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Nail Hacks Every Women Should Know

8th February 2022
"There are a variety of practical, cost-effective, and inventive ways to achieve the perfect nails."

There are a variety of practical, cost-effective, and inventive ways to achieve the perfect nails.

Take a look at these helpful ideas.


It will take a little longer, but the end effect will be that your polish will have something to attach to, allowing it to stay a few days longer.

You may also prevent colored paint from staining your nails by using a base coat.

Old lip brush

We've all done it: accidentally colored the outside of our nail and got it on our skin.

You may get a precise clean-up by putting an old lip brush in nail polish remover and carefully brushing it around your nail bed.

Cuticle oil

Using cuticle oil instantly hydrates your nails and will help achieve that salon look effectively.

Never shake your nail polish

Instead, roll the polish back and forth in your hands while keeping it upright.

This will prevent air bubbles from forming in the polish or on your nails when you apply it.


When you apply it, always swipe to the very tip of your nail, that way, you’ll be less likely to get chips.

Stay away from hot water

Do not paint your nails and then wash the dishes or take a shower.

The nail bed expands as a result of the hot water, forcing the polish to expand as well, cracking it in the process.

Use toothpaste

After removing nail polish, nails seem yellowish, and that hue is unflattering.

It's a good thing there's an easy fix for that: whitening toothpaste!

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Home Remedies For Long and Healthy Nails

21st November 2021
"Many women worry about the beauty of their hands, and their nails."

Many women worry about the beauty of their hands, and their nails. Our nails can send lots of messages to others, and weak or brittle nails may make you self-conscious.

There are lots of things you can do to help strengthen your nails and improve them. The three basic home remedies to make your nails long and healthier are:

Lemon juice:

Vitamin C promotes stronger growth. Moreover, lemon juice can help to grow, brighten your nails, and remove stains. You just need to swipe lemon juice over each nail and allow it to dry. You could also use a slice of lemon directly on the nail. Do this twice a week, followed by a rich moisturizer.

Lemon juice

Also, a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil will give you stronger, shiner, and whiter nails. Just dip a cotton ball into the warm mixture and apply it directly on your nails, and leave it overnight.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the answer to every beauty problem. Coconut oil is very rich in hydrating and can help strengthen your nails and soften your cuticles. Also, it has anti-fungal properties which are great news if you’re prone to nail infections.

Coconut oil

For a nourishing treatment, warm coconut oil for 20 seconds in the microwave and massage it into the cuticles before bed. To seal in the treatment, wear a pair of thin cotton gloves overnight and in a few weeks expect healthier and better-looking nails.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for brittle nails because it has an anti-fungal treatment, so is a must-try if you suffer from fungal nails. Apple cider vinegar is acidic, which works by neutralizing the alkaline environment that encourages fungal growth.

Apple cider vinegar

Moreover, Apple cider Vinegar contains iron, calcium, vitamins, and many more nourishing factors for your nails. Mix apple cider vinegar with water, and soak your nails in it. You can do this every day for immediate results.

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Perfect Manicure tips you can do at home

3rd February 2022
"Whether you're trying to save money, can't get to the salon, or simply prefer to DIY, knowing how to give yourself a proper manicure is a useful skill to have."

Whether you're trying to save money, can't get to the salon, or simply prefer to DIY, knowing how to give yourself a proper manicure is a useful skill to have.

When you do your manicure, here are some tips to keep your nails looking perfect:

Prepare Your Nails

Before you begin your manicure, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands.

Then, using a tissue and nail polish remover, wipe each nail to ensure that any leftover nail polish is removed.

You can use a cotton ball, but it contains lint and leaves a residue, so wipe your nails again with a tissue or paper towel.

Clip, file, and buff

If necessary, clip your nails first. Then file gently in one direction to achieve square, round, or somewhere in between tips.

Hold the file flush against your nail and tilt it slightly underneath to file. Finally, buff the tops of your nails using the larger grit side of a nail buffer.

Buff any edges and even out any ridges on the nail surface with unidirectional strokes.

Push Your Cuticles Back

Using your fingertips, rub cuticle oil directly on your cuticle, then gently but firmly push the cuticle back to reveal the nail plate.

This gives the appearance of a longer nail. Avoid cutting your cuticles and instead gently push them back.

If you cut your nails incorrectly, you risk further breakage, rips, and tears, as well as an infection in the nail bed.

The cuticle of healthy nails should not be broken and should not be cut.

Apply a base coat and your color

Apply one layer of base coat to the nail in light, even strokes.

Make sure you don't put too much on each nail and wait for one to two minutes for it to dry.

Allow one minute for the base coat to dry. Apply a coat of your chosen color to your nail, making sure to get the brush all the way down to the cuticle and into the corners.

Don't go overboard with the paint and don't worry if it's not perfect—you can always add another layer.

Add a Top Coat

Finally, you'll want to use a good top coat polish to help seal your color, make it shine, and keep it from chipping.

When applying your top coat, be careful because a sloppy app can ruin your entire manicure.

It gives your nails a salon-like shine while keeping them healthy and your masterpiece undamaged.

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