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Most common causes of motorbike accidents

25th January 2022
"Simply being more aware and putting our brains to work can drastically reduce the most common causes of motorcycle accidents"

Today’s motorcycles are made with excellent safety features like grippy tires, powerful brakes, and excellent handling. Even with these tools, motorcycle operators must use their brains to prevent accidents.

Simply being more aware and putting our brains to work can drastically reduce the most common causes of motorcycle accidents:

Left-Hand Turns

One of the most common motorcycles versus vehicle accidents occurs when a car turns left in front of a motorcycle.

You must anticipate this type of accident to avoid it. The most common causes of motorcycle accidents are changing lanes and cars turning left.

Cars will cut you off because they can't see you or misjudged your distance and speed.

Cars and drivers are accustomed to interacting with other cars and drivers. Motorcycles simply do not compute into their field of vision or their speed and distance calculations.


Speeding is a serious problem on highways. Motorcycle riders enjoy going fast, which can be a dangerous combination when other factors are involved.

Motorcycles are dangerous enough due to their lack of structural support and protection, but when you add in speeds of 100 mph or more, any accident can be fatal.

Speeding is a leading cause of all kinds of car accidents because it reduces a vehicle's ability to see and react to other drivers in time to avoid a crash.

Road Hazards

Speaking of poorly maintained roads, road hazards are another common cause of motorcycle accidents.

Motorcyclists are at a higher risk of accident and injury when the road is not properly maintained.

Because motorcycles are smaller and less stable than vehicles, road irregularities and unexpected objects can cause a motorcycle to crash.

As a result, bikers should only ride at a speed where their reaction time and ability to act are well within their field of vision.


On and off the road, alcohol impairs decisions. Riding a motorcycle necessitates razor-sharp reflexes, and even a single drink can shorten reaction times.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is dangerous no matter what type of vehicle you are driving.

Alcohol impairs judgment and decision-making, as well as response time and reflexes.

Because of the social nature of motorcycling – clubs, outings, events, etc. – motorcyclists appear to be more vulnerable to this behavior.

Unsafe Lane Changing

Lane splitting is a common cause of motorcycle accidents because cars aren't expecting any vehicle to pass them in slowed or stopped traffic, and motorcycles have very little room to maneuver when they move between cars.

Before changing lanes, drivers must check their blind spots, especially on congested highways or main roads.

Turn signals should also be used by drivers. Unfortunately, when changing lanes, many drivers do not pay attention or rely solely on their mirrors.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Why isn't your motorbike starting?

4th November 2020
"Still trying to identify what could be wrong with your motorcycle. Well here's a few answers."

Few things can be more infuriating than a non-starting bike. It has the power to spoil your whole day if you're all set to go for a trip only to be interrupted by a dilemma you weren't expecting. Trying to identify what could be wrong with your motorcycle, rather than dwelling on your anger, will help you find answers and eventually get you back on the road as soon as possible. Working on your bike is a perfect way to be productive rather than frustrated, because if anything, at least with a small problem that you might have done yourself, you will stop wasting money on a technician.



It’s one of the obvious reasons why your bike might not be starting. It is very difficult to judge its availability using the scale when the fuel level goes down, and it may also be a reason why your bike does not start. You should use certain old school methods at the time to verify whether or not your bike has petrol. One of the safest approaches is to softly shake the bike on the main stand and wait to hear the usual telltale slosh of leftover petrol, if any, from the tank.


Indeed, the battery that is secured securely on your bike is the lifeline to the whole electrical grid. The starter motor is totally reliant on the battery for two-wheelers fitted with only an electric start. It will only be able to rev up the motor that requires a very high voltage from the battery if the battery holds enough power.

One will not be likely to use the electric starter on a relatively small battery. Any signs of a dead or faulty battery are that neither really works well or reports complete loss when you press the horn button or turn on the lights.

Spark Plug Wires


With a wire being defective, it may not be an issue, but it could have come loose. Metallic conductors that connect to the spark plug tips are inside the wires. It won't make a clean connection if the wire is loose, and the engine will refuse to fire properly or begin and malfunction.

Loose spark plug wire for motorcycle riders is not a new phenomenon, it can arise because of the jerks or it may be a trick. To resolve this error, you don't need a technician. Only unplug the connections and re-plug them to try once more to power the motorcycle.

Clutch Problems


The typical failure mode of a worn-out friction disk of the pressure plate that has lost its tension is a clutch that does not completely engage or slips under heavy load. The abrupt onset of a sliding clutch usually means that the friction surfaces have been polluted by an oil spill, or something else.

You need to pull the clutch lever correctly when you start your bike and the transmission is in gear. The clutch does not engage correctly often which causes a starting question. Bring the transmission to neutral in such a state and try again.

Clogged fuel tank vent

Vehicles today have a vent hose which forms part of the fuel system. Fueling consequences follow when this line is clogged or diverted.  Attempts to fuel the motor fails, since the back pressure turns off the pump continuously.

The tank blocks the flow of fuel to the lower device as this vent is clogged. In that opening, you can unclog the vent with a very thin wire or pin together with a forced blast.

Bike not Starting of cold

Way too many of us are struggling to get our bikes started early in the morning, particularly in the winter months. Many riders can fire up a freezing engine to its full max, and then there are others that want to kick-start the engine one too many times by flooding it. Your engine can be damaged by all these strategies.

Cut-off engine switch


Before getting irritated with the initial problem, it is one of the most popular items we fail to investigate. We use the ignition key much of the time to power off the motorcycle instead of the button to disable or shut off the engine. So when we use it, sometimes we fail to turn off the switch and keep struggling to make the motor crank.

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Compiled by : Upasana Poudel Upasana Poudel

Five Things To know Before Buying A Motorbikes

10th October 2021
"Here are the five major things you need to know and check before buying a motorbikes"

Buying a motorcycle is a step towards freedom. There are tons of two-wheelers options currently available in the Nepali market that arrive with a variety of displacement figures and features but here are the five major things you need to check before buying motorbikes:


While purchasing a motorbikes comfort is the first thing that you need to check. It is important that a rider must first try mounting himself on the bike to check its seat height. Choose a motorbike that has a ride height that will still enable you to put your feet on the ground while you're seated because you need to tip-toe and do one-foot balancing in traffic.

You need to check whether the seat cushion is thin and comfortable for a better feel of the bike. Motorbike buyers should adapt their riding style according to the footpeg position for comfort and safety purposes.


Purchasing a two-wheeler is a one-time investment. The motorbike you purchase should last for many years. So, you must have an option for a brand that is well established and gives you the assurance of good quality and after-sales service.


Mileage is the distance which a vehicle covers over one litre of fuel. As fuel prices are increasing, it is very important to check the mileage of the vehicle, before making a purchase. Mileage will help you determine the best motorbike for yourself. Miles certainly can provide you with a good indication of the age and health of the motorcycle.

Bike weight:

It is very important to check the weight of the vehicle before purchasing so that you can ride comfortably. You should take a test ride of the two-wheeler to decide whether or not you can handle it. Be aware of the motorbike’s curb weight before you buy it. A time will come when you’ll need to push the bike forward or backwards from a parking lot, and security guards won't always be around to give you a hand.


Before purchasing a two-wheeler, you should fix a budget. Fixing a budget will give you a clear view of your options. This not only refers to the bike purchase but also to its maintenance and operating expenses.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal