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Dos and Don'ts for Leather Interior of Your Car

17th December 2021
"The leather interior is always the first priority of many people as it truly elevates the car’s interior."

The leather interior is always the first priority of many people as it truly elevates the car’s interior.

Likewise, leather is quite strong and will serve you well if properly cared for. If you have never given a thought to your leather auto seats here are a few tips you can go through.

Today in this article we will be talking about some dos and don't for your leather interior. 


Consult your owner’s manual

Always consult your owner’s manual to see if there are any special guidelines for your leather seats. 

Use cleaners and conditioners designed specifically for leather

Always make sure you use cleaners and conditioners designed specifically for leather or you go with the natural cleaner available in your home or even at the market.

You can also make your own with olive oil and vinegar, or Castile soap and warm water.

Vacuum the seats first

The first and foremost thing you always need to do is vacuum your seats as they expel particles of dirt.

Moreover, this ensures dirt, sand, and loose grime won’t scratch or rub into your seats as you clean.

If the grit is left on the seats, it may scratch the leather when you wipe them down.

Clean up spills quickly

Always Clean up spills quickly to reduce the chance of staining in your leather.


Don't guess the quality of the leather

Don’t guess if you’re not the original owner. When in doubt, ask your dealer or the original owner about the type of leather and if it has been re-dyed.

Moreover, don’t guess what kind of leather it is, and don’t spray anything directly on seats, especially perforated leather.

Don't use a Cleaner with Petroleum/silicone

Don’t use cheap cleaners and conditioners that contain petroleum or waxes as they can cause product build-up and dull your leather’s finish. Also, don’t let the cleaner dry on the leather.

Moreover, don’t let the wet solution dry on the seats. Always, make sure you massage it with your cloth until it has been absorbed.

Don't Scrub

Don’t use hard bristles for deep cleaning. Always choose a soft-bristled toothbrush or a specifically-made car cleaning brush.

Don't soak a cloth

Don’t soak your cloth with a cleaning solution. Too much liquid can damage the seat or, if you have perforated leather, soak through and breed mildew or mold.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

Tips to Clean and Maintain Leather Interior Of Car

16th December 2021
"Leather interiors are a sign of luxury to many people so they prefer cars with leather interiors. Moreover, choosing leather seating means maintenance is a must!"

Leather interiors are a sign of luxury to many people so they prefer cars with leather interiors. Moreover, choosing leather seating means maintenance is a must!

Here are some basic steps for cleaning and maintaining the leather interior of your car:

Vacuum and or dust

Begin by vacuuming up any loose debris and dirt. Your leather seats have many crevices and these will likely collect dust, debris, dirt, and if you have passengers, food particles.

You’ll want to use a brush attachment or a dusting mitt to clear away all the dust so your cleaner will penetrate deeply.

If it’s been a while between cleanings your seats will have certainly picked up some unwelcome travelers, and trying to clean the seats without removing them will just rub them around.


Always choose a leather cleaner with non-toxic ingredients to wipe down your seats.

You can also use a combination of vinegar and water, or Castile soap and warm water if you can’t find an environmentally-friendly cleaner.

Moreover, never use ammonia or bleach, as they will ruin the leather.

Avoid using cleaner or water, because you could end up soaking the leather and causing permanent staining.

Wipe dry

Use a clean, dry microfiber towel to wipe away any excess moisture.

The seats will remain somewhat damp to the touch unless they have been coated.

Remember to wipe away excess water or cleaner, so there’s no staining.


Once your seats are clean and dry, it’s time to condition the leather.

Leather often loses some of its oils due to cracking and dry conditions.

Conditioning puts oils back into the leather to keep them supple and healthy.

A good leather conditioner will keep the leather moist which prevents cracking, while also providing UV protection to maintain the color.

Moreover, a conditioner containing natural ingredients will work better than one with synthetics.

Also, try to avoid using petroleum or waxes, as they will cause the leather to appear greasy or become dull.

Keep out of the sun

Once you’ve conditioned your seats, you’ll want to keep them out of sunlight.

The conditioner needs to sit on the seats for an hour, so avoid anything coming in contact with the seats during this time.

Once they’re dry, give them a good buff with another clean microfiber cloth and wipe away any additional dirt or grime.

Consult the manual

Always remember to consult your car manual first. They might have suggestions on specific brands to use or have instructions on how to properly clean the leather.

Make sure you flip through the manual first before you start cleaning.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya