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Natural remedies to get rid of Cold and flu

3rd December 2021
"There are plenty of home remedies that can relieve your cold and flu, and get you back to normal."

Being sick, even when you’re home in bed, isn’t fun. The combination of body aches, fever, chills, and nasal congestion can be enough to make anyone miserable. There are plenty of home remedies that can alleviate your symptoms and get you back to normal.

Here we have mentioned some of these home remedies that will help you treat the common cold and flu:

Ginger tea

Ginger tea not only tastes good but also helps in treating the common cold and cough.

The tea helps in drying running and dripping nose, thus expelling phlegm from the respiratory tract.

Among various health benefits of ginger, it is known to soothe the common cold and speeds up the recovery process.

A mixture of lemon, cinnamon, and honey

Another effective home remedy for the common cold and cough is a mixture of lemon, cinnamon, and honey.

This syrup effectively cures cold and cough. In half spoon of honey, add a few drops of lemon and a pinch of cinnamon.

Have this syrup twice a day to cure a common cold and flu.

Luke-warm water

Drink lukewarm water frequently as it helps in fighting against the common cold, cough, and sore throat.

Warm water reduces inflammation in the throat and helps in replenishing the fluids and infection out of the body.

Gargle with salt-water

You can gargle with water containing salt to get relief for a sore throat from a cold.

This is an age-old therapy that effectively treats cough and cold. Adding turmeric to this saltwater is also beneficial.

Essential oil

Essential oil is another great home remedy for cold and cough. The oils help to decrease the speed at which the virus multiplies inside the body.

Cinnamon, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, and thyme oils are considered the best essential oils for cold. Put some essential oil in a diffuser for relief.

Vitamin C

There are some pieces of evidence that suggest that taking Vitamin C before the onset of cold symptoms may shorten the duration of symptoms.

It may help to boost your immune health and can provide some relief from upper respiratory tract infections.

Taking Vitamin C-rich food like lemon, oranges, and grapefruits is quite effective.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Natural Ingredients that make your hair shinier and healthier

25th November 2020
"Oil your hair often and you'll see a natural glow and shine in your hair."

Who doesn't wish for every day to be a good hair day? But not every wish come true. Owning shiny, silky, and healthy hair is a dream for many but attained by few. Firstly, hereditary factors have a major effect on your hair- if your mother and grandmother or father have shiny and healthy hair, there's a higher chance for you to be blessed with healthier hair too. However, environmental factors and other factors may affect your hair and its health. 

Many people are not conscious about the things they put into their scalp and hair unless they start losing hair excessively or start having bald spots. Choosing shampoos, oiling regularly, applying conditioner, and many more things are ignored by most people and when they face consequences they start the blame game. As they say, "prevention is better than cure"- you need to take proper care of your hair for it to be healthy and shiny.

Some natural ingredients help to make your hair shinier and softer. Some of them are- 

Different oils

Oil is the best solution if you want to bring shine to your dry hair. There are different types of oils- some are heavier/ thicker and some are lighter. You need to apply the kind as per your requirement. Oil helps in hair growth prevents hair breakage as well as makes your hair healthier, shinier, and silkier. You can check out different kinds of oil and choose the one that suits your hair. The oil that is best for hair is- vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil, rose flower oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and argan oil. 

Herbal extracts

Herbal or organic methods are always reliable and have the best results. Regular care with herbal extracts and herbal hair masks can help your hair in growth, strengthening, and avoid split ends making your hair healthier and shinier. You can use herbal hair masks such as - egg hair mask, banana hair mask, yogurt hair mask, avocado hair mask, etc. 

Aloe vera

Aloe vera mask for hair is pretty popular for a hair mask. Be it for making your hair dandruff-free or for shinier hair or healthier or growth, aloe vera has many benefits for your hair. Massage your scalp with aloe for a few minutes and rinse it off after one hour. Then, ta-da there you have your shinier silky hair. 


Honey is an important ingredient present in many skincare products from moisturizers to hair masks, and many more. Honey has both emollient and humectant properties, making it a great hair moisturizer. It treats your dry hair and gives is lustrous shine. It prevents your hair from breakage and excessive hair loss as well. 


Filled with Vitamins A and E along with essential fatty acids, shea butter also has emollient properties. Shea-butter is healthy for your hair as well as your scalp. It resolves the inflammatory problems as well. It is beneficial for your hair as it resolves hair breakage problems and hair loss problems as well.

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Home Remedies For Period Cramps

10th November 2021
"So are you getting down because of period cramps? Don't Worry! We are here with some of the home remedies to help relieve your pain. "

Period cramps affect many people during periods. In some cases, the pain from period cramps can also be extreme. So are you getting down because of period cramps? Don't Worry! We are here with some of the home remedies to help relieve your pain. 

1. Stay Hydrated:

Remember to be hydrated, especially when you're in your periods. You're more likely to have abdominal cramps during your period if you're dehydrated. Moreover, you should always aim to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day to stay healthy and get rid of cramps. 

Stay hydrated

2. Avoid caffeine/Alcohol and spicy foods:

Avoid caffeine

Caffeine/Alcohol/ Spicy Foods causes water retention, discomfort, and bloating to your body. So, it is very important to avoid such drinks and foods during your period.  

3. Taking Supplements like Vitamin and Calcium:

Taking Supplements

Dietary Supplements like vitamin B-6, B-12, B-1, E and D, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc an also fish oil helps a lot to relieve your pain. Furthermore, Don't forget these supplements when you suffer from extreme period cramps. 

4. Exercise/Yoga


Exercise/Yoga plays a very vital role in the functioning of the body. It helps you to be fit. moreover, it also helps in reducing pain and cramps. 30 mins of aerobic exercise, a walk after lunch, dancing, and some yoga will be the best thing you can do to help your body be free from pain during your periods. 

5. Hot Water Bath:

Hot water bath

Taking a hot shower or soaking into a warm bathtub will be the best thing you can do on your periods. It helps your pelvic muscle to relax with the warmth of the water and relieve your pain. Moreover, You can relax in a warm water bath for 15 to 20 minutes, adding a few drops of oils like lavender and rose to get the most benefits. 

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