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Mistakes that will shorten your motorcycle's life

12th December 2021
"There are different errors made by motorcycle riders that damage their bike and shorten the life span of their bikes."

There are different errors made by motorcycle riders that damage their bike and shorten the life span of their bikes.

Here are some bad habits that riders make and should stop right now:

Not Allowing the Motorcycle to Warm Up

Warming up your motorcycle is a great way to prepare the engine for a long ride, as well as conditioning for long-term usage.

A general rule of thumb on any type of machine is to let it warm up before usage, and this holds true for a motorcycle as well.

Moreover, warming up your motorcycle is a great way to prepare the engine for a long ride, as well as conditioning for long-term usage.

Riding the Motorcycle Consistently Without an Oil Change

Failure to change the oil in a timely manner can cause the engine to get sludge, as well as cause friction when the engine is under stressful conditions such as riding in the heat or the extreme cold.

Moreover, it is very crucial to keep your oil up to date in your motorcycle.

Rough Riding with No Experience

Many new riders are not able to properly shift and treat their bikes, and this can cause a big problem to your motorcycle engine and parts.

A general rule for a new rider to practice before actually investing in a new motorcycle is because there is no point in wasting money on repairs that are caused by inexperience.

Half clutch riding habit

Many people don’t have a knowledge of clutch. Many people do these mistakes mistakenly. They just adopt these mistakes without their knowledge.

Moreover, riding the bike by just pressing half clutch damages the clutch plate.

Starting with high gear

Starting a bike with high gear is the biggest mistake made by the riders. If you tried to accelerate your bike after starting on high gear then it directly affects your motorcycle engine or clutch life.

Always start your motorcycle with neutral or minimum gear because every gear has its own speed gear ratio.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

How often should I give my motorcycle for servicing?

1st November 2020
"Keep your bike high and your head even higher."

This is a very difficult question to answer with specificity. All motorcycles aren’t the same. A sports bike, for example, is optimized for speed, while a touring bike is designed for endurance and effectiveness. As a consequence, when it comes to having a facility, they may have very different criteria.

When to give your motorcycle for servicing?


Checking your individual textbook is what you ought to do. Every manual would state that, based on your bike's CC, you need to have the bike tested after a certain amount of kilometers, usually about 4000-6000KM, or at least once a year Even if you don't hit that number before then.

Furthermore, as a rider, how much you take the motor for a tune-up depends on you. On summer weekends, you could only take your bike out for a ride, or you can rely on it virtually every day to get you to and from work.

When you think of moving it to a specialized garage, how much it is used and the lengths it drives can affect it.


5 things to avoid severe servicing of your motorcycle.

  • Tuning the carburetor every 2 years.

  • Flushing the Cooling system every two years if you have a water-cooled engine.

  • Changing your oil every 4000-6000 Km or every month. Whichever comes first!

  • Lubing the motorcycle chain and checking the pressure on it every 6000 KM or every month. Whichever comes first!

  • Checking the tyre pressure every month.


Ensuring that the bike undergoes routine servicing should allow for the detection and handling of any possible issues before they become serious. In addition, it is also possible to perform simple maintenance activities including oil replacement, which will keep the wheels working smoothly.

You should look for a dealership where the mechanics are up-to-date on all the new specifications for your particular model while searching for places to take your motorcycle.

Remember to simply take it to the garage and ask if you have any questions about the way your cycle works. The technicians are likely to be able to carry out a complete fault diagnosis for you and help you locate the issue.

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Compiled by : Upasana Poudel Upasana Poudel

Motorcycle Overheating | Causes |

9th December 2021
"A very common issue among riders traveling long distances is the overheating of the engine."

A very common issue among riders traveling long distances is the overheating of the engine.

You should not forget that an engine that runs too hot can damage the vehicle and threaten your safety.

There are different causes you must know about your overheating motorcycles.

Coolant leak

The major reason for overheating the engine might be the leaks in the coolant. Coolant removes the heat from the engine by carrying away the heat.

Always make sure that the coolant level is correct at all times. If the level of coolant is below the recommended level, immediately top it up by adding distilled water to avoid heating problems.

Fix the leak, if any, and continue riding to avoid overheating. 

Faulty radiators

Radiator fans are used to cool down the coolant in the radiator when the motorcycle is standstill and the coolant temperature exceeds. Improper functioning of the fan leads to consequences.

If the fan is damaged then, the coolant coming from the radiator to the engine is not cooled down and still carries heat.

Moreover, the engine will provide more heat to the coolant. The heat will remain with the engine components. Thus, causing overheating in the engine.

Riding at high speeds for a long time:

Riding at high speeds for a long time means keeping the engine highly active. When the engine is active for a long time will keep the pistons moving and the combustion of fuel takes place without a break.

Moreover, riding the motorcycle at too high an RPM continuously in a long ride can be one cause of overheating. The engine is constantly active and pushing its limit causing the overheat in your bike. 

Low oil level

we all have a really bad habit of usually leaving the oil refilling part to the mechanic or the service center without even bothering to check the type of oil used.

If your motorcycle is using mineral oil but you have a large capacity engine, it is a mismatch. Similarly, synthetic oil is not suitable for lower cc engines.

Moreover, poor quality or low levels of oil will not function as a good coolant that will carry away the heat.

This is especially true in air-coolant systems where oil is super-important for carrying away the heat from the frictional surfaces.

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