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Why an E-bike could catch fire?

11th May 2022
"While E-bikes are less expensive on a daily basis, they may not be any safer than a gas-powered vehicles because these can catch fire as well."

Riding an electric bike is a simple and exciting experience. However, understanding some basic motorcycle safety tips is essential to ensure your next ride is a safe one.

You may think that an E-Bike is a safer option than a gas-powered vehicle, but this is not the case. While E-bikes are less expensive daily, they may not be any safer than gas-powered vehicles because these can catch fire as well.

However, although accidents are rare, and shouldn't put you off investing in an e-bike, the large lithium battery attached to its frame is a potential fire hazard if not treated with care.

Lithium batteries have a lot of advantages that make them ideal for e-bikes.

They can be charged and discharged hundreds of times, they’re relatively lightweight and compact, and they contain lower levels of toxic heavy metals than many other types of batteries. Unfortunately, they can also be very flammable.

Why does it happen?

Thermal Runaway Phenomenon

The Thermal Runaway Phenomenon refers to the process where a battery’s cells reach a critical temperature that causes them to spontaneously combust.

Most e-bikes have a battery that consists of a series of cells containing lithium ions.

To use such batteries safely, the cells should be kept within a defined voltage and temperature window. Now, the cells inside may release gas when abused, which can ignite or cause an explosion.

Battery Failure

A battery failure could occur due to several reasons including poor cell design or manufacturing flaws, external abuse (thermal, mechanical, electrical), or maybe even poor battery assembly design or manufacture.

Some reputable E-bike manufacturers procure battery packs from reputable companies but some manufacturers which aim to keep the price of the product as low as possible, opt for a battery from an unknown supplier which might not get them a stable design.

The primary threats posed to the battery include external or internal short circuits, high or low temperatures, and overcharge or over-discharge.

As heat can be a major cause of battery explosions, batteries need to be developed using advanced technologies which can withstand high temperatures considering they can reach up to 46 degrees in some parts of the country. Apart from that, internal or external short circuits also destabilize the battery, resulting in an explosion.

How to prevent e-bike fires

With a rising number of fire accidents in e-bikes, there are some fire safety measures associated with li-ion batteries and charging and storage. Besides buying an e-bike from a reputed brand that uses certified high-quality components, here are some tips that you can follow to prevent e-bikes fires:

1. Register your e-bike with the manufacturer for warranties. The batteries of the e-bike play a vital role in the fire and registration is essential for a replacement by the manufacturer.

2. Read the user manual for all the precautions.

3. Always use the manufacturer’s charging cords and adapters given for your e-bike.

4. Avoid using power extensions. Use a charger directly into the main switch.

5. Install a smoke detector in your dedicated charging area.

6. In case your e-bike’s battery or the e-bike itself gets wet in the rain, consider it permanently damaged and do not charge it. You can also get it tested by your manufacturer responsibly.

7. Avoid keeping old li-ion batteries inside your home. Instead, recycle them carefully.

8. Never leave your e-bike charging overnight or leave it unattended while charging.

9. In public places, charge your bike from government authorized charging points.

10. Never cover your battery packs or even a charger while charging as this could lead to a fire.

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Yatri Electric Bike Price Revealed

5th April 2022
"In the time when Nepal is starving for the environmental initiatives and entrepreneurship, Project Zero from Yatri Motorcycles can be a huge milestone"

Yatri is a traveler or a sightseer. A motorcycle company named Yatri is the same. The yatri bike's design can also be compared to the cybertruck, to some extent. And above all, it is a Nepali product! Well, in the time when Nepal is starving for environmental initiatives and entrepreneurship, Project Zero from Yatri Motorcycles can be a huge milestone.


Yatri Bike Nepal

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About Yatri Motorcycles

Ashim Pandey, the man behind the bike founded a company named Yatri in 2017. He and his team designed the first prototype, which has been unveiled on the 19th of December. The bike’s body is made from 100% carbon fiber making it lightweight so that the bike can reach a top speed of 120 km/hr. The company states that the parts were incorporated from different countries such as the USA, India, China and other European nations as it would cost a huge sum of money if manufactured in Nepal. Yatri Bike Design

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Yatri Bike Charging time and Single Charge Distance

The full charging time of Yatri is 2 Hours and is Capable to cover up to 230 KM in Single Charge.

The company has also developed a Yatri Hub app. It is connected to the 7 inches full HD display at the center of the handlebar. It not only shows the speed, time and operating temperature but also shows the money you are saving switching to Project Zero and going green. Though, the yatri bike price has not been revealed yet by the team.



Yatri Bike Display

Yatri Bike Battery

The battery capacity of the bike is 6KWh and accompanies 8 years of guarantee. The company claims that this battery can control 30KW motor effectively which is embedded in the bike. 

Yatri Bike Price and Availability in Nepal



 Project Zero (P-0)  

 Rs. 19,49,000 

 Project One (P-1)

 Rs. 5,65,000

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Best electric scooters in Nepal 2022

4th May 2022
"To successfully implement the Nepal Government’s plan to sell and run only EVs in Nepal by B.S. 2088, taxes on electric vehicles were remarkably revised"

To successfully implement the Nepal Government’s plan to sell and run only EVs in Nepal by B.S. 2088, taxes on electric vehicles were remarkably revised.

In the last year, several electric two-wheeler brands have entered Nepal. Some brands are in the process of entering the Nepali market. Let’s take a look at the electric scooters currently available in Nepal :

  • Niu

In the last year, the most numbers of electric scooters imported are that of Niu. This brand has been part of the Nepali auto industry for quite a while now. Currently, there are two models of Niu scooters available in the country. The Niu N series scooters come with Lithium ION Panasonic batteries and run a 70 km range on a full charge. The price of Niu is:

NIU Scooter Price in Nepal
NIU UQim Rs. 145000
NIU UQi GT Rs. 255000
NIU MQi+ Sport Rs. 255000
NIU GOVA 03 Rs. 255000
NIU N Sport Rs. 310000 (Glossy) / Rs. Rs. 315000 (Matt)
NIU GOVA 05 Rs. 345000
NIU MQi GT Rs. 435000
NIU NQi GT Rs. 445000
  • Segway 

Segway, a globally popular and high-selling E-Scooter brand, will begin selling the Segway E125 in Nepal from April 2, 2022, with a manufacturer's warranty. Ihub Pvt. Ltd. will bring other models of Segway e-scooters in the near future for the Nepali market. The price of Segway is: 

Segway Ninebot Scooters Price in Nepal
Segway Ninebot GoKart Pro Rs. 285000
Segway Ninebot E100 Rs. 290000
Segway Ninebot E125 Rs. 390000
  • TailG 

TailG entered the Nepali market last year during the Lockdown and has gained huge popularity in a short period. YOMAMA E. Motors Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributors of TAILG e-Scooters in Nepal, recently unveiled both electric scooters and electric bikes. TAILG Nepal, a partner of the UN Environment E-Mobility Programme, currently sells three different e-Scooters in Nepal.

TAILG e-Scooters Price in Nepal
TAILG Lion Rs. 183000
TAILG Tiger Rs. 183000
TAILG Leopard Rs. 210000
  • Super Soco 

Super Soco has only recently started selling Super Soco CUX in Nepal, via D-LifeStyle. It runs a range of 95 km on a full charge and you can purchase the scooter for the range of Rs 1,79,900.

Super Soco Scooters Price in Nepal
Super Soco CU Mini Rs. 1,79,900
Super Soco CUx Rs. 2,49,900 (Standard Colors) / Rs. 259900 (Luxury Colors)
Super Soco CPx Rs. 4,59,900 (Single Battery) / Rs. 589900 (Double Battery)
  • Pure EV

Pure EV is the new Indian Electric Scooter brand in Nepal. White Lotus Group Nepal, the authorized distributor of Pure EV scooters in Nepal, currently offers two e-scooters in Nepal. Comparing its current lineup, the Pure EV ePluto 7G is the most expensive Pure EV e-Scooter in Nepal. Similarly, Pure EV Neo ETrance is the most affordable Pure EV e-Scooter in Nepal.

Pure EV Electric Scooters Price in Nepal
Pure EV ePluto 7G Rs. 275000
Pure EV ETrance Neo Rs. 260000
  • Yadea 

Kuzu Nepal Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributor of Yadea scooters in Nepal, has introduced the all-new Yadea e-Scooters. The official launch marks the entry with three Yadea e-Scooters – Yadea C1S, Yadea G5, and Yadea S-Like. Yadea is a popular premium e-scooter brand, bringing in premium design, next-gen technology, and modern features.

Yadea Scooters Price in Nepal
Yadea C1S Rs. 350000
Yadea G5 Rs. 330000
Yadea S-Like Rs. 230000
  • Lvneng

EV The authorized distributor of Lvneng electric scooters in Nepal, Nepal Motors Pvt. Ltd., has a total of eight different EV scooters. These scooters have a futuristic appearance and a one-of-a-kind offering. The focus of LVNENG Nepal is on electric mobility. For this, the company offers a variety of electric vehicle (EV) products at various pricing points. With that in mind, below is a thorough list of Lvneng Scooters prices in Nepal, as well as their main attributes.

Lvneng Scooters Price in Nepal
Lvneng LX 04 Rs. 209000
Lvneng LX 01 Rs. 249000
Lvneng LX 02 Rs. 249000
Lvneng LX 05 Rs. 295000
Lvneng LX 08 Rs. 295000
Lvneng LX 06 Rs. 329000
Lvneng LX 05-D Rs. 369000
Lvneng LX 06 Max Rs. 559000
  • Doohan

Kaliber Auto, the authorized dealer for Doohan Smart Electric Vehicles in Nepal, has launched two tri-wheeled electric scooters (the iTank and iTango) and two classic urban models (the Uranus and E-Swan). The price of Doohan: 

Doohan Electric Scooters Price in Nepal
Doohan E-Swan Rs. 231900
Doohan iTango Rs. 289900
Doohan Uranus Rs. 321900
Doohan iTank Rs. 359900

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