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Five best ways to increase the value of your car

5th December 2021
"When you want to sell your car, there are ways to get the most from trade-in time."

When you want to sell your car, there are ways to get the most from trade-in time. A car’s value is determined by many factors: the popularity of the make and model of your car, vehicle specifications, trim levels, physical appearance, mileage, consistent maintenance, and working conditions.

Here are some of the important tips that will help you to get a good deal for your used car:

Proper Maintenance of the Car

If you want to keep most of the car’s value by the time you sell it, you should properly maintain the vehicle from day one.

Without proper maintenance, you could miss the signs that your car needs repairs until the problem is way worse and more expensive.

However, with appropriate and regular maintenance, you’ll be able to spot issues early on before things get out of control.

You could point out potential issues during these visits so that the mechanic could check them out and take preventive measures.

Age and Mileage

As you probably know, mileage is the first thing a car's value depends on.

Your car might look astonishingly new, but the price will mostly be determined by how many miles it has traveled.

The more you drive and put miles on the car, the more likely your car will depreciate quickly in value.

Think about how much wear and tear your car goes through by putting six-figure mileage on it.

Keep It Clean (Inside & Out)

Keeping the car clean before you sell it is one of the best ways to improve its market value.

Clean the car in and out keeps it aesthetically and cosmetically pleasing at every angle.

The better your car appears to be kept up, the more it will be worth: most people associate cleanliness with care.

The best bet is to apply a paint and fabric protection pack, which makes washing and waxing much easier.

Fix Dents and Scratches

Having small dents or scratches on the car is a normal thing especially in the metropolitan cities where we drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic conditions.

Your car is going to get dents, dings, and scratches. It’s unavoidable. Fortunately, most of these minor issues are easy and cheap to fix.

You can hide those scratches with so paint and even polish those scuffs. Also, most dents are easy to correct through expert dent removal companies or by picking up a dent removal tool for a quick DIY fix.

Minor Car Repair

There are plenty of DIY car repairs you can do to maintain the value of your car like changing the battery yourself, Changing your oil, checking your spark plugs every 30,000 miles or sooner if you have a heavy foot, Changing your transmission oil, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid, Replace the Headlamps, fix Windshield Chips and Cracks.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Top 5 online/offline car accessories shop in Nepal

26th August 2020
"car accessories is a status symbol in the same way Jewelry is-people can buy in at every level"

With the rapid growth of cars number in Nepal, we can say there is a growing market for cars and its accessories. Car accessories are imperative in your day to day life as you go to work or travel with your family and friends. Keeping some must have car accessories is always recommended to save you from probable troubles regarding safety or comfortable riding. Earlier in the beginning of the last decade we can say there were not many stores available to find the desired accessories. So either you have to go for some low quality Chinese product or import the necessary car accessories paying expensive price for it.

But today’s scenario is very different there are more than 200 car accessories shop between Kuleshwwor and Kalimati area which is known as the car accessories hub. With all these increasing number of physical car accessories store there is also a rising options of online sites for the youths who tend to search for anything and everything online. There are very few sites only dedicated to these car accessories, still there are some known online shopping sites which have a section dedicated to these part of segments. Most of the customers look for music system services, seat covers, mats and steering cover.

Here are some top online car accessories shops in Nepalese market:


You can get varieties of car accessories at hardwarepasal. Unlike other online shopping sites, hardwarepasal is solely hardware dedicated online shop where you will find more variety of products to enhance the look of you cars and bikes. You can get widest selection of car accessories online at hardwarepasal ranging from car shampoo, leather polish, perfume, wax, car wash, parking sensor, car vacuum, seat belt cover, tyre inflator, logo and many more accessories online in Nepal. They have some pretty good discounts too over period so get best deals on your next accessory from hardwarepasal. 


Okdam let's you find all sorts of car accessories under one online shopping store in Kathmandu. At OkDam, you will come across a comprehensive list of car accessories/parts such as flip key shell, replacement key shell, night vision goggles, plastic storage pocket, Car body cover, car mobile holder, universal car charger for devices, seat pocket catcher, taser stun gun, car Bluetooth devices/receivercar dashboard flag, tire puncture repair kit and many more. Avail with best price for car accessories/parts at with express home delivery.


One of the most popular online stores has to be Daraz for almost anything needed. Thousand of other products are categorized all seprated. Under a category called Automotive and motor bikes, there is another sub category like auto, auto motive, auto electronics, motor parts and accessories. Under this sub category accessories, they have listed products that are available on their online store. Though being an all rounder shoppers stop, daraz has a dedicated section for car accessories with limited product available on one click and pay digitally.

Hamrobazar and Mystorenepal

These two online stores are also one of the leading online stores in Nepal that have big range of categories included in their website from apparels to car accessories. They have a category named car accessories or automotive which included variety of products like replacement key shell, night vision goggles, plastic storage pocket, Car body cover, car mobile holder, universal car charger for both apple and android devices, seat pocket catcher, taser stun gun, car Bluetooth devices/receiver, car dashboard flag, tire puncture repair kit and many more related to interior and exteriors of cars. So these sites also could be a better destination for online car accessories shopping in Nepal.



This is another offline/online destination for the car accessories in Nepal. Currently they don’t have any website of their own but they are working on Facebook page as well as they have listed their shop in various online directory pages to be found by the people searching for car accessories shop in Nepal. They usually take order from their facebook directly and deliver product through courier service all over Nepal. It has cash on delivery(COD) facilities for inside valley but per-payment must be done for the outside valley delivery. They provide wide range of services in their physical store which is located in Kuleshwor.

Except of these listed online/offline stores for car accessories, there are many other online as well as hundreds of physical store available inside and outside valley where almost any kind of latest accessories are available. Also there are various online director pages which have these kind of stores listed for direct contact.


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Compiled by : Swekshya Rajbhandari Swekshya Rajbhandari

Best Resale value Hatchback Cars In Nepal

30th November 2021
"The growth of the hatchback segment has been very crucial for the Nepalese car market as it is an affordable, and low-maintenance stylish vehicle and because of this, they do have good resale values as well."

Most of the car buyers in Nepal prefer hatchbacks as it is known as economy cars. Also, there are lots of hatchbacks available in Nepal.

The growth of the hatchback segment has been very crucial for the Nepalese car market as it is an affordable, and low-maintenance stylish vehicle and because of this, they do have good resale values as well.

In this article, we are talking about the best resale value hatchbacks available in Nepal. 

Maruti Suzuki Swift

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the most loved cars in Nepal. People are really impressed and obsessed with the decent power it delivers, even after years of use.


Even a decade-old Swift has a decent resale value owing to the reliability of the car for used-car buyers. Moreover, if you are looking for a second-hand car this car might fit you.

The original price of the swift VXI is 32, 49,000 and ZXI is 35, 49,000. The used 2013 model swift car can easily be sold up to 20-25 lakhs looking at its variants and condition.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai! The name is enough for people these days in Nepal.

The Hyundai i10, the most popular hatchback in Nepal has got the best resale values in Nepal. People love the vehicle for its reliability, easy maintenance, and great resale value. Indeed, many first-time buyers of vehicles often opt for the Hyundai i10.


Moreover, the actual price of the Hyundai i10 ranges from 31 to 35 lakhs depending on its variants. A used Hyundai i10, 2014 model, can sell for Rs 20-22 lakh (or more), depending on the variant and condition of the vehicle.

Ford Figo

The car with the American brand “Ford” is really famous in the Nepalese market.


The Ford Figo is probably the most popular Ford model in Nepal’s second-hand market. The car, even after 10 years of use, provides a decent pickup, and a good condition.

2013 used Ford Figo can sell for up to Rs 13-14 lakh, depending on the condition and variant.

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