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Home Remedies for Tonsillitis

4th February 2022
"Tonsillitis is a condition in which the tonsils become inflamed."

Tonsillitis is a condition in which the tonsils become inflamed. The tonsils are two oval-shaped glands located behind the tongue.

Their job is to protect the body from bacteria and viruses that enter through the mouth and nose.

In this post, we'll go over the finest home remedies for treating tonsillitis symptoms.

Saltwater gargling

A sore throat and suffering caused by tonsillitis can be relieved by gargling and rinsing with warm saltwater. It can also assist to reduce inflammation and treating infections.

In 4 ounces of warm water, dissolve around 1⁄2 teaspoon of salt. Stir constantly until the salt is completely dissolved.

Gargle and swish it around in your mouth for a few seconds before spitting it out. You can rinse with regular water.

Raw Honey

Warm beverages, such as tea, can assist to alleviate the discomfort that tonsillitis might cause. Raw honey, which is frequently used in tea, has potent antimicrobial qualities and may aid in the treatment of the illnesses that cause tonsillitis.

Warm tea is preferable to hot tea, and honey should be stirred in until dissolved.

Certain teas can help to boost the effectiveness of this home treatment. Ginger tea, for example, is a potent anti-inflammatory, as is fennel tea, both of which can help to alleviate inflammation and discomfort.

Ice Chips

Tonsillitis is commonly accompanied by pain, irritation, and swelling, which can be effectively treated with cold.

Popsicles, frozen drinks, and frozen meals such as ice cream can be especially beneficial to small children who are unable to safely use other home cures. Adults and older children can also consume ice chips.

Increase indoor humidity

A sore throat might be aggravated even more by dry air. Tonsillitis sufferers may benefit from the use of a cold mist humidifier. These devices return moisture to the air, which helps to relieve throat irritation.

Humidifiers should be cleaned on a daily basis to avoid the growth of hazardous mold and germs.

If you don't have access to a humidifier, consider inhaling steam from a hot shower or bath instead.

Avoid straining the voice

The voice can become muffled as a result of swelling in the throat. It may be tempting to offset this by raising one's voice, but this would only irritate the throat further.

If speaking hurts, a person should rest their voice as much as possible. They should also schedule an appointment with their doctor, as difficulties speaking can suggest a problem.

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Do’s and don’ts to prevent coronavirus

28th January 2022
"While we all have the habit of wearing masks and sanitizing regularly there are a few more general and exceptional precautions to be aware of."

There has been a panicked atmosphere among people since the Coronavirus outbreak. While we all have the habit of wearing masks and sanitizing regularly there are a few more general and exceptional precautions to be aware of.

So here are some basic do's and don'ts to keep you and those around you safe:


Maintain Hygiene

The studies emphasized that Coronavirus can be killed with soap and water as the first line of defense.

Hands should be washed for at least 20 seconds as needed. Before meals, after using the restroom, after touching any surface that you suspect is contaminated, and so on.

Social Distancing

Maintaining a distance of at least 3 to 6 feet between yourself and other people is recommended.

If you are required to leave the house, this should be thoroughly practiced. Always remember to keep a safe distance from strangers.

Avoid Going Out

Because it is impossible to know who has been infected with the Coronavirus, it is best to stay at home and avoid transmission.

It has been discovered that a single person infected with COVID-19 can infect multiple people. Consider it an uncontrollable chain reaction.

Staying at home is the only way to break the chain.

Eat a Healthy Diet

When you are confined to your homes, you may begin to eat unhealthy foods.

This may be due to boredom. Instead, use the internet to find delicious and healthy recipes.

Vitamins, proteins, and healthy carbohydrates should all be included in your diet. Additionally, Ayurveda can help you improve your immunity.


Do Not Eat Outside Food

Even though there is no direct link between outside food and Coronavirus, it is not advisable to consume it.

If you become ill, it will harm your health.

At a time when the Coronavirus is already at work, getting sick is not an option.

Don’t Skip Disinfection of the House

It's important to disinfect your living space regularly.

Consider using a disinfecting wipe or a mop dipped in a disinfectant solution to wipe down various surfaces.

Other precautions, such as the use of sanitizers, should also be taken.

Don’t Touch Open Surfaces in Public Places

With bare hands, one should avoid touching surfaces such as stair railings, elevator buttons, fruits or vegetables at a vendor's stall, shop counters, and so on.

Because so many people will come into contact with these surfaces, they may become contaminated.

Don’t Allow Children to Play Outside

Children may unknowingly come into contact with a Coronavirus-infected surface.

As a result, they must stay indoors to avoid a possible transmission. Engage them in their preferred pastimes.

Excessive screen time, on the other hand, could be a problem. Assist them in developing a new hobby in which they can invest time.

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Reduce Uric Acid | Home Treatments |

1st February 2022
"Uric acid is a waste product created when purine-containing foods are digested."

Uric acid is a waste product created when purine-containing foods are digested. The kidneys and urine are generally used to eliminate uric acid from the body.

If you eat too much purine or if your body can't get rid of it soon enough, uric acid can build up in your blood.

Avoid sugar

While uric acid is normally associated with protein-rich diets, new research suggests that sugar may also be a factor. Sugar content, corn syrup, and high fructose corn syrup are examples of added sugars in food.

Fructose and glucose-containing sugars are abundant in sugary drinks, soda, and even fresh fruit juices. Sugary drinks should be replaced with filtered water and fiber-rich smoothies.

Drink more water

Drinking enough of water encourages your kidneys to clear away uric acid more quickly.

Always have a water bottle with you. Set an hourly alarm to remind you to drink a few sips.

Avoid alcohol

You may become dehydrated if you drink alcohol. High uric acid levels might also be a result of it.

This occurs because, rather than filtering uric acid and other wastes, your kidneys must first filter compounds that occur in the blood owing to alcohol. Beer, for example, has a high purine content.

Lose Weight

Weight gain, in addition to your nutrition, might elevate your uric acid levels. Uric acid production is higher in fat cells than in muscle cells. Furthermore, gaining weight makes it more difficult for your kidneys to filter out uric acid.

Losing weight too soon can have a negative impact on levels. It's advised to avoid fad diets and crash dieting if you're overweight.

Consult a nutritionist to develop a balanced eating and weight-loss plan that you can stick to.

Reduce Stress

Inflammatory can be worsened by stress, poor sleeping habits, and insufficient exercise. A high uric acid level can be caused by inflammation.

To help you cope with your stress levels, use mindful practices such as breathing exercises and yoga. Join a class or set an alarm on your phone to remind you to stretch and breathe multiple times a day.

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