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Safety tips while riding a motorbike with kids

9th January 2022
"With the rise in adults riding with children passengers, it is important to address the issue of safety."

Riding motorcycles can be fun and it has become a popular hobby among people of all ages. The fact that many families own a motorcycle also means that kids on a motorcycle have become a common sight.

With the rise in adults riding with children passengers, it is important to address the issue of safety.

Wearing the Right Helmet

The first safety precaution you must take is to ensure that your child has a helmet.

This means that you have to invest in a helmet for your child - one that fits right. Giving your child an adult size helmet is not good enough.

You need to realize that a helmet that is too large will certainly come off in the event of a crash. Buy a kids' helmet that fits snugly on the little head.

Make Sure the Kid is Positioned Safely

Your kid is more likely to get hurt when sitting at the front. Hence, it is ideal to let the kid sit behind you.

The next thing is to decide how the kid will ride. Placing the kid in front of you is dangerous, due to the reasons already discussed.

Additionally, it is hard for the kid to hold onto you due to his short arms. The simplest solution is to use a belt to hold the kid to you.

Pay Attention to Proper Clothing

While riding with kids, you should ensure that they have the right clothes to wear.

A leather or denim jacket with zippers and zipped cuffs, a pair of denim jeans, and high-ankle boots are perfect protection clothing for your child.

You can also look for leather gloves as they protect their soft hands from scratches. Make sure the gloves fit the kids' hands perfectly.

Following Road Rules

When you decide to go motorcycle riding, you must ensure that you follow the basic road rules.

You need to own proper insurance and licensing.

Sticking to the set rules is especially important when you have a child passenger. Different states have specific rules for riding with children.

Find out the rules in your area and ensure that you comply with them.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Tips to Save Petrol in Bike | Minimize Fuel Consumption

20th October 2019
"Minimizing the petrol consumption is one of the major tricks to all the bike riders."

Bike and petrol are two parts of the same coin. The bike enthusiasts purchase a bike to travel up to their destination but petrol plays a huge part in their life. Minimizing the petrol consumption is one of the major tricks to all the bike riders.

Today we shall provide you with the tips to minimize petrol consumption for the bike.

Maintain Carburetor and filter of bike

The carburetor and filter should be regularly monitored and maintained. The dirt and dust around the city seem to collect around the carburetor passing the filter which obstructs the regular flow of petrol to the engine. This results in overconsumption of petrol in the bikes.


Kill your engine when the bike is stationary

There are times such as traffic jams, traffic light, and important phone calls at which your bike need to be stopped. In such situations, it is better to put your bike in neutral and kill the switch. Even the motionless bike engine consumes petrol which can now be controlled.


Clutch, Brakes, and Gear

We understand the necessity of clutch, brakes, and gear in a heavily crowded city like Kathmandu. All three parts must be used at all times. The clutch needs to be pressed to avoid the killing of the engine in a jam where you constantly need to brake and gear down to the lowest gear. Such activities consume more petrol than necessary. Hence, minimizing such usage when you can make a big difference in your consumption of petrol and a fat wallet.


Avoid parking your bike under direct sun

Petrol is a substance that evaporates fast even if you keep it in a vessel. When you park your bike under the direct sun, the heat evaporates the petrol at a fast rate. Therefore, try to avoid parking your bike when there is no shade above it.


Tire Pressure

The tire pressure should also be regularly monitored. The pressure must be approximate as per the bikes tire type and capacity which is mentioned in the brochures. If the pressure tends to be high or low than required, the bike cannot give its best performance and consumes more petrol to provide the optimum show.


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Compiled by : Debashish S Neupane Debashish S Neupane

Things to check if your motorbike is not starting

27th December 2021
"There is nothing more frustrating than your motorbike refusing to start just when you have to rush for work or some emergencies."

There is nothing more frustrating than your motorbike refusing to start just when you have to rush for work or some emergencies. But instead of calling up a mechanic at the first sign of a problem, there are steps for what to do when your motorcycle won’t start.

Here are some simple solutions you can use to check out on your bike:

No fuel

When your fuel level goes down, it is very difficult to judge its availability using the gauge and that could also be a reason why your bike isn't starting.

One of the easiest ways is to shake your bike gently when on the main stand and wait to hear that typical slosh of remaining fuel, if any, from the tank.

Alternatively, you could also check it using the flashlight of your mobile phone.

Loose spark plug wire

Loose spark plug wire is not a new thing for motorcycle riders; it can occur due to the jerks or could be a prank. You don't need any mechanic to fix this problem.

Just unplug and re-plug the connectors and try to start the motorcycle again.

Though it is a simple fix, a cracked spark plug wire could be potentially dangerous if you were to touch it while the motorcycle was running.

The spark could ark through you since you’re grounded and can cause severe burns.

Dead battery

This is the easiest problem to diagnose and is probably the most common reason why a motorcycle doesn’t start.

Depending on how low your battery is, if there is some voltage left you may be able to turn the key as well as turn on your blinker, but turning it over is slow and sluggish.

If your battery is completely dead, your motorcycle will not make any noise at all when you try to start it.

Some signs of a dead or a weak battery are when you push the horn button or switch on the headlights, none work well, or report total failure.

Dirty Carburetor

There are ways to tell if a dirty or malfunctioning carburetor is your problem.

If you have an electric starter, take your air intake off, push the starter, and squirt starter fluid straight into your carburetor.

If it starts and revs up for a few seconds then that means you have a dirty carburetor. you’ll need to thoroughly clean your carbs.

To do this, you’ll have to take off the air intake then detach the carburetor from your motorcycle engine.

Engine cut off switch

Not every rider uses their kill switch with regularity, but if you have used it recently, the engine cutoff switch may be still activated.

Most of the time we use the ignition key to turn off the motorcycle instead of the engine kill or cut-off switch.

So when we use it, we forget to turn off the switch sometimes and keep trying to crank the engine.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal