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Vianet ULTRAFI TikTok Challenge

7th January 2022
"Vianet now has introduced the TikTok competition named “Vianet ULTRAFI TikTok Challenge”."

As we all know, Vianet recently launched its most value-added package, "Ultra-Fi," with the aim of offering high-speed, high-quality Internet services to fulfill their customers' to meet the growing needs for work, play, and school.

Vianet now has introduced the TikTok competition named “Vianet ULTRAFI TikTok Challenge”.

This competition is open to any age group with a creative and entertaining video.

For Participating in the “Vianet UltraFi Tiktok Challenge” contestants must use the Vianet ULTRAFI original soundtrack:

Terms & Condition of Vianet ULTRAFI TikTok Challenge

This Campaign is open from January 01, 2022, to February 28, 2022. 

A participant with the most creative content will win NRP. 50 thousand. (Taxes will be applicable in all prizes)

Participants must have used the hashtag #ULTRAFI_Vianet in their caption and tag @vianetcommunication while posting their video.

Participants must upload their video within 27th February (i.e.: till midnight).

Vianet holds the right to use the profile picture/ information of the participants/ winner for the purpose of any promotional use in the print advertisement/ outdoors and digital media.

Employees and family members of Vianet shall not be eligible to win in the contest. In case the winner is found to be in any way associated as an Employee or Family member, the entry and the contestant will be disqualified.

The Prizes are non-transferable.

The participant has no right to demand the prizes as per their preferences. No alternative will be offered for the prize in whole or part.

Only Nepali citizens residing in Nepal can participate in the contest.

Vianet Communications reserves all right in conducting this contest and its decision remains final and irreversible.

In case of any conflicts, Vianet holds the rights at the discretion of the contest.

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Vianet Ultra-Fi Product | Review |

19th December 2021
"Vianet has launched a new campaign named “Ultra-Fi” from 9th December 2021"

We all have and are facing lots of problems with our wifi and net on a daily basis. The major reason behind a slow internet is signal interference.

So in order to solve this problem, Vianet has launched a new campaign named “Ultra-Fi” from 9th December 2021.

The name “Ultra-Fi” is derived from two words “Ultra-Broadband” and “WiFi”.

Ultra-Broadband means Internet speeds 100 Mbps and above; WiFi is added to signify that they are providing Dual Band Wi-Fi ONU with this plan.

The ONUs provided are Mesh capable and they are planning to introduce affordable Mesh Wi-Fi solutions for the customers very soon.

In this plan, they have introduced three new plans 125 Mbps, 175 Mbps, and 250 Mbps paired with via TV at unbelievable prices, Dual Band ONUs, and also customers can upgrade the speed of existing packages.

Ultra fi

The major objective of Ultra-Fi plans is to provide the ultimate value product where the customer can enjoy the highest speeds at the lowest prices.

The tagline for the Ultra-Fi campaign is “Ultra Experience. Ultra Entertainment. Ultra Value”.

Vianet Ultra-Fi packages have been designed in order to uplift the experience of the customers in schools, offices, and play.

These are the primary use case for the Internet amongst the customers. Dependency on the Internet for the above uses has increased tremendously to the point that it is a necessity for conducting the tasks mentioned.  

As a result, customers require high capacity Internet to function better in the above areas.

So Vianet Ultra-Fi package aims to provide the customers with Uninterrupted Video Calls (Work/School), Lag-Less Gaming (Play), and Uninterrupted Streaming (Play/Work for influencers and streamers).

Likewise, now customers can actually experience the speed, with the mandatory inclusion of dual-band routers. 

In a dual-band router, both networks (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) networks will be shown in the WiFi list when connecting to your WiFi, so you may connect and switch networks easily as per your convenience.


Moreover, the above-mentioned speeds are only possible in 5Ghz WiFi. Likewise, the wifi setup used by devices is usually 2.4Ghz and when there is a common sharing between the devices there occurs a signal disturbance causing problems like slow internet. 

So in order to solve this, Vianet has recently brought in 5Ghz Dual Band ONUs from Nokia for Nokia Network customers and C-Data for Raisecom Network customers. As compared to 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz does not seem to have problems like lagging and interruption.

Moreover, Among 45 channels of the 5 GHz band, 24 channels don't overlap which is really nice and gives you a smooth internet connection.

Also, among them channel no. 36, 40, 44, and 48 are considered to be the best channels. 5Ghz frequency band also supports higher data transfer speeds, so customers who use high-speed packages must use 5Ghz frequency band routers to experience the best possible Internet speeds wirelessly.

Vianet also aims to have the lowest price per Mbps per month on all of their packages compared to their competitors and is really useful for those who are the victims of slow internet.

Please Note: Most if not all recent devices support the 5Ghz wireless network band. Your device must have 5Ghz WiFi network capability to use the 5Ghz wireless network band on that device.

Please check your device specifications for compatibility.

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Vianet launches yet another high speed, cost-effective internet plan

26th December 2021
"On the occasion of New Year 2022, Vianet has launched a new offer with Mini Internet plans targeted towards low Internet usage households"

On the occasion of New Year 2022, Vianet has launched a new offer with Mini Internet plans targeted towards low Internet usage households.

Under the Mini line of products, Vianet has launched a Mini-75 pack where customers will be able to enjoy a super-fast speed of 75 Mbps Internet at only Rs. 800 per month on an annual subscription. As a part of their New Year offer, Vianet is also providing a free Ncell Sim card with a subscription to their Mini Internet plan.

The Ncell Sim card comes with free 4GB mobile data every month for a year, which means customers will be able to enjoy a total of 48 GB of mobile data in a year.

Additionally, customers will also be able to enjoy various Ncell services free of charge including 50 minutes free talk time to other Ncell numbers and 50 free SMS per month.

Furthermore, customers will also get a free monthly talk time of 50 minutes to call the Vianet call center and an extra 1GB of monthly data to use the Vianet mobile app.

And also, Vianet had released its Ultra-Fi line of products - Internet plans that promise to give its users the highest Internet speeds at the lowest prices.

The highlight of the Ultra-Fi product line was the 175 Mbps internet plan which comes with up to 2 ViaTV subscriptions and is priced at only Rs. 1250 per month on an annual subscription.

With the Mini Internet product line, Vianet hopes to cater to not only the general population but also the niche market of households that require high-speed Internet but have limited usage.

More Information:

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