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Bike Problems/Signs you Should Never Ignore

15th December 2021
"A motorbike is a machine that needs care like any other vehicle or thing."

A motorbike is a machine that needs care like any other vehicle or thing.  

Some breakdowns that occur are out of the rider's control, regardless of how much he/she looks after the motorbike, but most are the result of the rider’s carelessness.

Here is the list of some common problems shown by the motorcycle due to the carelessness of the rider which should not be ignored at all!

Engine Ceases

The main reason for the engine to cease is that fuel cannot float to the engine.

By using the carburetor, the engine may restart. If you maintain high speeds with low-quality fuel and the condition of your bike is also not so good, engine ceasing is likely to occur.

Make sure you fill up with high-quality fuel to get the best performance and prevent breakdowns.

Braking Issues

This is the most ignored problem by a rider. If you face a problem with brakes, check the braking cables.

If riders ignore the warning, it’s a big-time problem for them. Riding a bike with braking issues causes damage to the brake pads if your bike has drum brakes.

Vibration at High Speed

Every motorcycle has a minimum vibration But if your bike is having an excessive amount of vibrations then there can be a couple of things you can look for as they heavily affect your riding capabilities, especially when riding at a high speed.

Although normal on most bikes, excessive vibration is a concern. When the bike vibrates abnormally, the rider risks losing control of the vehicle and causing an accident.

The first protocol is to check the condition of the seat bolt. If the suspension is oil-based, check the oil level.

Sometimes, the bike vibrates when the engine is overheated.

High Fuel Consumption

In most cases, high fuel consumption is a sign of a much-needed service that the owner of the motorcycle neglects.

Engine oil plays a big factor in maintaining good fuel consumption; make sure you regularly change the oil.

Carburetor tuning also plays a role in good fuel consumption.

Moreover, chain sprockets, brake shoe problems, drum problems, bearings can also play a major role in fuel consumption.

Clutch Failure

A worn clutch will give you lots of warnings about the need to change it but still, we see many riders neglecting it.

A clutch failure will bring your bike to a big problem so you must ensure that all parts are in good condition to avoid a breakdown.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

How to change the coolant in a motorcycle?

28th January 2021
"Important and easy!"

Your coolant needs periodic attention as do other devices on your bike. A lot of drivers postpone or forget coolant adjustment but it's as simple as adjusting your coolant oil, and it's necessary to keep your cooling system top.


Things needed

  • Fresh coolant 
  • Manual(so you know how much to put in)
  • Distilled water for flushing
  • Screwdrivers and Allen Keys
  • Sockets or ring spanners to remove the main drain bolt
  • Drain pan to catch the coolant, and a few rags just in case
  • Funnel 

How to change the coolant in a motorcycle?

  • Always start with a cold engine. You don’t want to get burned by the hot radiator. 

  • Under the water pump, place your drain pan. Not sure where it's in your pump? Simply follow the hoses. Locate your coolant drain plug, usually a tiny bolt on the water pump cover at a low point, and detach it.

  • The coolant will dribble out. Unscrew the radiator cap, and it can greatly speed up the flow.

  • Check your hoses for cracks or stiffness as you wait for the old coolant to clear, and get your new coolant ready to go. Carefully read the bottle: pre-diluted coolant can go straight in, but you'll need to blend the concentrate with distilled water otherwise. Avoid the desire to use normal tap water, as the cooling machine can not play well with minerals and other garbage.

  • The reservoir tank is the last task to be flushed. Typically you want to clean some of your old coolant that is trapped inside a transparent plastic tub near the engine or on your tail.

How often should I change the coolant on my motorcycle?

Since its performance disintegrates over time, the motorcycle coolant should be adjusted at least every two years. The usual causes of this are aluminum corrosion or changes in the fluid-to-coolant ratio. The solution should be kept as alkaline as possible, which is why particular ingredients are used in most coolants to help achieve this. These, however, will be less efficient over time.

Can you put regular antifreeze in motorbike?

We advise you not to use regular/car coolants on your motorcycle because they can end up causing your bike expensive damage and even affecting its performance. If you need to use a car coolant on your bike, make sure that the antifreeze contains ethylene glycol and does not contain silicates in the ingredients mentioned.

Does motorcycle coolant go bad?

Yup! The engine refrigerant can go bad. Older fluid can cause acid accumulation, corrosion, or scaling may contaminate it and may have decreased resistance to boiling and freezing. Deteriorated coolant/antifreeze can cause your engine to run hotter than normal or prevent colder temperatures from starting the engine.

Images: RMJ Ltd

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Compiled by : Upasana Poudel Upasana Poudel

Car problems/Signs you Should Never Ignore

14th December 2021
"Our car is our biggest investment and it’s our responsibility to take care of it properly."

Our car is our biggest investment and it’s our responsibility to take care of it properly.

There are several times where we hear different unusual sounds from our cars which shouldn’t be ignored at all.

Some of the car signs that shouldn’t be ignored at all are listed below:

Colored Exhaust Smoke

Colorful exhaust smoke can indicate big engine trouble in your car.

Blue smoke means oil is burning, white smoke represents leaking coolant and black smoke means too much gasoline is being used.

Moreover, smoke is absolutely a car problem you should never ignore.

Smoke can mean your car has overheated or it can be some other very dangerous situation.

Electrical issues are also a common culprit if you see smoke coming from your car.

Check Engine Light

If the check engine light comes on be sure to have diagnostics conducted as soon as possible.

Most check engine light problems are relatively small, but they can turn into a huge issue if ignored, such as failed oxygen sensor resulting in a need to replace the catalytic converter.

Moreover, engine light can mean you have transmission problems, you're leaking fluids or multiple other things that could be wrong with your vehicle.

Fluid Leaks

Nothing should ever be leaking from your car. Common vehicles leaks include engine oil leaks, which will result in major engine damage if not cared for, and transmission fluid leaks, which can result in the need for massive transmission repair.

Moreover, your car may be leaking transmission fluid, it may be leaking oil, or it may be leaking coolant.

If you have a transmission leak or some other kind of leak, this can be a serious concern, and your car may need expensive repairs if you wait to get it checked out.

Brake Noise

If you hear a grinding or squealing noise when you hit the brakes, it’s time for you to visit your local auto shop right away.

The sound you're hearing is metal grinding on metal, which means your brake pads are critically low. Brake trouble should never be ignored!

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal