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How to avoid back pain while riding a two-wheeler

14th January 2022
"As much fun as it is, riding a motorcycle can be hard on your back, especially if you had some back issues before you started riding."

As much fun as it is, riding a motorcycle can be hard on your back, especially if you had some back issues before you started riding.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid back pain while riding a motorcycle before, during, and after your trip:

Get Your Riding Posture Right

To avoid back pain due to driving, all you need to do is be more conscious of how you’re sitting and take a few extra precautions to protect your back.

Adjust your bike’s seat position and footrests if they can be adjusted so that you are not straining your body to reach the ground or handlebars.

If you’re buying a new bike, try and choose one that doesn’t require you to bend low and hunch your back to reach the handlebars.

When you sit on your bike, try and keep your back straight.

Strengthen Your Back and Core

This may sound irrelevant but long rides do push your bodies to the limit when the conditions are not ideal.

During such times, having a weak back and core turns out to be the ideal combination for back pain to occur since it becomes impossible to ride without slouching.

That is why it's necessary to work on the back and the core at the gym or home.

This will ensure that your body can go long hours without slouching and you can ride with an upright back, shielding it from pain.

Take Breaks to Stretch

One more among our tips to reduce back pain while riding motorcycles is stretching.

Loosening up those muscles now and then is always a good idea if you want your back to steer clear of pain.

A good routine is to stretch before a ride, during the ride on breaks, and after the ride. Keep a few stretching routines handy based on what suits you.

Manage Body Weight

Many times, riders tend to lose their balance while riding a bike.

The body weight tends to shift towards the hands, especially on a sports bike where the seat’s position forces the body to bend forward a bit.

In such a scenario, the rider’s body weight is being supported by the hands gripping the bike’s handle.

This can cause a lot of pain in the fingers, wrists, and forearms if the position is not comfortable. Manage body weight and find the right balance while riding your bike.

Motorcycle Seat Pad

If you want to keep your back and butt comfortable for long rides, consider getting a comfy motorcycle seat pad.

Uncomfortable motorcycle seats will cause the rider to get fidgety trying to find a spot where their butt doesn’t hurt and can turn into a distraction.

Plus with all the moving around, you may tweak your back during the ride. It’s happened to me and it isn’t fun.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Things to know before riding a Superbike

31st January 2021
"It's not only about speed!"

Superbikes were popularized in the contemporary context in the 1990s, a decade which saw the rise of the liter plus engines which only performed on the course. Leading power generation and top speed moving closer to the 200 and 200 mph thresholds was a performance battle against iconic engines like the Honda Blackbird, Suzuki Hayabusa.

So what are the things that you should know before riding one of these? We have compiled a few things to take care of before riding a superbike:

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Motorbike Accessories

This doesn't have to do with riding a superbike alone. Regardless of what you are riding, please protect yourself with the right and sincere clothing. And in times when you drive one-off vehicles such as superbikes, the need to do this grows. Decent riding gear should be well secured by the leather and joint to protect you in the event of a failure. The helmet must be of a healthy and thorough nature. The other items such as riding hats, gloves, and boots must be real and authentic too. Know the money on stuff that could cost you life never sacrifices.

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Riding Skills

This is the training before you get on a mega-sports bike. Managing such powerful and giant bikes takes tremendous attention and accuracy. Your failure, and maybe you get under a super heavy bike. Yeah! Sounds terrible. Such circumstances can only be avoided using one basic strategy, which involves developing riding skills on multiple motorcycles. The first effort should not be achieved by someone riding a commuter smoothly on a superbike. We, therefore, encourage you to use higher skills bikes and practice simple riding strategies by merely viewing videos.


As a responsible rider, to ensure that your favorite racing bike works normally it is your responsibility to keep it tested. Only if a bike is serviced and cared for properly it would be a beneficial move. Check routine inspections, lubrications, and adjustments in gasoline. In addition, the driving units of a car are associated with the tire pressure as tyres. Check for all wear and tear and patch or fix the pieces immediately if there are any. Mind still, even after becoming lifeless, motorcycles have the ability to breathe life into you. But to do that, you must care for your bike properly, much like a family member.

Paying Attention

Yes yes, we know you like to go off your boundaries and do tricks with your superbike, well it’s a superbike we wouldn’t expect you to just take it to your office and come back home. But a good motorcyclist would never go off-limits. It’s one thing trying to learn something but totally another to consider yourself invincible. Remember people! You are not invincible! You search your thrill alright but never try to go off-limits with your bike. Always ride in the limits you can you can stop your bike right away if needed. Don’t try silly stunts if there are no professionals around to teach you. Remember that YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

Take a class

Yeah, we should have started with this. This is a very crucial part of riding any motorcycle. Not just superbikes but any type of bike requires learning it. Then you're going to work with trained teachers who know the motorcycle laws in your field and can help you overcome typical riding obstacles in a safe atmosphere. In this course (usually around three days). You would then have a profound understanding of riding and how to remain healthy on the lane. And you're going to be experienced pro riding over time. 

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Compiled by : Upasana Poudel Upasana Poudel

Benefits of having a scooter over the bike

13th January 2022
"Scooters are considered convenient and easy to maintain whereas bikes stand for power and toughness."

Scooters are considered convenient and easy to maintain whereas bikes stand for power and toughness. However, if you are planning to get a two-wheeler for yourself, you should look at all the features of both the available options, and then take the final decision.

Here are the benefits that a scooter offers over a motorcycle:


Want a two-wheeler that has a lot of storage space? Opt for scooters.

Scooters have ample storage space, thanks to the wide front carrier, spacious foot space, and extra boot space.

Even bikes have an option to attach a side carrier, but most bikers avoid that as it reduces the bike's aesthetic appeal and adds weight to it


There's not much to differentiate between a bike's and scooter's safety. However, a scooter can be considered a bit safer than a bike, courtesy of its lower top speed and manageable height and weight.

Besides, the wheels of scooters are small and covered, which makes it safer for women riders.

Usability & Travel Distance

For quick and short-distance rides, a scooter is your best option. This is because its structure and machinery are best for quick hops from one place to another.

The ease of mobility, rapid acceleration, and lightweight build, make scooters the right choice for everyone.

On the other hand, Bikes have features like high engine capacity, shock absorbers, and bigger fuel tanks, which make them ideal for highway commutes.


Scooters are incredibly convenient to ride, because of their gearless operation.

The ease of riding makes it comfortable to be used by almost everyone in the family.

Besides, bikes have a complex process due to the gear system installed in them. When someone learns to ride, they prefer using gearless scooters for their hassle-free usage.

On the other hand, bikes have a cult following, and hardcore biking enthusiasts don't mind pressing the clutch and shifting gears.


The maintenance of a motorcycle is more expensive as compared to a scooter.

A bike's complex mechanism and structure make the servicing more complicated and time taking.

On the contrary, scooters have a simple structure and do not demand much maintenance.

Since a scooter is meant for riding short distances, pushing it for commuting longer distances on bad roads might increase its maintenance cost.

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