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Motorcycle Life Hacks Every Biker Should Know

4th February 2022
"If you're a biker, you'll want to concentrate on the road and keeping your baby safe with as few hassles as possible."

If you're a biker, you'll want to concentrate on the road and keeping your baby safe with as few hassles as possible.

Make use of these motorcycle life hacks to make your life as simple as possible.

Keeping track of screws during maintenance

Your bike is held together by a large number of screws. Attach your screws to a labeled piece of cardboard, corkboard, or another surface to keep them from becoming jumbled up during maintenance.

Now you'll be able to quickly locate your screws and get back on the road.

Newspaper inside boots

Getting your boots wet on the road while on a lengthy journey? Don't be concerned. You may not have the luxury of air-drying them for several days or utilizing foot inserts to absorb odors, but you do have the next best thing: newspapers.

Simply grab what's black and white and go through it all, then roll up some papers and stuff them into your boots. Repeat this technique throughout the day to improve your job (and even at night). Your boots should be dry and ready to travel by morning.

In addition, when you are caught in a sudden blast of cold, newspaper serves as a trustworthy type of insulation.

Wire helmet lock

This motorcycle hack is intended to divert your attention away from your helmet.

Purchase some galvanized cable from your favorite online retailer or your local hardware store. Make sure it's long enough to loop through the chin bar of your helmet with a few inches to spare.

Make loops at both ends of your cable with crush sleeves as well.

Loop the wire through your helmet and attach it to the helmet lock on your bike after you've parked your bike. After that, loop it around your seat latch.

Duct tape visor

If you're a regular rider, you've undoubtedly seen this trick before.

Attach an inch-wide strip of black tape to the top of your helmet's visor to block off the sun's rays in the early evening, especially if you're heading west. You'll be grateful for a break from the sun's rays, especially if all it takes is a simple head tilt.

You can simply store the tape on the back of your helmet at night or when the sun is high in the sky for quick access during future rides.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

Choose your motorcycle wisely | Tips |

16th January 2022
"How do you determine which motorcycle is ideal for you?"

How do you determine which motorcycle is ideal for you? Whether you're a first-time rider or a professional athlete returning to the riding, selecting a motorbike might be difficult.

It's pointless to learn how to ride a motorbike if you don't know how to do it properly, or, more importantly, safely.


Your first motorbike should be based on the type of riding you want to perform.

Although you may have had your eye on sport bikes for weekend mountain rides, they may not be suitable for your daily commute to and from work.

Take into account the type of riding you want to conduct.

Do you prefer cruising or cornering? Do you prefer dirt roads or paved ones? The wonderful part about motorcycles is that there is something for everyone, so take your time and discover something that works for you on a daily basis.



When selecting a motorbike, examine the ergonomics of the bike and how well it suits your body. Motorcycles, like human beings, come in a variety of forms and sizes.

Try it on before you purchase it – literally. Sit on the motorcycle and pay attention to your surroundings.

How does it make you feel? If you're a beginner or regular rider, it's critical that you feel at ease on the bike. Can you stand on one foot and reach the ground? Is the reach to the handlebars comfortable?

Spend a good 10 minutes sitting on the bike to check whether the seating is comfortable, and then take it for a spin to evaluate how comfortable it is.

Body type

Motorcycle type

Recognize a few of the characteristics that make a motorbike appropriate for you to ride. Motorcycles are classified into six types:

Standard/Naked: It is a combination of functionality and visual appeal. They are available in a range of engine sizes.

Sport: They are the motorbike world's fast, aggressive, race-bred performance bikes that are particularly developed for cornering (which can make them a little intimidating for newer riders).

Cruiser: The seat height of a cruiser is normally low. It's commonly claimed that you sit in a cruiser rather than on it.

As a result, they are a popular choice among beginner riders (but keep in mind they can be on the heavy side).

Touring: It is intended to ride for an extended amount of time while providing all of the amenities, they tend to be on the heavier side of the scale.

Dual-purpose: A jack of all crafts is someone who can do it all.

They can cruise across the country, on the highway, or on the dirt, so if you want a single type that you can ride year-round, a dual-purpose bike may be the correct choice for you.

Dirt bike: Typically used for off-road riding, its low-weight body is ideal for rough terrain — they are the type of bike that can take a battering and keep going.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya