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Importance of wearing helmet while riding two-wheelers

1st February 2022
"While riding a two-wheeler without a helmet it may appear appealing, but it is not safe."

Helmets are necessary when riding a two-wheeler for pleasure or commuting. The ride may appear appealing without a helmet, but it is not safe.

Wearing a helmet has important benefits. Knowing them would make you more aware:

Prevent head injuries

When you wear a helmet, the impact of an accident on your head is reduced.

If you are not wearing a helmet while riding your two-wheeler and are involved in an accident, you may suffer external and internal brain injuries, both of which can be serious.

As a result, helmets should be worn to protect your life.

Protects your eyes

In the case of an accident, a full-face helmet covers your entire face, providing you with complete protection.

When riding your two-wheeler, this type of helmet shields your eyes from dust and high-beam lights.

Furthermore, the design of this helmet allows you to have the widest possible field of vision while driving.

Avoid penalty

If you don't want to wear a helmet because you think it makes you look odd.

As a result, your beauty does not appear. However, now that wearing a helmet is required, traffic police are on the lookout for people riding their bikes without one.

As a result, you should wear a helmet while driving to avoid paying hefty fines and damaging your driving record.

Protects you from the cold breeze

A helmet not only protects your head but also protects your ears.

This layer of protection keeps the cool breeze out of your ears, keeping you healthy and preventing you from getting sick in the cold.

In addition, because of the solid inline cushioning, wearing a helmet in the summer helps you stay cool.

Ensures better control of the vehicle

When bike riders with long hair ride their bikes, their hair swings across their faces which may cause them to lose control of their comfort riding.

Wearing a helmet while riding a bike has been shown to improve your attention.

When you're riding your two-wheeler with a helmet on, you're more likely to be cautious and control your speed.

This greatly reduces the likelihood of an accident.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

TVS Bikes and Scooters in Nepal

17th May 2022
"Here’s an updated price list of TVS two-wheelers available in Nepal"

Jagadamba Motors, TVS Nepal is one of Nepal’s leading automobile companies with an exceptional product line ranging from Nepal’s largest selling premium smart scooter Ntorq to Racing inspired bikes by Apache. Here’s an updated price list of TVS two-wheelers available in Nepal:

TVS RR 310 MOTORCYCLE 7,99,900
TVS Apache RTR 200 4V ABS FI BSVI MOTORCYCLE 3,98,900 
TVS Apache RTR 200 4V ABS MOTORCYCLE 3,69,900 
TVS Apache RTR 160 ABS RTFI (BS VI)  MOTORCYCLE 3,79,900
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V RD ABS  MOTORCYCLE 3,44,900
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V RD Refresh Smart Connect MOTORCYCLE 3,18,900
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V RD MOTORCYCLE 2,90,900 
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V FD Refresh Smart Connect MOTORCYCLE 2,99,900
TVS Apache RTR 2V FD MOTORCYCLE 2,80,900 
TVS Max-125 (Semi Trail Bike) MOTORCYCLE 2,41,900 
TVS Stryker Refresh MOTORCYCLE 2,21,900 
TVS Radeon MOTORCYCLE 1,93,900 
TVS Ntorq Race Edition FI BSVI Scooter 2,95,900
TVS Ntorq Super Squad Edition Scooter 2,84,900
TVS Ntorq Race Edition Scooter 2,79,900
TVS Ntorq Disc Scooter 257,900
TVS Ntorq Drum Scooter 2,31,900
TVS Jupiter Classic 110 Scooter 2,11,900 
TVS Wego FI* Scooter 2,25,900
TVS Wego-SBS-BSIV-110 Scooter 2,07,900 
TVS XL-100 I-Touch Moped 1,42,900

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

Tips to customize your motorbike

17th January 2022
"As a motorcycle enthusiast, you probably enjoy on roads for hours on end, and you most likely want to make your bike more attractive and appealing."

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you probably enjoy on roads for hours on end, and you most likely want to make your bike more attractive and appealing.  

Here are a few tips to customize your bike in the most seamless and hassle-free manner:

Consider under glow lighting

If you want to add style and personal touch to your bike, consider under glow lighting.

With LED under glow lighting, you’ll have access to multiple colors so you can choose the ones that resonate with your likes and preferences.

You may select under glow lights that respond to music or double as brake lights.

There’s a variety of motorcycle LED under glow lighting ideas with features and specs that you can use to meet your taste.

Get a new paint job

You can choose to use a single color all over your bike, use a design of your choosing or go all out with chrome paint to give it a shine that will let everyone see you coming.

Chrome is a highly versatile spray chrome that you can use on any part you wish.

It can be used on plastic parts, your handlebars, your rims, or anywhere else on your bike that you want to stand out.

Change your seat

A plain-colored seat may not emphasize well the shape and body of your motorcycle.

Also, certain types of seats may not give you a comfortable experience.

Apart from this reason, seats can be customized to help you embrace the height of your ride without feeling uncomfortable.

Not just styles, but different materials are also being used for designing seats that come with several advantages.

Choose wider or fat tires

There are different tire variations you can use to set up your motorbike. Wide front tires make your bike responsive around corners but a bit twitchy and dangerous.

Wider back tires push the motorcycle forward through turns instead of making them more agile, but proper alignment can improve it.

Alternatively, you may choose to have fat tires for both your motorcycle’s front and rear parts.

These are excellent on drag bikes because their extra service area gives more rubber-to-road contact to gain more traction.

Spray or wrap with some colors

The best place to start customizing is to pick some personal shade of color that will make your ride more visible and unique from the rest.

A personal choice of color can reflect your taste and style and add some glamour to your motorcycle.

There is a matte and glossy finish along with textures and patterns available to choose from.

Make sure to have the wrap work done by professionals to get a smooth finish.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal