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Ways to Winterize your Motorcycle

2nd January 2022
"Winter has arrived. As the weather cools and snow begins to fall, most of us sadly store our bikes and wait impatiently for spring to ride again."

Winter has arrived. As the weather cools and snow begins to fall, most of us sadly store our bikes and wait impatiently for spring to ride again.

However, storing your bike in the winter is more complicated than simply placing a cover over it and getting in the car.

There is some maintenance that needs to be done before storing your motorcycle for several months in order to keep it in top working condition.

Motorcycle maintenance is essential at all times of the year. Here are some tips: 

Lube Moving Parts

Keeping moving components lubed over the winter can assist prevent moisture from accumulating and causing corrosion.

Any portion of your motorbike that needs lubrication at any time should be lubed again before storage. Chain drive, cables, controls, fork surfaces, and any other pivot points should all be checked.

Change Oil and Filter

Replace your oil and filter. It’s better for your lubrication system to have fresh oil sitting in it for several months than to have used it.

Moreover, if you're going to be storing your bike for an extended period of time (4-6 months or more), you should preserve the engine's internals from moisture by gently coating them with oil.

Although you can't see it with your eyes, the chilly winter air is ideal for moisture to collect in your engine and for rust to grow on your pistons and cylinder walls.

Battery Protection

When batteries sit for an extended period of time, they tend to self-discharge, especially if they are still connected to the bike.

The simplest solution is to connect a battery tender, which employs smart technology to monitor the charge and keep the battery topped off without overcharging.

Normally, the battery should be removed from the bike for storage, but with a smart tender, you may also connect the tender to the battery that is still in the bike.

Make sure the electrodes are clean and corrosion-free before proceeding; if required, clean them and apply a little layer of grease.

Tires should be protected

If you leave your tires in the same position all winter, they may develop flat areas. Keeping the tires off the ground will avoid this, so if you have Motorcycle Stands, use them to store the bike.

If you don't have supports, attempt to lift at least the back tire off the ground, or rotate your tires every few weeks by rolling your motorbike slightly.

If you really must leave your tires on concrete, place a piece of carpet or plywood beneath them to prevent moisture from reaching them.

Keep it safe

The first thing you need to do is cover your motorcycle. A good motorcycle cover will not only keep dust off the bike but will also keep moisture out, preventing corrosion or rust from forming underneath it. 

Secondly, if you're keeping your bike outside, keep in mind that leaving it unattended for months at a time makes it a tempting target for thieves.

Aside from covering your bike from the elements, a cover will hide it from view, and locking it with a sturdy lock and chain will offer you some peace of mind.

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Things you should never do while riding a motorbike

23rd December 2021
"Riding a bike can be fun and thrill but you should have the presence of mind and control to ride it well too"

There are many things you should and shouldn’t do while riding a motorbike. Riding a bike can be fun and thrill but you should have the presence of mind and control to ride it well too.

So here are some common mistakes that you shouldn’t avoid while riding two-wheelers:

Riding without Safety gears

Having safety gear while riding a motorbike is very important. The safety gear protects riders from any harm in case of an accident or collision with other vehicles on the road.

Without the right riding safety gear, it is not only making your life challenging, but it also creates other lives in danger.

Always wear a good quality motorcycle helmet with other riding safety gear like gloves, boots, and riding jackets.

Earplugs on playing music

You should never wear headphones or regular earbuds while riding. It may be modern but very dangerous at the same time.

Taking calls and listening to music all tend to distract you from driving, leading to significant accidents.

Often riders misuse the facility to listen to music while riding the bike.

Listening to music while driving may distract you to listen to the ambient noises around you of vehicles approaching from your behind.

Drink and ride

Drinking While Driving Increases Your Risk of Being in an Accident.

When you aren't able to pay attention to the vehicle around you, you're more likely to get into an accident.

It is legally wrong as you’re breaking the rules drinking and driving on the road. Making safe decisions is likely for you to drive safely.

Choose a comfortable bike

Are you riding a bike under the influence of showing your bike to your peers?

Well, if so, then you better choose the one you are comfortable with.

For the daily commuters, mileage bikes are a great choice.

If you are using a bike once in a while, choose the bike that you have a good grip on and explore the fun with it.

Ride without a license or insurance

Many consequences come along with not having motorcycle insurance if you own and ride a motorcycle.

The purpose of insurance is to help you out in case you’re in some sort of accident.

There are millions of scenarios and types of accidents that could happen while on a motorcycle, so having that insurance will save you a lot of frustration and financial.

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A pre-ride check before starting your motorcycle

26th December 2021
"How many times do you check your motorbike before you go for a ride?"

How many times do you check your motorbike before you go for a ride? Not only is it a legal requirement, but it could also save your life. Before any ride, you should go over a pre-ride checklist to ensure that your bike is safe to ride.

Body and Frame

First, walk a quick lap or two around your motorcycle and see if you notice anything that’s immediately and wrong.

Check the condition of the bike’s body and note if there’s anything that wasn’t there before.

Look for cracks in the frame, especially in joint welds and places where accessories are mounted. Ensure that things like footpegs are securely attached.


Inspect your brake pads to see how much is left on both the front and rear brakes.

Start by examining your brake pads for signs of wear and tear.

Most brake pads have a wear groove on them. When the groove disappears, your brake pads need a change.

Make sure also that your pads are wearing in a relatively even pattern.

Wheels and Tires

First, check the pressure on your tires and make sure that they’re at the manufacturer’s recommended psi.

Then, take a look to see if the tread is starting to wear out.

Most tires have wear bars that appear when the tread is close to needing replacement, or you can use the “penny test.”

Also, check for uneven wear in your tires that can indicate misaligned wheels or other problems.

Handlebar Controls

First, rotate the handlebars and make sure that they have a full range of turning motion.

Next, check that the controls on your handlebars (like the throttle and clutch) are working and easy to operate.

If it’s been a while since you measured the play in your clutch lever, take its measurement and adjust it to make sure that you get the right level of clutch slack.


Check fuel and hoses. Most bikes require premium gas.

Even though your ride may be able to run on regular fuel, you might notice poor performance and pinning sounds under acceleration or heavy loads.

Before riding, check for loose fuel supply hoses from the tank to the carburetors or injector fuel trains.

If there are signs of even a small leak, get it repaired immediately.

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