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How to get over the fear of riding a motorbike

27th January 2022
"Crashing, being injured or hurt, or dropping the motorcycle is all things that motorcycle riders fear."

Crashing, being injured or hurt, or dropping the motorcycle is all things that motorcycle riders fear. Some riders will even be scared when they see another car or get fast on their motorcycle.

Here are some simple tips to help you overcome your fear of riding a motorcycle:

Take motorcycle riding courses

It all begins with a basic motorcycle riding course. This is a great investment, and you will learn the basics of riding and moving on a motorcycle.

You will learn the proper techniques as well as gain the necessary understanding and insights, making riding a motorcycle a lot less stressful.

Other advanced motorcycle courses are more specialized and can cover various aspects of riding various motorcycles as well as more advanced riding skills.

Get yourself proper motorcycle gear

Gear is necessary. I know you've seen plenty of people on motorcycles wearing flip-flops, sneakers, shorts, and t-shirts, but this is simply irresponsible.

Wearing the proper motorcycle gear will not only keep you safe from the elements but may also save your life. After all, that's what it's supposed to do.

Knowing that your equipment can save and protect you will eventually make you feel safer and will assist you in overcoming your fear of falling and crashing.


Practice everything you have learned in the motorcycle riding courses.

You want to learn how to use the various controls on your motorcycle until it becomes second nature.

And the more you practice, the better you will become, allowing you to gain confidence and manage your fears.

Getting used to changing gears, signaling, braking, accelerating, and so on may seem overwhelming at first. Many newcomers are likely to feel overwhelmed at first.

Learn how to deal with fear

Even experienced riders will experience fear from time to time. However, you must also learn how to deal with fear.

One of the simplest ways to relax is to control your breathing.

If you feel anxious or worried, stop your motorcycle and take five slow, deep breaths—you'll be surprised at how well this can help you relax.

Focusing on the negatives is one of the things that cause anxiety and fear.

Have the right attitude

Never think that riding a motorcycle is out of the question for you.

This is a negative attitude that will have an impact on your learning ability, motivation, and patience.

It takes time to become proficient at riding a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle should be viewed as an ongoing learning experience.

You will learn something new every time you ride your motorcycle. You should also be prepared to learn and eager to do so.

It keeps danger and injuries at bay. As a result, you may feel more confident.

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Five ways to increase the speed of your bike

26th November 2021
"If you want a faster ride, here are some simple things you can change to a stock bike to increase power and engine performance."

The performance of a bike depends on hundreds of factors but majorly a few out of them are responsible for the everyday stress that we can face with our vehicles.

However, if you want a faster ride, here are some simple things you can change to a stock bike to increase power and engine performance:

1) Weight Loss

More weight means a lag in performance and this is one of the major factors that keep your bike’s speed and mileage on the lower side.

A lighter rider could win a race from a heavier one when both are riding the same motorcycle as less power is wasted in pulling the excess weight.

Getting rid of heavier parts that are not usable for you can help your bike perform better on the road.

2) Air Filter

Increasing the air intake is one of the cheapest and easiest ways of increasing power. The stock parts can be easily upgraded so cleaner air gets through, resulting in more combustion and therefore more power.

A performance-spec air filter is one of the best ways to boost the performance of your motorcycle as it is even the most inexpensive component that helps the engine get more air and burn some extra fuel to produce more power.

3) Performance Exhaust

Apart from bringing down the amount of weight a stock silencer carries, performance exhausts help the engine push out the gases at a faster rate.

This, in turn, means the motorcycle can now burn more fuel and get easily rid of the gases, helping it work overtime and that too by causing lesser stress on itself.

 The performance exhausts even provide aural pleasure through different sounds at different speeds.

4) Gearing

A motorcycle can be made quicker or much faster by making changes in the gearing of the same.

The right combination of front and rear sprocket can help you get the best combination of acceleration and top speed.

The bigger rear sprocket or smaller front sprocket will result in more acceleration while doing the opposite will make the motorcycle more focused towards top speed.

This does not improve the power output but only changes the way power will be used while riding.

5) Tuning

Carburetor-fed bikes are easier and convenient to tune as setting up a perfect mixture helps the bike perform in the smoothest possible manner.

This works best when combined with a performance air filter and exhaust system.

Some modifiers even go for high-performance engine parts but that is not possible on the engines of entry-level basic motorcycles.

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Tips to customize your motorbike

17th January 2022
"As a motorcycle enthusiast, you probably enjoy on roads for hours on end, and you most likely want to make your bike more attractive and appealing."

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you probably enjoy on roads for hours on end, and you most likely want to make your bike more attractive and appealing.  

Here are a few tips to customize your bike in the most seamless and hassle-free manner:

Consider under glow lighting

If you want to add style and personal touch to your bike, consider under glow lighting.

With LED under glow lighting, you’ll have access to multiple colors so you can choose the ones that resonate with your likes and preferences.

You may select under glow lights that respond to music or double as brake lights.

There’s a variety of motorcycle LED under glow lighting ideas with features and specs that you can use to meet your taste.

Get a new paint job

You can choose to use a single color all over your bike, use a design of your choosing or go all out with chrome paint to give it a shine that will let everyone see you coming.

Chrome is a highly versatile spray chrome that you can use on any part you wish.

It can be used on plastic parts, your handlebars, your rims, or anywhere else on your bike that you want to stand out.

Change your seat

A plain-colored seat may not emphasize well the shape and body of your motorcycle.

Also, certain types of seats may not give you a comfortable experience.

Apart from this reason, seats can be customized to help you embrace the height of your ride without feeling uncomfortable.

Not just styles, but different materials are also being used for designing seats that come with several advantages.

Choose wider or fat tires

There are different tire variations you can use to set up your motorbike. Wide front tires make your bike responsive around corners but a bit twitchy and dangerous.

Wider back tires push the motorcycle forward through turns instead of making them more agile, but proper alignment can improve it.

Alternatively, you may choose to have fat tires for both your motorcycle’s front and rear parts.

These are excellent on drag bikes because their extra service area gives more rubber-to-road contact to gain more traction.

Spray or wrap with some colors

The best place to start customizing is to pick some personal shade of color that will make your ride more visible and unique from the rest.

A personal choice of color can reflect your taste and style and add some glamour to your motorcycle.

There is a matte and glossy finish along with textures and patterns available to choose from.

Make sure to have the wrap work done by professionals to get a smooth finish.

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