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Tips to protect your car during the lockdown

27th January 2022
"When we leave our cars parked without moving for an extended period, the risk of damage increases."

Unfortunately, due to country-wide lockdowns, we are unable to speed up our vehicles on the road. When we leave our cars parked without moving for an extended period, the risk of damage increases.

Here are some simple tips on how to keep it safe and roadworthy until you need it:

Keep the battery charged

When you start the car, the battery charges automatically. However, if you don't use your car for weeks at a time, the battery can die.

Bennett advises connecting a battery tender to stabilize the battery and maintain an equal state of charge so that the car does not need to be jump-started when normal life resumes.

Keep your car clean

Leaving dirt, grit, and grime on your car's paintwork can cause it to deteriorate over time.

Make sure you clean your car so it looks good when you get back on the road. Make sure to clean the tires as well.

This will remove any mud or grease that could damage them. Don't forget to clean the inside as well.

Make sure to thoroughly clean the seats and carpets, as well as the seatbelts, door handles, steering wheel, dashboard, radio, and so on.

Use a Cover and Park Indoors

If possible, park your car indoors, preferably in basements or closed spaces.

Yes, we know that parking cars outside is more convenient, but when it comes to safety, parking under shade is the best option.

Furthermore, you can invest in a high-quality cover to protect your vehicle from the elements as well as other intruders. It also protects your vehicle's paint job.

Maintain lubrication

It is essential to balance the lubricants inside your vehicle, which include fluids such as engine oil, brake fluid, and coolant.

It ensures that the internal machinery department runs smoothly. The stagnation of a car can cause clogging and friction, which is not good for your car's machinery.

As a result, for the sake of your vehicle's safety, you must take all of these critical steps without hesitation.

Keep the vehicle running

Vehicles are, in essence, machines, and machines perform best when they are kept running.

So, as previously advised, start your vehicle every few days.

Remember to turn on all of the systems, including the air conditioner.

This will not only help to keep them in good condition but will also allow you to diagnose any faults or niggles well before they are ready to hit the road.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Car interior design ideas

23rd December 2021
"If you love your car and going on a long trip with your family members, comfort level and appealing looks are something which you look at all the time."

People spend most of their time in their cars. If you love your car and going on a long trip with your family members, comfort level and appealing looks are something which you look at all the time.

Here we have listed some latest designing ideas and interior factors which can simply boost your car driving experience:

Seat covers

Your car’s seats are probably the most important components once you step into your car.

They also have to be the biggest investment you make in the car interior decoration but if you make a smart choice, it’s is worth it.

Choose a good-quality, scratch-resistant, comfortable seat cover.

You can go for different patterns and pastel colors or find an elegance in minimalism with solid brown tones.

LED Lightings

Decorating the car interior is made easier with LED mood lightings.

You can have LED light strips to stick on the edges of the dashboard, door handle, or under the seats to illuminate your car from inside.

LED fairy light strips to come in different colors that you can coordinate with other car interior decor items.

Steering Wheel Covers

A steering wheel cover not only offers an elegant look and feel to the car interior but also makes for an easier hold on the wheel so you can drive conveniently without slipping your hands off the steering.

You can look for colorful patterns for a stand-out look or choose a solid color in leather texture.

Or also you can coordinate the color of the steering wheel with the seat covers to bind together the overall theme of your car interior to make it more appealing.

Storage Pouches

Storage pouches are another super functional car accessory.

Attachable pouches for car seats come very handily.

Such car decor items come with multiple pouches to hold mobile phones, water bottles, and documents and also make your car more organized and clean.

 You can have colors and patterns with highlighted edge linings for a car seat organizer that not only provides enough space to store a lot of things but adds to the aesthetic of car interior decoration.

Phone Mount

A phone mount has to be the most functional car accessory.

A phone mount can transform your life and make car rides so much easier.

There are endless times when you have to use your phone while driving.

It could be to pick up a call, make a call, look for directions on the map, etc. but there are many times when you have to risk your safety.

Look for a stylish phone mount with metal detailing or complementing colors to stick to your dashboard.

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Car A/C maintenance tips

26th December 2021
"You use your car’s A/C almost every day, and it practically becomes a necessity once summer hits."

You use your car’s A/C almost every day, and it practically becomes a necessity once summer hits. To remind you about how important your car's air conditioning system is for keeping you comfortable on the road.

Here are 7 tips for keeping your air conditioning running at maximum performance:

Go Low

Setting to the lowest temp and adjusting the fan makes the car air conditioning more efficient, will dry out the airless, and can actually save some fuel.

In a typical AC system, the air is cooled to 38 degrees.

If you set the temp higher, you're actually forcing the system to reheat the cooled air, which takes more effort and more fuel.

Don't Recirculate

If you have passengers in the back seat, consider turning off the recirculation mode.

This takes air from the front of the cabin and pulls it back through the system, so even though everyone upfront stays cool, the air in the back can get stale and hot.

Avoid starting the A/C directly

Before switching the car a/c on, you must ventilate the car. It will expel the stale hot air inside and fill the car with fresh air.

Lower the windows and switch on the blowers in the maximum setting.

Once the inside temperature equals ambient temperature, you can close the windows, switch off the blower and turn the a/c on.

This helps in cooling the car faster, besides reducing the load on the components.

Clean the filter

Whenever you get the chance, check your cabin air filter to make sure it’s clean. A dirty filter prevents optimal airflow.

In newer cars, these filters are relatively easy to check; if you see a lot of dirt accumulated on them, it's time to change it.

You can save money if you can replace the filter yourself. In many modern cars, the filter is accessible behind the glove compartment.

Park under the Shade

When you leave your car under the sun for too long, its interior can get considerably hot.

As a result, the car’s A/C will have to work twice as hard just to get the temperature down.

That’s why it’s smart to park under a shade or install sun shades to avoid causing this problem.

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