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Dish Home Dashain Offer

26th September 2022
"Dish Home provides a high-performance capacity at a cost-friendly offer."

Dish Home Dashain Offer

Dish home has come up with affordable internet packages on this festive season.

It has brought a various range of internet packages at different costs for customers with diverse need.

The company’s “Festive fiberNet” has brought a 200 Mbps high-speed internet packages for just Rs. 870 per month.

If the demands are moderate or high, dish Home also has other options that are listed below:

Dish Home Dashain Offer Packages


75 Mbps

Rs. 595

100 Mbps

Rs. 687

150 Mbps

Rs. 824

200 Mbps

Rs. 870

250 Mbps

Rs. 916


Therefore, Dish Home provides a high-performance capacity at a cost-friendly offer. Grab the scheme to be benefitted.


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Compiled by : Reviewer Rebika Bishokarma

Ways to Fix Slow Internet Connection

19th January 2022
"If the problem is on your end, you can usually solve a slow internet connection."

If the problem is on your end, you can usually solve a slow internet connection.

We have a few recommendations to help you diagnose, repair, or simply survive a poor internet connection.

Check your speeds

Your internet connection may be slow at times because you are paying for poor service. Find out what plan you have by visiting your provider's website (or calling them).

If what you've measured is near to what you're paying for, your network is OK and your internet plan is just slow—upgrading is the best way to speed it up.

Fix your wifi signal

In terms of wifi, you may discover that your router and internet are working well, but your wireless signal is poor. This can result in a delay or, at the very least, an unpleasant browsing experience.

In such a situation, you may need to use a few strategies to adjust, alter, and increase your router.

Check connected devices

Sometimes the problem isn't with your internet connection, but with the smartphone, computer, or tablet you're using to access it.

It might be that it has to be rebooted, that it is out of the current, or that you have too many apps and programs open, blocking up the device's processing.

Change your Wi-Fi band’s channel

Both frequency bands are divided into several channels, similar to how analog and digital television function over the air. These Wi-Fi channels, like any network dealing with a large amount of data, can become overcrowded, resulting in slowdowns.

You may use software to locate the optimum channel. To change your Wi-Fi channel, log in to your router's web interface and manually choose the best channel.

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