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Choose a Right Curtain For Your Room

8th February 2022
"Curtains are one aspect of house decor that you simply cannot overlook."

Curtains are one aspect of house decor that you simply cannot overlook. The possibilities are unlimited, from light and breezy to substantial and ornate, from simple colors to designs, from sheer materials to heavy opaque coverings.

Here are a few simple tips on how to select curtains for your room:

Right fabric

The fabric has a significant impact on the appearance of the curtains and, as a result, the space. Your options range from sheer lace to lightweight cotton, medium-weight brocades to rich velvet.

The quantity of sunshine you want shining in, as well as the mood and décor of your room, are two considerations to consider when choosing your fabric.

Heavier materials, for example, are better suited to more conventional interiors, whilst sheer fabrics are more suited to more minimalistic spaces.

Remember that each cloth falls differently from different elevations, so when folded and pulled back, they will look different.

The choice of color

Curtains should preferably match the color scheme of the rest of the room's decor. You can either match or contrast the curtains with the rest of the room's decor.

Choose drapes that suit the color of your walls for a beautiful aesthetic. If you want the curtains to be the focal point, choose a color that contrasts with the furniture and walls.

Choosing between prints and solids

We need to have a look at the remainder of the furnishings. If the rest of the room's soft furnishings are solid colors, printed curtains can be a popular choice. Likewise, the inverse is true. Prints lend visual weight to any element, so keep that in mind.

As a result, one option to use printed curtains is to combine them with solid-colored furniture and add printed cushions, area rugs, and other accessories.

With a contemporary style environment, you might utilize funny designs and geometric patterns, while florals would go well with modern classic and traditional decor.

Ideal length

Curtains that fall to the precise level of the floor are fashionable. For a more dramatic effect, choose a curtain size that is a few inches longer, allowing the drapes to pool on the floor.

If you have children, though, you should hang your curtains a few inches above the floor. Another conventional alternative for smaller windows is to end them at the sill, but full-length drapes could also work.

Difference between curtains and drapes

Curtains are lightweight cloth panels that hang from curtain rods. They're usually utilized for privacy, therefore they're ideal for living rooms.

Drapes, on the other hand, are constructed of heavier materials that block out light, making them suitable for bedrooms.

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Tips for selecting a curtain for your minimalistic house

1st January 2021
"Go with neutral themed curtains to give minimalist vibes to your room."

If you are opting for a minimalistic house, then you must have scrolled through Pinterest a lot. You might have seen all those neutral themed beautiful rooms. Well, you can also attain a minimalistic room that you see on Pinterest. Here're a few tips on how to select curtains for your minimalistic room. 



Firstly, select the type of curtain you want in your room. As for minimalistic, you can choose from wave pleat drapes with neat and perfect pleats to light fabric ring clip drapes. You can choose anyone you like. If you want to give your room some cozy look then go with light-weighted fabric drapes or you can simply choose the wave pleat drapes that will allow the needed amount of light into your room. 


The length matters the most. As you are opting for a minimalistic decor, its best not to choose a long curtain that touches the floor. Curtains long enough to cover the window sill or a bit longer than that are best to complement the vibes in your minimalistic house. 


Neutral shades are best for minimalistic decor- it's the universal fact. So, get yourself a curtain with neutral colors such as beige, cream, white. Make sure that the curtains won't stand out but rather complement the furniture and wall. 

Texture and prints

While opting for a minimalistic decor, less is better be it for texture or prints. A plain curtain won't stand out grabbing all the attention in the room. Also, if you want some textures in the curtain, make sure to opt for light textures. As for the prints, some faded prints on the bottom of the curtain is best rather than heavy prints all over the curtain as it makes the curtain look tacky.

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Maintenance tips to keep your curtain fresh and clean

6th February 2022
"Curtains not only keep out light and provide thermal properties; they also add style to your home."

Curtains not only keep out light and provide thermal properties; they also add style to your home. However, they can quickly collect dust and stains, so you'll need to clean them regularly to keep them looking good.

Before you tackle the big curtain clean, there are a few things you should keep in mind:


Vacuuming is essential for keeping your curtains dust-free.

Curtains, depending on the fabric, can accumulate dust quickly, so vacuum them regularly.

You should aim to vacuum your curtains once a month at the very least, but if you are particularly conscientious about cleanliness, feel free to go even more frequently.

To get the best results, attach a brush attachment to the vacuum head. This will make it easier to get the dust off the curtains.

Shake them out

Climb to the top of your curtains with a set of ladders or a chair and shake them powerfully from somewhere near the pole or rod.

This will loosen stubborn dust and dirt, but you'll need to vacuum the surrounding areas of the floor afterward.

Brush away any tiny fibers

Certain types of curtains can attract dust and fabric fibers, also known as lint, which can stick to the material even when vacuumed.

If your vacuum cleaner does not remove all of the lint, use a lint roller or brush. Have someone pull the curtains outwards and flat for you to ensure you catch everything.

Clean windows with care

When the windows they cover are cleaned, curtains frequently become dirty or stained.

Make sure you're not creating an extra cleaning task for yourself by spraying your cloth rather than the window pane itself.

Cleaning agents, grease, and dirt will otherwise find their way onto your curtains.


If your curtains are greasy or have unsightly stains, a simple vacuum cleaner will not suffice.

Instead of taking them down and cleaning them, you can use steam to remove stains while your curtains are still in place.

A powerful handheld steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment can frequently remove stains and dirt from curtains with minimal effort.

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