any questions about the way your cycle works. The technicians are likely to be able to carry out a complete fault diagnosis for you and help you locate the issue.

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Compiled by : Upasana Poudel Upasana Poudel