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How to maintain your geyser to prevent accidents

12th December 2021
"A water heater or a geyser is more commonly used and needs as much care as any other electronic device"

A water heater or a geyser is more commonly used and needs as much care like any other electronic device. Make sure yours is safe, by getting to know its parts and it is maintained to prevent accidents:

Put the water heater at a sufficient height

Experts suggest that you should install the geyser at a height of at least 1.8 meters or 6 feet from the floor.

This ensures that the water pressure is sufficient and you get a strong hot water flow in your tap rather than a trickle.

Electrical connections and switches

Ensure that the geyser is connected to a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) that cuts off electricity in case of power fluctuations.

This will minimize the chances of any short circuit in the water heater.

Also, keep the switch at a sufficient height away from small children but not too high that you or any adult has problems while trying to reach it.

Do not keep the geyser switched on for extended periods

People usually prefer to keep the geyser switched on for extended periods, especially during the morning.

As keeping the geyser on for extended periods will reduce the life of the apparatus, it makes better sense to put it on only 5 minutes before you need it and not half an hour before.

Regular water heater maintenance can help in extending the life of your heater.

Keep an eye on the plug

To prevent any future electrical short circuit from this, it is always better to use plugs and sockets that are new and have been properly wired and plugged in.

Also, try to use an MCB switch instead of a regular one as MCBs are better constructed than standard plugs and will prevent any short-circuit from happening.

The third thing you can do is to switch on the geyser only when you need it and switch it off immediately after you are done.

Get annual maintenance done

If you have no experience in doing maintenance work on a geyser and want to avoid water heater problems, then it is better to book an expert to do the job rather than trying to wing it yourselves.

They will help with cleaning your water heater as well.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Things to consider while buying a geyser and water heater

29th September 2020
"Want to buy a geyser? Don't forget to keep the following things in mind."

Geyser/ water heaters are simply the equipment which as the name suggests function to warm up the water in your kitchen or bathrooms. Buying geysers can be quite difficult if you know the things to consider and can be quite easy if you are unaware of the importance of some features and just go after its looks. From energy consumption to space and location you choose for the geyser, every detail must be meticulously examined. Here, we present to you 9 important things one should keep in mind while buying a geyser/water heater.


While buying a geyser one should not go for a device out of their budget. One should see geyser that fits them economically. As there are different kinds of geysers, you can find the best geyser with the functions that you are searching for within your budget.

Space and location

The wall or floor space should be considered while buying a geyser or a water heater. The spot to be designated must have easy connectivity to the input and outlet faucets. And, it should be easily accessible for maintenance and repairs. Moreover, make sure that the place where you keep the geyser is properly ventilated in order to avoid any kind of risk such as suffocation while using the geyser.

Size of the geyser

A geyser once bought will be used by the entire family. So, keep the size of your family and the number of people who’ll use the geyser while buying one. An oversized geyser means heating of extra water that is not required if you have a family of 3. So, choose the size of the geyser according to the necessity in the family and save electricity.

Longevity and parts availability

Buy a geyser that has a longer life and has easily available replaceable parts. Though your budget should also be considered while looking out for a durable geyser, don’t hesitate to add a few hundreds or thousands of rupees to buy the geyser that lasts relatively for a longer period. For example, a tank-less water heater’s life is of about 20 years while that of tank-type is 10 to 12 years.


Besides the warranty of the geyser itself, don’t forget to check the warranty of the heating element and the tank while buying a geyser. Also, keep the warranty card safe.


Besides the features of a geyser, you should look after other services like after-sale service and warranties. Not every brand provides such services and not every brand is trustworthy; so, purchase a geyser from brands that are trustworthy like Bajaj, Racold, etc.


If you are a person who loves decorating their house and is a bit picky, then buy a geyser that suits your bathroom decor, style, and size. Also, A MAJOR REMINDER, don’t forget to check out the important features while going after a beautiful geyser.


Basically, there are two types of geysers depending on their size, convenience, and uses. They are instant geysers and storage geysers. Instant geysers are small and occupy less wall-mounting space, also they are suitable for washing kitchen utensils, hand wash, and bathing using a bucket. Storage geysers are big and occupy more wall-mounting space; these geysers are suitable for bathing using buckets as well as using a shower. Storage geysers are cost-friendly as compared to Instant geysers. However, the instant geysers last longer than storage geysers. 

Energy consumption

A 5 star rated geyser consumes less electricity for heating water as well as has much less heat loss. Install energy-efficient star rated geyser and reduce your monthly electricity bills. Higher star-rated geysers are a little expensive to buy in the first place but they save a lot of money over a longer time period.


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Compiled by : Prativa Parajuli Prativa Parajuli

Gas and Electric Geyser for this winter

26th April 2022
"Winter is here! In this season, bathing and washing utensils are some of the most difficult tasks"

Winter is here! In this season, bathing and washing utensils are some of the most difficult tasks. So to make your tasks easy here we have a list of Gas and electric geysers along with their price and model available in Nepal:

Gas Geyser

Gas Geyser 6 Litre

  • Brand: Kent
  • Price: NPR 8, 260

Gas Water Heater 6 Litre

  • Brand: CG
  • Model: CGGWF02L
  • Price: NPR 9, 770

Electric Geyser

30 Litre Electric Geyser

  • Brand: CG
  • Model: CGEW30I02
  • Price: NPR 15,450

20 Litre Electric Geyser

  • Brand: CG
  • Model: CGEW20K02H
  • Price: NPR 21,060

15 Litre Electric Geyser With Remote Control

  • Brand: CG
  • Model: CGEW15J02R
  • Price: NPR 14,520

15 Litre Electric Geyser

  • Brand: CG
  • Model: CGEW15H02
  • Price: NPR 11,770

15 Litre Electric Geyser

Brand: CG

Model: CGEW15F02

Price: NPR 12,900

Note: The price may vary from time to time. ( Especially during the time of offer and festivals) 

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