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Reasons Why Your Car AC is Not Blowing Cold Air

9th February 2022
"There are several reasons why your car's air conditioner isn't blowing cold air."

There are several reasons why your car's air conditioner isn't blowing cold air. So, why isn't your car's air conditioner cold?

Here are the most common causes of your air conditioner not working properly.

Blocked or Broken Condenser

The condenser's job is to convert compressed air gases to liquid again. The refrigerant will not flow if the condenser is clogged with trash or is broken.

When this happens, our air conditioner will not blow cold or even cool air.

Electrical Problems

It's also possible that your car's air conditioning isn't working because of an electrical problem.

Some components of your air conditioning system, such as your compressor, are electrical. It can also be disabled by anything as simple as a blown fuse.

The A/C Compressor Doesn’t Engage

A compressor is at the core of any air conditioning system, and its purpose is to compress the coolant.

When the compressed air expands, it becomes extremely cold. When air is blasted across cold freon-filled metal, the air cools quickly.

Blend Air Door is stuck

The warm air that runs over your engine enters your car when you heat it. When you turn on your car's air conditioning and try to chill it down, a "blend air door" swings across your ventilation system, blocking the warm air from entering and allowing the cold air from the A/C system to enter.

When the blend air door gets blocked, no matter how well the rest of your car's A/C system is working, you'll just keep getting warm air.

Air Conditioning Needs A Recharging

Even the most efficient air conditioners can lose a little amount of refrigerant over time, usually so slowly that you won't feel the difference. And you might never notice that your car's current A/C low temperature has changed by more than a degree or two.

However, if you find that your car's air conditioning isn't working, you may be low on Freon. It's one of the most prevalent reasons why your car's air conditioning isn't as chilly as it should be.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

AC cleaning guide: How to clean your Air Conditioner by yourself

21st April 2020
"How you can clean your AC by yourself during the lockdown. Just follow a few simple steps."

The government announced lockdown all the people are not supposed to step out from their houses and with everything being brought to a standstill, it is hard to find a service technician to repair your electronic items including the air conditioners.

It’s recommended to clean the AC before you put it to use this summer. We are sharing a few steps to how to clean AC filters to be summer-ready.

Guide to clean your AC air conditioner

The first step to clean your AC is to switch off its power supply and open the AC panel.

AC panel

Now proceed to remove the AC filter.

ac filter

If your unit has more than one filter, remove them one by one.

Take a toothbrush and gently clean the evaporator to remove any dirt.

ac filter

You should be extra cautious while doing this as the sharp fins of the evaporator coil could cut your skin.
After using the toothbrush, take a clean cloth and remove the dust from the AC.
To clean the filters, put them under a water tap and clean thoroughly.

ac filters

Let the filters dry and place them back.

air conditioner

Shut the AC panel.

ac panel

Now, turn the AC on and that’s it.

Cleaning the outdoor unit is a bit difficult. First of all, you need to turn off the fuse that controls the air conditioner and vacuum the condenser fins on the top of the air conditioner. After this, use a soft-bristled vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or debris that may inhibit air-flow.

If you want to deep clean the external unit, unscrew the top grill and remove the fan without disturbing the electrical connections. Use a damp cloth to wipe any dust or debris from the fan. Spray the inside of the empty air conditioner unit with moderate pressure from a water hose and put it all back. Leave the unit to dry before starting it again.

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Compiled by : Rishi Raj Singh Rishi Raj Singh

Best 5 car accessories to upgrade your car

27th August 2020
"Upgrade your driving experience with some awesome gadgets to your car"

Road trips mean a lot of time behind the wheel. Luckily, there are plenty of options to upgrade your ride and enhance your experience on the road by making it safer, smoother, and much more enjoyable. Whether it’s keeping interiors clean and tidy, charging your devices on, connecting your smartphone to your vehicle, or saving your life, these creative car gadgets and accessories will have you covered on your travels. If you own a new, high-end car, chances are you won’t need most of these extra gadgets, but if you don’t, a touch of modern functionality with these accessories can be crucial for your safety and comfort along the way. After all, if you don’t have the funds for new high tech cars, you can always fancy up the one you already have with the coolest car gadgets and essential vehicle accessories.

Here are some lists of cool gadgets in the market you can own to level up your commute so easily:

Head-up display with OBD 2 Interface

It is a small portable device that you can add to your car for upgrading the monitoring features of your car. OBD scanner refers to the onboard diagnostic scanner and there is OBD port in almost every recently made car to keep the mechanical track of your vehicle such as Rpm (revolution per minute) i.e. keeping track of the speed of your car, keeping an eye in water temperature of your car, keeping eye on fuel consumption rate while driving. With additional feature of driving distance measurement, it shows speed, rpm, water temperature, voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, voltage, shift reminders, fatigue driving reminders, low voltage alarm, high water temperature alarm, over-speed alarm, engine failure alarm, eliminates the fault code, freely switches between kilometres & miles. 
Now this OBD 2 feature comes with a head-up display which projects the data it collects from OBD2 diagnostic port on to your windshield to give you real-time monitoring of the car you are driving. They come with auto illuminating sensors which will dim at night time and brighten up at day time to match the sunlight. Adding this device will just amp up your simple car to an upgraded tech gizmo car just by displaying some of your necessary car information in a real-time. This device can be bought from any online/offline car accessories shop and you can yourself do the installation because it is as easy as connecting a USB port to your laptop.

Dash cam

This is one of the must-have car accessories you must have in your car if you want to save your time and money caused by some uneventful accidents or situations. Because dash cams are the high power camera installed to the front windshield and in some time in the rearview for double protection. There are many varieties of dash cams available in the market according to the customers demand so one can choose according to their need. The main use of dash cameras is for internal surveillance as well as exterior surveillance of the car. It records everything and nowadays they also have AI inbuilt to alert the drivers when they are in some emergency conditions like unconsciousness or if they are falling asleep while driving. They also can be used as a rearview camera while parking the car is a small space so that the car won’t hit another car or the wall itself. So for the so many reasons such as to prevent the avoidable accident, record footage when you are not around your car, real-time recording to have a proof in case of an accident, Dashcam will be a must-have accessory to your car. These cams are also available in any online/offline car accessories shops or any hardware shops related to cars.

Tyre inflator

As it sounds not so important but it is a necessary device one must always have in their car for emergency situations. Tyre inflator is the device which will inflate your car tyres in no time when they go flat. Their importance is most felt when we have to go out in emergency situation but your tyres have gone flat and you don’t have time to change the tyre so instead you just inflate your tyres to deal with the situation. Tire inflators are nifty pieces of technology that assists drivers who experience flat tires with a quick, temporary solution. It can also be used to inflate motorcycle, bicycle tires and rafts and sports equipment. some are even fully Automatic intelligent inflatable pump with portable size as a mobile phone, Does not occupy car space It only takes one second to inflate and you are ready to go. These inflators come with various nozzles to inflate other things when required. So having this in your car will come handy whenever in need. 

USB charging case/port

Nowadays, we get everything in our smartphone from Google Map to the weather forecast to make daily life easy. We all know the importance of our mobile phones in today’s normal functioning so having your mobile phone dead due to lack of charge is the panic situation. So a USB car charger is a necessary tool for every car user to keep their electronic gadgets charged all the time because who doesn’t want a fully charged phone. To ensure this we now have a fairly common device known as USB charging port attached to our car where we can easily charge our phone, laptop and even MacBook’s in no time. So this is also one of the must-haves car accessories to your car of all time. Earlier these poets were used as a cigarette lighter plus charger but nowadays due to advancement in technology there are many advanced features added in these portable USB chargers, some are even connected to your phone via Bluetooth to receive, make a call, redial a many more. So you can choose any USB charging port according to your requirement and budget to have a happy driving experience in your well-equipped car.

Portable vacuum cleaner

The one who loves their 4 wheelers know the importance of maintenance of their car interior as well as exterior so, it is hard to clean the interior of your car with only dusters and keeping bin also doesn’t ensure the cleanness of your car interiors, for this, you can add a portable vacuum cleaner to your car so that you can clean the dust and dirt inside your car in an easy manner without any extra hassle. The main benefit is the compact design and cleaning efficiency. The tool easily reaches tight areas and switches between carpet and hard floor modes. It's well-made and durable to keep your inside car environment clean. So they come in various options like some with cable some run on battery. These vacuum cleaners can be bought from any online/ offline car accessories shops.

With the description of the must-haves car accessories, here are some honourable mentions on the other car accessories you can add to your car for an upgraded experience of your driving: magnetic mobile holder to hold your mobile while you are looking for navigation on google map, car mount stage bag to hold on to the bottles, documents, newspapers or other necessities in a well-organized manner, trash can for your car to store the trash in the journey, key finder, silicone key cover, silver chrome door lining stickers to reflect the light in the road at night when your doors are open, air purifier device or gel to stop the bad smell inside your car and last but not the least portable air extinguisher inside a car to stop any fire accidents. In this way, we have so many options on the available gadgets and accessories to upgrade our car with just a small amount of investment rather than buying a high tech expensive luxury car.


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Compiled by : Swekshya Rajbhandari Swekshya Rajbhandari