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DRDO Finds Serious Battery Defects In EVs That Caught Fire

24th May 2022
"The electric two-wheeler manufacturers like Okinawa, Pure EV, Jitendra Electric Vehicles, Ola Electric and Boom Motors may have used "lower-grade materials to cut costs"."

The electric two-wheeler manufacturers like Okinawa, Pure EV, Jitendra Electric Vehicles, Ola Electric and Boom Motors may have used "lower-grade materials to cut costs".

While investigating EV fire incidents as tasked by the Indian Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry, the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) has found serious defects in the batteries, including designs of the battery packs and modules.

According to sources in the know of the matter, these defects occur because the electric two-wheeler manufacturers like Okinawa Autotech, Pure EV, Jitendra Electric Vehicles, Ola Electric, and Boom Motors may have used “lower-grade materials to cut costs.”

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The Centre for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety (CFEES) at the DRDO has submitted its fact-finding report to the Ministry. According to the sources, the ministry has now summoned representatives of these EV manufacturers, asking them to submit an explanation of the DRDO report findings.

Earlier this month, the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA), which comes under the Union Consumer Affairs Ministry, sent notices to Pure EV and Boom Motors after their e-scooters exploded in April.

The consumer watchdog is also examining more cases of e-scooter fires and will serve similar notices to other EV makers too. 

Pure EV and Boom Motors along with Ola Electric, Jitendra EV, and Okinawa Autotech, recalled faulty batches after the EV fire incidents were reported.

The preliminary findings from the government-constituted probe committee on EV fires have already identified issues with battery cells or design in nearly all of the electric two-wheeler fire incidents in India.

The committee was constituted in the wake of EV fires and battery blasts in e-scooters. The experts found defects in battery cells as well as battery design in nearly all EV fires. The government is now working on new quality-centric guidelines for EVs that will be unveiled soon.

At least 12 electric two-wheelers have exploded till now and several EV makers have recalled the faulty batches amid the growing pressure from the indian government.


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Benelli launched its first scooter "Panarea 125"

24th December 2021
"KTM International Trading, the authorized distributor of Benelli motorcycles in Nepal, launches its first-ever scooter Panarea 125 on 24th December 2021 at Aranya Boutique Hotel."

KTM International Trading, the authorized distributor of Benelli motorcycles in Nepal, launches its first-ever scooter Panarea 125 on 24th December at Aranya Boutique Hotel.

During the launch event, Executive Director Udeep Shrestha brief about Benelli and its first-ever scooter Panarea 125. With the introduction of Panarea 125, the benefit marks its entrance into the growing premium scooter market in Nepal.  

Benelli also features the widest product range in the Nepalese market covering all segments starting from 125cc up to 752cc. 

The all-new Benelli Panarea 125 is an urban scooter that demonstrates the kind of two-wheeled perfection and incorporates a series of technological and design improvements that are unique in its own categories.

The all-new Panarea 125 is fitted with the neo-retro mix dashboard with digital display and visual odometer with additional features such as trip meter, mph ad kmph reading, fuel level, time engine warning lamp, etc.

Panarea 125 is ensured by the front telescopic forks with 90mm travel and rear spring coil oil-dampened suspension with 72 mm travel.

And the braking power is ensured by a 190mm front disk with a dual-piston caliper and 130mm rear drum brakes.

The scooter comes with 12-inch aluminum wheels and tires combination which adds a sleek touch to its retro style.

Panarea 125 is powered by a 4 stroke, air-cooled single-cylinder 124cc engine paired with CVT automatic gear shift.

The engine produced max power of 8.5hp at 7500 rpm and max torque of 9.2Nm at 6000 rpm. The Panarea houses a 12 liter under the seat storage along with a 4.6-liter fuel tank.

As for the pricing, the Benelli Panarea 125 price in Nepal is Rs. 3,35,000. And it comes in four different colors: Black, Red, Yellow, and White.

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Why an E-bike could catch fire?

11th May 2022
"While E-bikes are less expensive on a daily basis, they may not be any safer than a gas-powered vehicles because these can catch fire as well."

Riding an electric bike is a simple and exciting experience. However, understanding some basic motorcycle safety tips is essential to ensure your next ride is a safe one.

You may think that an E-Bike is a safer option than a gas-powered vehicle, but this is not the case. While E-bikes are less expensive daily, they may not be any safer than gas-powered vehicles because these can catch fire as well.

However, although accidents are rare, and shouldn't put you off investing in an e-bike, the large lithium battery attached to its frame is a potential fire hazard if not treated with care.

Lithium batteries have a lot of advantages that make them ideal for e-bikes.

They can be charged and discharged hundreds of times, they’re relatively lightweight and compact, and they contain lower levels of toxic heavy metals than many other types of batteries. Unfortunately, they can also be very flammable.

Why does it happen?

Thermal Runaway Phenomenon

The Thermal Runaway Phenomenon refers to the process where a battery’s cells reach a critical temperature that causes them to spontaneously combust.

Most e-bikes have a battery that consists of a series of cells containing lithium ions.

To use such batteries safely, the cells should be kept within a defined voltage and temperature window. Now, the cells inside may release gas when abused, which can ignite or cause an explosion.

Battery Failure

A battery failure could occur due to several reasons including poor cell design or manufacturing flaws, external abuse (thermal, mechanical, electrical), or maybe even poor battery assembly design or manufacture.

Some reputable E-bike manufacturers procure battery packs from reputable companies but some manufacturers which aim to keep the price of the product as low as possible, opt for a battery from an unknown supplier which might not get them a stable design.

The primary threats posed to the battery include external or internal short circuits, high or low temperatures, and overcharge or over-discharge.

As heat can be a major cause of battery explosions, batteries need to be developed using advanced technologies which can withstand high temperatures considering they can reach up to 46 degrees in some parts of the country. Apart from that, internal or external short circuits also destabilize the battery, resulting in an explosion.

How to prevent e-bike fires

With a rising number of fire accidents in e-bikes, there are some fire safety measures associated with li-ion batteries and charging and storage. Besides buying an e-bike from a reputed brand that uses certified high-quality components, here are some tips that you can follow to prevent e-bikes fires:

1. Register your e-bike with the manufacturer for warranties. The batteries of the e-bike play a vital role in the fire and registration is essential for a replacement by the manufacturer.

2. Read the user manual for all the precautions.

3. Always use the manufacturer’s charging cords and adapters given for your e-bike.

4. Avoid using power extensions. Use a charger directly into the main switch.

5. Install a smoke detector in your dedicated charging area.

6. In case your e-bike’s battery or the e-bike itself gets wet in the rain, consider it permanently damaged and do not charge it. You can also get it tested by your manufacturer responsibly.

7. Avoid keeping old li-ion batteries inside your home. Instead, recycle them carefully.

8. Never leave your e-bike charging overnight or leave it unattended while charging.

9. In public places, charge your bike from government authorized charging points.

10. Never cover your battery packs or even a charger while charging as this could lead to a fire.

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