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CCTV System Maintenance Checklist | Tips and Tricks |

23rd January 2022
"The recording of an occurrence on a CCTV system can give crucial evidence, increasing the chance of a conviction."

The recording of an occurrence on a CCTV system can give crucial evidence, increasing the chance of a conviction. CCTV security system technology and equipment can be utilized to monitor and safeguard people, property, vehicles, and assets in both inside and exterior situations.

As a result, you should constantly ensure that your CCTV is in good working order. As part of our CCTV maintenance checklist, you should clearly look at the following areas.


Confirm that your camera's/focus lenses and auto iris are appropriately set. The camera's field of vision is customized to meet the needs of the customer. The camera/housing viewing glass is spotless both inside and out. The camera lens is clean. The inside of the camera housing is clean and dry.

Also, test the functionality of the pan tilt and zoom focus. Furthermore, use the controller in the control room to double-check all of these activities.


Check the wire and cable harnesses for wear and tear on the system's wiring and cables. Also, ensure that the cable is correctly clothed. Check for loose wiring at connections and cable entrance points.

Check to see if the coaxial connection is providing a sufficient video signal to the control room. More importantly, the signal should be devoid of distortion, ripping, hum-bars, EMI, and rolling.

Ensure that all coaxial connections are properly insulated from the conduit and pull boxes.


Check that the system's control equipment's displays are free of picture burn-in and distortion and that they have adequate contrast and brightness.

Also, ensure that VCRs are in good working order and provide a distortion-free recording. Check that all control equipment is in working order. This implies that switchers enable appropriate sequencing, multiplexers encode and decode properly, and matrix switcher keyboards are completely functioning.

Furthermore, use a diluted cleaning solution to wipe all monitor displays, control panels, and keyboards, and inspect any coaxial connectors on the rear panels for loose connections.

Most critically, double-check all power connections to ensure that no AC plugs are loose.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

Zoom got big fast. Then videobombers made it rework security

1st July 2020
"The work on “security and privacy is never going to be done, but it is now embedded in how we approach everything we do at Zoom now,” the company’s chief financial officer, Kelly Steckelberg"

Back in March as the coronavirus pandemic gathered steam in the U.S., a largely unheralded video-conferencing service suddenly found itself in the spotlight.

And just as quickly as Zoom became a household name for connecting work colleagues, church and school groups, friends, family, book clubs and others during stay-at-home lockdowns, it also gained a reputation for lax security as intrusive “videobombers” barged into private meetings or just spied on intimate conversations.

On April 1, following a wave of lawsuits over privacy breaches, CEO Eric Yuan ordered a halt to work on new features and vowed to fix the service’s weaknesses in 90 days. That time is up, and Zoom is ready to take a bow.

The work on “security and privacy is never going to be done, but it is now embedded in how we approach everything we do at Zoom now,” the company’s chief financial officer, Kelly Steckelberg, told The Associated Press in a recent interview. Zoom hailed some of the strides that it says it has made in a Wednesday blog post.

The most visible changes included a switch that automatically protected all meetings with passwords and kept all participants in a digital waiting room until the meeting host let them in.

Behind the scenes, Yuan began meeting regularly with a council consisting of top security executives in the tech industry and brought in former Yahoo and Facebook executive Alex Stamos as a special consultant. He also conferred with other supportive executives such as Oracle founder Larry Ellison, who took the unusual step of posting a video hailing Zoom as an “essential service.”

(Perhaps not coincidentally, Zoom relies on Oracle and Amazon for much of the computing power it needs to handle an expected two trillion minutes of meetings — the equivalent of 38,000 centuries — this year.)

The biggest security leap is still to come. Zoom has promised to make it virtually impossible for anyone outside a meeting to eavesdrop by scrambling conversations via end-to-end encryption. The technique would lock up conversations so that even Zoom couldn’t play them back. Law enforcement generally opposes such encryption — already in use on apps such as iMessage, WhatsApp and others — saying it impedes legitimate police investigations.

Such a security feature would give the company an even bigger advantage over competing services from Google, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Facebook, said Rory Mir, a grassroots advocacy organizer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights group.

“People don’t have a lot of great options right now, but Zoom is kind of leading the charge to make these improvements,” said Mir, who uses they/them pronouns.

Zoom hasn’t said when end-to-end encryption will be ready, but it’s already had to expand on its original plan to make it available only to paid subscribers. The day after its original announcement, faced with a backlash, Zoom agreed to extend the encryption to free plans as well.

It’s been a heady ride for the company. Its shares closed Tuesday at $253.54, nearly four times their value in December, creating $50 billion in shareholder wealth. The San Jose, California, company expects paid subscribers to generate $1.8 billion in revenue for the company this year, triple what Zoom pulled in last year.

If Zoom wants to prove it puts the privacy of its users first, Mir believes it will have to show it’s willing to fight requests from law enforcement and other government agencies trying to pry into the conversations on its service. The Zoom CEO has said he wanted to limit the use of end-to-end encryption so that the company could continue to work with law enforcement; the company later said he was referring to efforts intended to prevent Zoom from being used for child pornography. “Some activists now believe Zoom is like a cop,” Mir said.

In a familiar refrain among tech companies operating around the world, Steckelberg said Zoom complies with local laws in each of the more than 80 countries where its service is used.

More privacy issues could loom if, as some analysts anticipate, Zoom decides to start showing ads on the free version of is service to boost its profit. Steckelberg said the company doesn’t have any immediate plans to sell ads, but didn’t rule out that possibility.

If Zoom goes down that road, Mir believes it will be difficult to resist the opportunity to mine the personal information it’s collecting because, they said, “data is the new oil. But it also can be toxic.”

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Compiled by : Reviewer Samana Maharjan

Bad Household Habits to Stop Now

12th December 2021
"Home is the place we live throughout our life and in order to make our environment healthy, our home should be kept clean and healthy."

Home is the place we live throughout our life and in order to make our environment healthy, our home should be kept clean and healthy.

We all have bad habits and among them in this article, we will talk about different types of household habits that should be stopped right now:

Rinsing food down the sink

Washing away excess food down the sink before doing the dishes is an easy habit to get into but this is a really bad habit that can clog up your drain and cause blockages.

Instead, scrape any leftover food into the bin before washing the dishes – it might be more time-consuming, but it’s better than dealing with the sink filled with foods.

Leaving dishes to soak in the sink


We all have a habit of leaving dishes in the sink for a long time. Leaving dishes in there for too long can allow the bacteria to grow on those.

Bacteria that you will be consuming later on. So to avoid this you really need to stop this habit of leaving dishes in the sink for a long period of time.

Painting over rusty railings


Another habit we have is painting over the rust. If the railings in your garden or balcony are starting to rust, applying a fresh coat of paint directly over them won’t solve the problem.

This is because rust prevents new paint from taking hold, so you’ll need to scrape it off and start from scratch.

Not cleaning the TV remote


This one is all too easy to forget but when you think about the number of times your TV remote is touched every day, it makes sense to clean it every week or on alternative days.

All you need to do is remove the batteries, then use a cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean all over the remote. If there’s dirt wedged in the gaps around the buttons, use a toothpick to remove it.

Not wiping door handles

Door handles

When we clean our homes, we forget about the door handles. It is constantly used throughout the day and touched by every family member so it might carry harmful microbes.

It is obvious that diseases bacteria transfer from one person to another. You need to keep germs in check by remembering to disinfect your door handles at the end of every day.

Forgetting to clean stove knobs

This is the most neglected thing by us. We all need to keep in mind that the dials are regularly splattered with food and touched frequently between preparations.

So it is very necessary to give them a thorough clean. All you need to do is remove the knobs and wash them in hot soapy water.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya