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The Most Affordable Henrey Mincar Launched In Nepal

24th August 2022
"Pioneer Worldwide, Nepal's authorized distributor of Henry electric vehicles, has introduced its first affordable four-wheeler EV."

Pioneer Worldwide, Nepal's authorized distributor of Henry electric vehicles, has introduced its first affordable four-wheeler EV.

Henrey Mincar is an intriguing electric car with quirky features that is reasonably priced.

Furthermore, it will be a strictly city-focused vehicle for daily commuting and city driving.


Henrey Mincar has a boxy tall-boy look.

It has a very simple design but still has a high-tech feel to it.

The front section features large halogen headlamps as well as an EV-inspired grill. Furthermore, it features the Henrey logo in the center.


An 18kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor powers Henrey Mincar.

It has a maximum power of 47.58PS (35kW) and a maximum torque of 102 Nm, with a top speed of 100Kmph.

A 16.5kWh Lithium Ion battery powers it. Furthermore, it can charge from 20% to 100% in four hours and has a claimed range of 150km.


There are no flashy elements in the interior.

It comes with a standard dashboard configuration, PU Leather Seats, and a single Digital Infotainment System.

In addition, instead of a radio or any other type of infotainment system, it has the Transmission Shift Control in the center.

Henrey Mincar Price in Nepal and Availability

In terms of pricing, the Henrey Mincar starts at Rs. 23.50 Lakhs in Nepal. It is only available in one variant.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

10% VAT Refund on Electric Payment in Nepal

10th February 2020
"From today onwards, you can get a 10 % VAT refund on bills through an electronic medium in Nepal"

From February 11, 2020, onwards, you can get a 10 % VAT refund on bills through an electronic medium in Nepal.

VAT Refund in Nepal! What?! How did VAT Refund Nepal start?

Consumers will still be able to get a 10% Value Added Tax (VAT) refunded on daily consumption. The government of Nepal has started providing the VAT refund facility as an incentive to consumers who pay through electronic means. It was launched by Finance Minister Yuvraj Khatiwada on 11th February 2020.


In what circumstances do we get a VAT refund in Nepal?

According to this arrangement, consumers who pay up to Rs One Thousand to One Lakh Rupees through the purchase of goods and services will get a refund of 10 percent of the VAT amount in their bank account. The Department of Internal Revenue has issued 'Procedure for a refund of Value Added Tax to Consumers paying through electronic means' to refund VAT.

What are the online mediums to pay?

As starting from this January, consumers will be able to avail of payment through mobile wallets, such as mobile banking, card, connect, IPS, e-service, Khalti, IME (Pay).
Such a facility will be available not only for commercial purposes but also for purchase for personal consumption. The process of VAT return has been made only in the business of Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1 lakh.


How is the VAT Refund possible in Nepal?

For VAT Refund in Nepal, in the form of a tax invoice, the seller will have to create an electric invoice and issue the electricity invoice, making it clear that ten percent of the value-added tax (VAT) will be paid after the consumer pays through electronic means.

Consumer payments are credited directly to the seller's bank account. 10% of the tax paid will be automatically refunded to the consumer's bank account from the seller's bank account. It will be arranged by the payment service provider.

The seller will have to reconcile the tax refunds with the tax details. The details of such transactions are arranged by the Department to be automatically received in the integrated tax system of the department. The consumer who pays the seller at his place of business will have to make the information public that the value-added tax return is convenient.

For this VAT Refund system to implement, you can use the online medium to pay the bills for the consumer products, internet services, DTH, and also ask your local sellers to provide you with the electronic bill.



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Compiled by : Debashish S Neupane Debashish S Neupane

Best electric scooters in Nepal 2022

4th May 2022
"To successfully implement the Nepal Government’s plan to sell and run only EVs in Nepal by B.S. 2088, taxes on electric vehicles were remarkably revised"

To successfully implement the Nepal Government’s plan to sell and run only EVs in Nepal by B.S. 2088, taxes on electric vehicles were remarkably revised.

In the last year, several electric two-wheeler brands have entered Nepal. Some brands are in the process of entering the Nepali market. Let’s take a look at the electric scooters currently available in Nepal :

  • Niu

In the last year, the most numbers of electric scooters imported are that of Niu. This brand has been part of the Nepali auto industry for quite a while now. Currently, there are two models of Niu scooters available in the country. The Niu N series scooters come with Lithium ION Panasonic batteries and run a 70 km range on a full charge. The price of Niu is:

NIU Scooter Price in Nepal
NIU UQim Rs. 145000
NIU UQi GT Rs. 255000
NIU MQi+ Sport Rs. 255000
NIU GOVA 03 Rs. 255000
NIU N Sport Rs. 310000 (Glossy) / Rs. Rs. 315000 (Matt)
NIU GOVA 05 Rs. 345000
NIU MQi GT Rs. 435000
NIU NQi GT Rs. 445000
  • Segway 

Segway, a globally popular and high-selling E-Scooter brand, will begin selling the Segway E125 in Nepal from April 2, 2022, with a manufacturer's warranty. Ihub Pvt. Ltd. will bring other models of Segway e-scooters in the near future for the Nepali market. The price of Segway is: 

Segway Ninebot Scooters Price in Nepal
Segway Ninebot GoKart Pro Rs. 285000
Segway Ninebot E100 Rs. 290000
Segway Ninebot E125 Rs. 390000
  • TailG 

TailG entered the Nepali market last year during the Lockdown and has gained huge popularity in a short period. YOMAMA E. Motors Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributors of TAILG e-Scooters in Nepal, recently unveiled both electric scooters and electric bikes. TAILG Nepal, a partner of the UN Environment E-Mobility Programme, currently sells three different e-Scooters in Nepal.

TAILG e-Scooters Price in Nepal
TAILG Lion Rs. 183000
TAILG Tiger Rs. 183000
TAILG Leopard Rs. 210000
  • Super Soco 

Super Soco has only recently started selling Super Soco CUX in Nepal, via D-LifeStyle. It runs a range of 95 km on a full charge and you can purchase the scooter for the range of Rs 1,79,900.

Super Soco Scooters Price in Nepal
Super Soco CU Mini Rs. 1,79,900
Super Soco CUx Rs. 2,49,900 (Standard Colors) / Rs. 259900 (Luxury Colors)
Super Soco CPx Rs. 4,59,900 (Single Battery) / Rs. 589900 (Double Battery)
  • Pure EV

Pure EV is the new Indian Electric Scooter brand in Nepal. White Lotus Group Nepal, the authorized distributor of Pure EV scooters in Nepal, currently offers two e-scooters in Nepal. Comparing its current lineup, the Pure EV ePluto 7G is the most expensive Pure EV e-Scooter in Nepal. Similarly, Pure EV Neo ETrance is the most affordable Pure EV e-Scooter in Nepal.

Pure EV Electric Scooters Price in Nepal
Pure EV ePluto 7G Rs. 275000
Pure EV ETrance Neo Rs. 260000
  • Yadea 

Kuzu Nepal Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributor of Yadea scooters in Nepal, has introduced the all-new Yadea e-Scooters. The official launch marks the entry with three Yadea e-Scooters – Yadea C1S, Yadea G5, and Yadea S-Like. Yadea is a popular premium e-scooter brand, bringing in premium design, next-gen technology, and modern features.

Yadea Scooters Price in Nepal
Yadea C1S Rs. 350000
Yadea G5 Rs. 330000
Yadea S-Like Rs. 230000
  • Lvneng

EV The authorized distributor of Lvneng electric scooters in Nepal, Nepal Motors Pvt. Ltd., has a total of eight different EV scooters. These scooters have a futuristic appearance and a one-of-a-kind offering. The focus of LVNENG Nepal is on electric mobility. For this, the company offers a variety of electric vehicle (EV) products at various pricing points. With that in mind, below is a thorough list of Lvneng Scooters prices in Nepal, as well as their main attributes.

Lvneng Scooters Price in Nepal
Lvneng LX 04 Rs. 209000
Lvneng LX 01 Rs. 249000
Lvneng LX 02 Rs. 249000
Lvneng LX 05 Rs. 295000
Lvneng LX 08 Rs. 295000
Lvneng LX 06 Rs. 329000
Lvneng LX 05-D Rs. 369000
Lvneng LX 06 Max Rs. 559000
  • Doohan

Kaliber Auto, the authorized dealer for Doohan Smart Electric Vehicles in Nepal, has launched two tri-wheeled electric scooters (the iTank and iTango) and two classic urban models (the Uranus and E-Swan). The price of Doohan: 

Doohan Electric Scooters Price in Nepal
Doohan E-Swan Rs. 231900
Doohan iTango Rs. 289900
Doohan Uranus Rs. 321900
Doohan iTank Rs. 359900

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Compiled by : Rahul Shrestha Rahul Shrestha

Importance of wearing helmet while riding two-wheelers

1st February 2022
"While riding a two-wheeler without a helmet it may appear appealing, but it is not safe."

Helmets are necessary when riding a two-wheeler for pleasure or commuting. The ride may appear appealing without a helmet, but it is not safe.

Wearing a helmet has important benefits. Knowing them would make you more aware:

Prevent head injuries

When you wear a helmet, the impact of an accident on your head is reduced.

If you are not wearing a helmet while riding your two-wheeler and are involved in an accident, you may suffer external and internal brain injuries, both of which can be serious.

As a result, helmets should be worn to protect your life.

Protects your eyes

In the case of an accident, a full-face helmet covers your entire face, providing you with complete protection.

When riding your two-wheeler, this type of helmet shields your eyes from dust and high-beam lights.

Furthermore, the design of this helmet allows you to have the widest possible field of vision while driving.

Avoid penalty

If you don't want to wear a helmet because you think it makes you look odd.

As a result, your beauty does not appear. However, now that wearing a helmet is required, traffic police are on the lookout for people riding their bikes without one.

As a result, you should wear a helmet while driving to avoid paying hefty fines and damaging your driving record.

Protects you from the cold breeze

A helmet not only protects your head but also protects your ears.

This layer of protection keeps the cool breeze out of your ears, keeping you healthy and preventing you from getting sick in the cold.

In addition, because of the solid inline cushioning, wearing a helmet in the summer helps you stay cool.

Ensures better control of the vehicle

When bike riders with long hair ride their bikes, their hair swings across their faces which may cause them to lose control of their comfort riding.

Wearing a helmet while riding a bike has been shown to improve your attention.

When you're riding your two-wheeler with a helmet on, you're more likely to be cautious and control your speed.

This greatly reduces the likelihood of an accident.

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