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Things to do if your motorbike breaks down during a ride

30th January 2022
"Motorcycle breakdown is a harsh reality in motorcycling, as difficult as it may sound."

Motorcycle breakdown is a harsh reality in motorcycling, as difficult as it may sound. Breakdowns can occur at any time of day, but they usually occur when you least expect it.

Here's a list of things you can do to fix your motorcycle if something unexpected happens:

Look for a safe place to stop

If you feel your bike giving up and struggling beneath you, do everything you can to get to the far right side of the road or the shoulder.

Get a hold of the clutch to keep your bike moving and signal as much as possible to the drivers around you that you're attempting to move over.

If they notice you're having trouble, they'll want to avoid you. This will not only protect you from oncoming traffic but will also make it easier to seek assistance.

Once you've arrived, examine your bike and determine the source of the problem.

Secure your bike and yourself

When you've found a safe spot to stop, secure your bike there right away. Drop your stand, engage the gears if you're on a slope, and turn off the engine.

This is also the best time to quickly assess the problem with your bike and determine whether or not it is safe to continue riding.

If your bike isn't usable, make sure your valuables, such as your wallet, phone, and important documents, are safe – you'll need them all.

Keep an eye on your surroundings, especially if you're in an area with a lot of vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

Stay visible at all times

If you've broken down, make sure you're visible to other drivers while you're stuck.

Turn signals, especially in this case, are something you'll want to utilize.

Either your hazard lights or your turn signal should be aligned with the side you'll be turning on.

This is especially important when it's dark outside, as drivers will have a harder time seeing you.

Decide to fix or call for help

Even if you believe you can fix the problem, stopping on the side of the road to service your bike isn't ideal, especially if you're on the highway.

You'll be less aware of the traffic around you and more likely to be hit by another vehicle if you're focused on fixing your bike. Instead, seek assistance from your breakdown provider.

Several manufacturers include breakdown assistance as part of the purchase price of your bike.

Stay calm and focused

When riding a motorcycle, you may feel more vulnerable to the traffic around you, especially if there is a problem.

So, first and foremost, stay calm and concentrate on finding a safe place to pull over.

Keep an eye on the traffic and indicate which side of the road you'd like to move to.

Waving your hand indicates that you need to maneuver; if others notice you're having trouble, they should slow down and give way.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

A must-have comfort and convenience features in Bike

23rd November 2021
"Here are must-have comfort and convenience features in a bike that should be looked at by buyers before buying a bike."

A lot of the factors mentioned comes with the fact that motorcycles are smaller, lighter, faster, and open. Their exceptional mobility, performance and the fun they provide are not only more convenient and comfortable but also more exciting.

Here are must-have comfort and convenience features in a bike that should be looked at by buyers before buying a bike:

Anti-locking braking system:

Motorcycle ABS helps the rider to maintain stability during braking and to decrease the stopping distance.

It provides traction even on low friction surfaces. ABS will be valuable to stay safe and ride confidently on the road because it will keep the tires and brakes from locking and skidding if you brake too hard.

You’ll be more likely to over-apply the brakes than worry about not using them enough when you are in a panic situation or riding too fast for your riding ability.

Smart Key with Anti-theft Alarm

Motorcycle theft will most likely be one of the biggest worries any rider can have when they are out riding.

You can have numerous ways to protect your motorcycle from theft, like using chains to secure the wheels or attaching a disc lock on the front brake disc to lock brake and throttle controls.

Installing smart keys and anti-theft features on your motorcycle can increase the security of the motorcycle at the same time remove the burden.

Seat Height

Getting your saddle height is important because you need to be comfortable when you ride, as this will enable you to ride longer and to push harder.

Getting the height right will also prevent you from injury. A seat that’s too high will cause your ride to lean, which can be difficult for a long time.

Handlebar height

The height of your handlebar affects comfort, control, and efficiency. Like seat height, handlebar height affects your posture, which in turn, affects your comfort level while you ride.

You need to be able to reach the hand controls easily when seated on the motorcycle. You shouldn’t have to reach nor lean too far to use the controls.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Most common causes of motorbike accidents

25th January 2022
"Simply being more aware and putting our brains to work can drastically reduce the most common causes of motorcycle accidents"

Today’s motorcycles are made with excellent safety features like grippy tires, powerful brakes, and excellent handling. Even with these tools, motorcycle operators must use their brains to prevent accidents.

Simply being more aware and putting our brains to work can drastically reduce the most common causes of motorcycle accidents:

Left-Hand Turns

One of the most common motorcycles versus vehicle accidents occurs when a car turns left in front of a motorcycle.

You must anticipate this type of accident to avoid it. The most common causes of motorcycle accidents are changing lanes and cars turning left.

Cars will cut you off because they can't see you or misjudged your distance and speed.

Cars and drivers are accustomed to interacting with other cars and drivers. Motorcycles simply do not compute into their field of vision or their speed and distance calculations.


Speeding is a serious problem on highways. Motorcycle riders enjoy going fast, which can be a dangerous combination when other factors are involved.

Motorcycles are dangerous enough due to their lack of structural support and protection, but when you add in speeds of 100 mph or more, any accident can be fatal.

Speeding is a leading cause of all kinds of car accidents because it reduces a vehicle's ability to see and react to other drivers in time to avoid a crash.

Road Hazards

Speaking of poorly maintained roads, road hazards are another common cause of motorcycle accidents.

Motorcyclists are at a higher risk of accident and injury when the road is not properly maintained.

Because motorcycles are smaller and less stable than vehicles, road irregularities and unexpected objects can cause a motorcycle to crash.

As a result, bikers should only ride at a speed where their reaction time and ability to act are well within their field of vision.


On and off the road, alcohol impairs decisions. Riding a motorcycle necessitates razor-sharp reflexes, and even a single drink can shorten reaction times.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is dangerous no matter what type of vehicle you are driving.

Alcohol impairs judgment and decision-making, as well as response time and reflexes.

Because of the social nature of motorcycling – clubs, outings, events, etc. – motorcyclists appear to be more vulnerable to this behavior.

Unsafe Lane Changing

Lane splitting is a common cause of motorcycle accidents because cars aren't expecting any vehicle to pass them in slowed or stopped traffic, and motorcycles have very little room to maneuver when they move between cars.

Before changing lanes, drivers must check their blind spots, especially on congested highways or main roads.

Turn signals should also be used by drivers. Unfortunately, when changing lanes, many drivers do not pay attention or rely solely on their mirrors.

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