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Tips to Maintain/Clean your Motorcycle Chain

16th December 2021
"A chain is one of the most important parts of a motorbike."

A chain is one of the most important parts of a motorbike. It is your responsibility to check your chain before every ride.

Here are the tips for the proper way to maintain and clean your bike’s chain:

Check the condition of your chain:

Over a period of time, dust and other elements can get accumulated in and around your chain which might increase wear and tear.

Before you decide to clean the chains, you will need to check how it is functioning.

The first and foremost thing is to put your bike on a stand so that the rear wheel is off the ground. Rotate the wheel, and if you find that the chain is rusted or has worn down, then you will have to get the chains replaced with a new one.

Also, examine the free play on the bottom run of the drive chain, tight spots by rotating the rear wheel, and the rear-drive sprocket for wear, making sure that the apexes of the teeth are not curved.


The chain should be cleaned before each lubrication, as the combination of dirt and grit with chain lube/grease can make a 'grinding paste', severely reducing chain life.

All you need to do is get a regular clean-up, you will simply require a bit of kerosene, a clean and dry cloth, and a brush and wash the chain with kerosene and use the brush to remove the dirt from your chain.

Once you have cleaned your chain, you will have to rub it dry with the cloth. Never use petroleum-based cleaners, detergents, and/or wire brushes as they will damage the chain and/or seals.

Also, Avoid using high-pressure jets or pressure washers, as the water can be forced inside the O, X, or Z rings, and make sure the chain's completely dry before you lubricate.


This is one of the most important processes as it helps your chain link and lubes be dust-free. A motorcycle chain should be lubricated every while to ensure peak performance and long life.

Always lubricate the chain after riding, not before. This allows time for the solvents in the spray to evaporate before the bike is used again, and lets the lubricant penetrate the link properly.

Moreover, as you apply the lubricant, continue to rotate your rear wheel in a forward motion as it will allow the lube to cover more area on the sprocket.

Once you are done using the lubricant, rub off the extra lube so that it does not allow dirt of any kind to stick to the chain.

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Compiled by : Ankita Acharya Ankita Acharya

Five ways to maintain your motorbike battery

6th December 2021
"Motorcycle batteries tend to last between 3 and 5 years before needing to be replaced as long as the batteries are properly maintained."

One of the most overlooked aspects of motorcycles is battery maintenance. Motorcycle batteries tend to last between 3 and 5 years before needing to be replaced as long as the batteries are properly maintained.

There are ways you can reduce wear on your battery and maintain your motorcycle’s battery health:

Select the right battery

Start by opting for a maintenance-free battery as it doesn’t lose water during charging and is more effective and less messy.

There is a variety of motorcycle batteries available and most modern batteries are maintenance-free.

Maintenance-free batteries don’t lose water during charging like other batteries do – making them more effective and less messy.

Check fluid levels

Check your battery fluid (electrolytes) at least once a month. Levels should be as indicated by the maximum and minimum fill lines for each cell.

Cells can only be filled with distilled water (no tap water).

Clean your battery

Clean off any accumulated dust, grime, and small pollutants.

To eliminate battery terminal corrosion, scrub and clean them using a clamp brush and battery cleaner.

Make sure the vent caps on the battery are tight to prevent the cleaner from entering the cells.

Storage at room temperature

To prevent your battery from freezing or cracking during winter, remove and store it at room temperature.

Don’t store it on a concrete or metal surface in a garage as it’ll discharge over time. Opt for a wood or another warmer surface.

Charge it up

Before you hit the road, connect your battery to a motorcycle battery charger to keep it optimally charged.

Properly connect the charger to the battery: positive charger leads to the positive battery post and negative charger leads to the negative battery post.

Switch off and unplug the charger before disconnecting the leads. While critical for winter maintenance, this is beneficial all year round.

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Five tips to take care of your motorbike tires

7th December 2021
"It is important to pay attention to the tires of your motorcycle since these are the parts that ensure the speed, stability, and smooth running of your bike."

If you own a motorcycle, then maintaining it is an important aspect of it. It is vital to pay attention to the tires of your motorcycle since these are the parts that ensure the speed, stability, and smooth running of your bike.

Therefore, you need to be attentive about their condition, and here are some tire care and maintenance tips that you can follow during everyday driving and before heading on long road trips:

Check Tire Pressure

Maintaining the pressure of your motorcycle tires is primary. Too little air pressure can lead your tires to deflate and the sides can get worn out easily.

Similarly, greater air pressure can overinflate your tires where the middle portion is prone to damage.

Hence, maintaining optimum pressure for your tires is essential to prevent the frequent replacement of tires and to maintain your safety while traveling as well.

Rotate Your Tires

Tire rotation helps in reducing uneven wear and tear. It increases the longevity of your tires and offers a smoother and safer ride.

Front wheels are more prone to damage than rear wheels and you should frequently change them for better performance.

Find out whether your tires are directional or non-directional and refer to the instructions in your motorcycle manual to rotate them properly.

Minimize Sudden Braking

Sudden braking reduces the lifetime of your tires, as sudden acceleration contributes to faster wear of the same.

Motorcycle tires are not generally designed for power slides or burnouts and you should avoid performing stunts or gimmicks frequently.

It puts excessive strain on your tires and reduces longevity more rapidly.

Wash Regularly

Wash the bike’s tires regularly and do not leave the task for when you plan to service the bike.

Washing is especially necessary after long road trips. Those muddy paths can take a toll on the bike’s tires.

If not washed properly, the bike’s tires can skid on the road due to the accumulated dirt.

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