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Ways you can use solar energy in your home

19th January 2022
"Solar energy is the most abundant renewable energy source, and it may be utilized in a variety of ways."

Solar energy is the most abundant renewable energy source, and it may be utilized in a variety of ways. Solar energy panels have grown in popularity in recent years as a result of the numerous advantages they provide.

Here are some of the most frequent residential solar power applications which can be used in your home:

Provide electricity

In most homes, this is the most common method that solar energy is used.

Electricity is necessary because most household tasks and appliances rely on it to function.

Solar energy is more advantageous due to its ease of usage and cost-effectiveness.

Solar panels provide electricity that is utilized for a variety of purposes and to power various household equipment.

Solar water heaters

With the rising cost of power and environmental initiatives, the majority of homes now have solar water heaters.

The sun's energy is used to heat water for a variety of purposes at home, including washing clothing, utensils, bathing, cooking, and so on.

The solar heater absorbs the sun's heat and transfers it to the water tank, where it is heated.

Lighting home

Lighting is another major form of solar electricity in the home.

Solar lights can be found in practically every section of a house, including the interior, the garden, the landscape, the garage, and security lighting.

When compared to electrical electricity, solar energy panels are a less expensive alternative to light your home.

Using solar panels to power your inside lighting system 24/7 will not only save you money but will also help with energy conservation, which is very important right now.

Charging batteries

Solar electricity can be used to charge any battery-operated gadget in your home.

Solar electricity may be utilized to charge storage batteries, allowing them to effectively power all of the equipment in your home.

Continue to use your favorite devices while conserving energy by using solar chargers and banks.

These can be kept in the light all day and used to charge your phone, tablet, or other devices at night.

Install solar panels

Solar panels on the roof of one's house seemed unusual a few years ago.

It's the most rewarding thing you can do in your home today, thanks to technological developments and rising electricity rates.

Installing solar panels in your home can help you save a lot of money on energy.

If your area is a place that gets lots of sun throughout the year, then installing solar panels to produce electricity is a wise investment that will surely reduce your electricity bills.

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Tips for choosing pot for your houseplants

15th December 2020
"Choose the pot that suits your style and gives positive vibes."

Houseplants are the best and liveliest option for decorating your house. There are plenty of options for pots from clay pots to ceramics and plastic pots, you can choose the one you like and prefer. With cute and beautiful houseplants with beautiful pots, you can bring positive vibrance to your house. Let's look at some tips for choosing pots for your houseplants. 


The size of the pot depends upon the size or type of plant you are planning to plant. If you are planning for smaller plants that barely grow like cactus, you can go with smaller sized pots. And if you are planning to get a ZZ plant or pothos, then make sure to buy a bigger one and change the pot to a bigger size in bigger diameter as the plant keeps on growing.

However, excessively big pots can look unproportioned and can cause several health problems to the plant as the soil will dry out easily. 


The plant needs a proper drainage hole to release excess water. Having a drainage hole will help you ensure that the soil won't stay wet for a longer period of time. The excess water can freely release from the drainage holes letting your plant roots get the oxygen. Moreover, if you use a saucer or pan beneath the pot, then ensure to empty it to prevent the roots from soaking in too much moisture. 

Type of pot

There are basically 3 different types of pot i.e. ceramics pot, plastic pot, and clay pot. Currently, the ceramic pot is quite an on-trend because of its availability in different shapes, styles, and colors. Clay pots are quite heavy and cheap and are best for heavy plants. And, the most convenient one is a plastic pot, which is easily available at a reasonable price in different shapes, designs, and colors. You can choose the type of pot you want as per the feel and look you desire. 


As for the design, go after your preference. You may choose the plain pots with little to no design, or some minimalistic designs, or some detailed designs as well. You can also customize your own pots. 

Keep it clean

Dirty and unhygienic pots may cause different problems to the plant. The plant leaves may dry out, or different black spots may form, or the plant may suffer from other various kinds of problems if the pot is not clean. Moreover, if you plan on reusing the pots, then clean the pot inside out. Normally, it is difficult to clean a clay pot,  but with the help of a bristle brush or steel-wood pad, you can clean off the white marks easily.

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Make Changes to your house |During Lockdown|

16th January 2022
"You’re at home, or in quarantine, and need to make some changes in your home?"

You’re at home, or in quarantine, and need to make some changes in your home?

Here are a few tips to make changes in your home during Lockdown: 


Cleaning is not only productive, but it may also be soothing.

You know what they say: a clean kitchen means a clean mind!

Clear out your wardrobe

Dedicate your newfound time and attention to organizing your clothing, organizing your house, removing stuff you haven't worn in the last 12 months, and organizing garments into categories to make it simpler to explore in the mornings.

This is an excellent opportunity to get inspired by new looks or to rediscover an old favorite.

Organize your photos

Are you guilty of printing off your vacation photographs and storing them in a drawer?

Get nostalgic by arranging your photos in a scrapbook or frames.

A trip down memory lane may just bring a smile to your face.

Attend the garden

Your hectic schedule normally prevents you from getting things done in the garden, but you no longer have that excuse.

Tidying up your yard, repainting your fences, and any other garden projects that need to be done may be done over time when you feel like it and the weather is nice.

Upcycle your furniture

Can't take your eyes off that irritating chip in your mainboard? Do you need to freshen up your bookcases?

Why not try your hand at some DIY and turn those outdated pieces of furniture into something your friends will cherish?

All you need to do is make the old furniture look new by all the DIY projects.

Clear out your kitchen cupboards

Organize the contents of your kitchen cabinets.

Check the expiration dates on those tinned items in the back of the pantry, clean out that junk drawer you've been avoiding, or go the extra mile and color match your spice rack!

Purchase some customized labels or design your own with a label maker.

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