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Benefits of having a scooter over the bike

13th January 2022
"Scooters are considered convenient and easy to maintain whereas bikes stand for power and toughness."

Scooters are considered convenient and easy to maintain whereas bikes stand for power and toughness. However, if you are planning to get a two-wheeler for yourself, you should look at all the features of both the available options, and then take the final decision.

Here are the benefits that a scooter offers over a motorcycle:


Want a two-wheeler that has a lot of storage space? Opt for scooters.

Scooters have ample storage space, thanks to the wide front carrier, spacious foot space, and extra boot space.

Even bikes have an option to attach a side carrier, but most bikers avoid that as it reduces the bike's aesthetic appeal and adds weight to it


There's not much to differentiate between a bike's and scooter's safety. However, a scooter can be considered a bit safer than a bike, courtesy of its lower top speed and manageable height and weight.

Besides, the wheels of scooters are small and covered, which makes it safer for women riders.

Usability & Travel Distance

For quick and short-distance rides, a scooter is your best option. This is because its structure and machinery are best for quick hops from one place to another.

The ease of mobility, rapid acceleration, and lightweight build, make scooters the right choice for everyone.

On the other hand, Bikes have features like high engine capacity, shock absorbers, and bigger fuel tanks, which make them ideal for highway commutes.


Scooters are incredibly convenient to ride, because of their gearless operation.

The ease of riding makes it comfortable to be used by almost everyone in the family.

Besides, bikes have a complex process due to the gear system installed in them. When someone learns to ride, they prefer using gearless scooters for their hassle-free usage.

On the other hand, bikes have a cult following, and hardcore biking enthusiasts don't mind pressing the clutch and shifting gears.


The maintenance of a motorcycle is more expensive as compared to a scooter.

A bike's complex mechanism and structure make the servicing more complicated and time taking.

On the contrary, scooters have a simple structure and do not demand much maintenance.

Since a scooter is meant for riding short distances, pushing it for commuting longer distances on bad roads might increase its maintenance cost.

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Basic bike servicing tips

21st December 2021
"Any vehicle, whether it is a bike or a car begins to age and stops providing optimum fuel efficiency as it did in the first few years."

Any vehicle, whether it is a bike or a car begins to age and stop providing optimum fuel efficiency as it did in the first few years. This is especially true of scooters and bikes as they are smaller vehicles and exposed to more wear and tear.

But all this can be avoided if you maintain and service your bike regularly, and as recommended by your service provider.

Inspect the tires regularly:

It is incredibly important to check the tires of the two-wheeler regularly. You must thoroughly examine the air pressure in the tires.

Ensure that the tire air pressure is maintained at levels recommended by the bike manufacturer.

Also, look for scrapes or cuts, possibilities of punctures, and unpredictable blowouts. Tires should be checked at least once a week.

Check the engine oil:

One of the most important bikes servicing tips to keep in mind is that the bike's engine should also be checked.

It is the engine oil that enables the smooth operation of the bike.

You must ensure that the proper engine levels are maintained and also inspect if there are any leakages.

Running the bike on dirty engine oil also increases fuel consumption and reduces the life of the engine drastically.

Adjust the clutch:

You can change gears by adjusting the clutch. It helps to increase or decrease the speed at which the bike is operated.

The clutch should be adjusted in a way that you can operate it freely.

Over tightening the clutch can cause your vehicle to slip and even increase the consumption of fuel.

It is important to ensure that the clutch adjustment is always in the right place.

Inspect the engine:

Your bike can run smoothly only if the engine is properly maintained and serviced.

It also increases fuel efficiency and reduces the money you spend on petrol. You should also clean the carburetor regularly.

The carburetor float chamber should be inspected and cleaned for every 1500 kilometers of usage.

Check the brakes:

Bikes brakes, like the clutch and engine, also endure maximum wear and tear.

Ensure that you keep both brakes holding the tire and spacing them properly.

It is very dangerous if you tighten your brakes too much as it is if the brakes are too loose.

Brakes should only be adjusted to suit your requirement and riding style.

If you hear a screeching sound you need to replace the front brake pads, since this could be caused owing to a lack of oil.

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Tips for riding an electric scooter during winter

31st December 2021
"Since it’s currently the winter season, electric scooter riders should be aware of how the cold temperatures can affect your electric scooter’s performance."

Since it’s currently the winter season, electric scooter riders should be aware of how the cold temperatures can affect your electric scooter’s performance.

Here are some tips for riding an electric scooter during winter:

Take care of your battery

Cold temperatures affect the performance and capacity of your electric scooter battery.

So, electric scooter riders must take better care of their electric scooters and batteries during the winter season.

First of all, each unit has an ideal electric scooter temperature listed in its specifications.

When storing your electric scooter, aim to keep it inside a warm area.

This will prevent your e-scooter from freezing and from your battery depleting.

Inspect your electric scooter before riding

Even when it’s not winter, always check your electric scooter beforehand.

However, it’s even more important to check your components during winter to know if some parts have frozen or have been damaged due to the cold.

Make sure that your brakes, lights, tires, and controls all work well. More importantly, check if you have enough battery stored for your trip.

Remember that cold temperatures can also drain batteries easily. So it’s best to have an extra battery ready, just in case it runs out.

High-Quality Battery

Battery quality determines how far you can travel before you have to recharge.

With that in mind, consider buying scooters with Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are light and of high density.

Despite having a small size, they can hold a lot of power. They’re also easy to maintain and have a relatively low self-discharge.

Tighten the Brakes

Braking distance increases during the winter season. To account for this change in conditions, we recommend tightening your brakes slightly.

This minor adjustment compensates for the slight increase in stopping distance, making your ride a lot safer.

You should also inspect your brakes and check that they’re in top condition.

You want them to perform at their best exactly when you need them.

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