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Ways to Stay Productive With Smartphone

26th January 2022
"You may feel as if your smartphone is taking over your life, but there is a way to extend its capabilities and put it to good use."

You may feel as if your smartphone is taking over your life, but there is a way to extend its capabilities and put it to good use. Our phones aren't hopeless.

We simply need to be more deliberate in our use of them and recognize how we get misdirected.

Here's how to manage your phone so that you can stay productive and focused while on the go.

Control your notifications

When they fit into your schedule, mobile push alerts can be handy. However, they frequently function only to obstruct and divert your attention away from your task.

To keep notifications productive, you must select what to allow in and when.

Get to know your applications' alerts and tailor them - whether that means setting them to certain "availability hours" when you prefer to respond to emails and messages limiting their frequency or blocking them entirely.

Google Drive

For cloud-based collaboration, most of us use Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, so downloading Drive to stay productive on the go makes sense. You can add or respond to comments, use 'Explore' to undertake research right in Docs, and open Word documents.

The software will also save even if you are not connected to the internet, which is excellent for those "tunnel" wifi dead patches.

Consider implementing the same thing with your most important work tools — access, usability, and interactivity are usually significantly superior to utilizing a work tool in your mobile browser.

Make use of ‘Do Not Disturb’

"Do not disturb" is there for a reason, so utilize it if you need a period of time without phone calls, messages, or notifications. Simply swipe down from the top of your screen on iOS or down from the bottom of your screen on Android to access the moon symbol.

Most business programs feature easy switch buttons for accomplishing the same goal, which is especially beneficial for muting instant message apps like Slack.

Pay attention to empty time

We turn to our phones for passive, idle scrolling during post-lunch slow periods, waiting for a meeting to start, and traveling to and from work.

You can make detained time productively by being mindful - and deliberately planning ahead for such gaps – whether it's listening to a podcast or radio show, reading industry news, reflecting on your day, or collecting and organizing your thoughts.

Boredom is actually beneficial to your health!

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Things to look out for when buying a gaming smartphone

13th August 2020
"it is important to know what things in a phone make it stand out among the others and make it a worthy gaming phone."

As more and more people are inching towards mobile games such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, COD Mobile, it is important to know what things in a phone make it stand out among the others and make it a worthy gaming phone. Here are the things which phone should have to give its user the best gaming experience :


This is probably the most important thing which separates a normal phone and a gaming phone. The SoC (System on Chip) is the thing that runs your games and your day to day apps. The SoC comprises CPU, GPU, and many such components. The better the SoC the better the phone will perform in the games. Having a 4GB ram is enough. Currently, the best SoC which is offered by Qualcomm is Snapdragon 865+(launched 2 months ago). Snapdragon 855 is more widely available. 


This is the thing you look the most while gaming and if it's not a good one, it'll ruin your gaming experience. A good screen comprises of 3 things:

Screen resolution: Gaming at high resolution will give you an edge over your opponent. 1080p is perfect as going beyond it will barely give you any advantage as human eyes will hardly notice a difference between 1080p and higher resolution. 

Type of screen: Having a phone with AMOLED display will enhance your gaming experience as it provides better contrast and vibrant colors compared to an LCD panel. Also, AMOLED panels are more efficient than LCD panels. Having AMOLED will also give you a better content consumption experience

Screen refresh rate: Higher refresh rate screens will provide smoother gameplay. The normal phones have a refresh rate of 60Hz. Currently, 90Hz has become common among devices and will smoothen your gameplay by a lot. But some devices even offer 120Hz which will enhance your experience even more. 

Cooling system

Gaming is a very intense and resource-heavy task for a device, which in return produces a lot of heat. Heat and electronics don't go well together. Also, a gamer holds the device for an extended period of time. So having a device that has a better cooling solution will help in performance and will also help the person holding the device. Many devices offer some sort of liquid cooling and a small number of devices even offer a fan!

Battery + Fast charging

Having a device with a large battery will significantly extend your gaming session. A device with a 5000 mAh battery is more than enough for a gaming session of about 4 hours+. A device offering fast charging will greatly reduce the time between your gaming sessions. Some devices nowadays even offer devices with 6000 mAh battery and blazing-fast 30 W charging


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Ways to Clean Smartphone Speaker

20th January 2022
"When cleaning your smartphone, you should pay special attention to the speakers."

If the speaker on your phone isn't producing the same quality of sound it did when it was new, you should definitely spend some time cleaning it.

Moreover, when cleaning your smartphone, you should pay special attention to the speakers.

Here are a few tips:


A pointed tool, such as a wooden or plastic toothpick, is a great method to remove any extra dust that has been trapped in the speaker holes. Insert the toothpick tip into the speaker holes.

Tilt the toothpick, apply pressure, and scrape away any dust that has accumulated inside the speaker openings.

Caution: Be gentle so that you do not damage your speakers.

Painter’s masking tape

Investing in high-quality painter's masking tape may go a long way toward properly cleaning and extending the life of your smartphone speakers.

Use the adhesive side of a tiny piece of masking tape to dislodge any dirt that has been caught in the speaker holes.

Soft brush

When it comes to removing dirt from your smartphone speakers without harming them, a small brush is great.

For greater control and precision, use a paintbrush with soft bristles in size 00. Alternately, you may use whatever paintbrush you have at home by just cutting the bristles to fit the speaker hole.

Insert the brush's tip into the speaker hole and gently brush it against the speaker hole walls to clean the smartphone speakers.

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