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How to maintain your car's steering wheel

17th January 2022
"You may have your hands on the steering wheel longer than any other part of your car which is why it needs some extra love and care."

You may have your hands on the steering wheel longer than any other part of your car which is why it needs some extra love and care. Steering wheels can harbor dirt, oil, and bacteria if you don’t regularly maintain them.

So here are some tips on how to clean and maintain your car’s steering wheel:

Clean and sterilize

The first thing is first: remove all that dirt and grime from the surface.

Add a little quantity of leather cleaner on a damp cotton cloth and wipe the steering wheel. Then gently wash it.

To clean a leather steering wheel always remember to not rub the cleaner too hard, just gently bathe the leather.

Next, rinse off the cotton cloth you used for cleaning with a little bit of water and use it to wipe off the excess amount of cleaner.

You can also use a detailing brush to clean away the tiny pores that commonly get stuck on leather steering wheels.

Replenish the oils

The next thing you need to do is replenish the oils in the leather in order to maintain that soft, flexible, and durable feeling.

Use a dime-sized amount of conditioner into the palm of your hand, and gently massage it into the leather for a minute or so.

Then allow the oils in the conditioner to be absorbed into the leather for about 30 minutes before rubbing away excess material with a clean towel.

Remove scratches

Removing scratches from your steering wheel absolutely can be done, but it’s a little tricky.

You’ll need some Olive Oil or Baby Oil and a Soft Cotton Cloth. Start by dabbing the cloth with olive oil.

Lightly rub the cloth on the affected area, using a circular motion to buff out the scratches. Continue to move outwards from the scratches.

The scratches will soak up the oil and will appear darker than the leather. This effect will fade as it dries.

Establish a regular cleaning routine

Just like how you regularly maintain your car mechanically, you’ll want to clean your steering wheel periodically.

Wipe your steering wheel down weekly, using leather conditioning wipes. Wiping the steering wheel down weekly will help keep the bacteria away.

It’ll also replenish the SPF and nourish your leather, keeping it smooth. Then, use the above cleaning routine once a month for the optimum health of your steering wheel.

The more consistent you are in cleaning it, the better the leather will age.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal

What happens if you put diesel in your petrol car

2nd August 2020
"In countries like Nepal, we have a dedicated pump person to refuel our vehicles. Such problem may not arise, if in case it does, have you wondered what would happen?"

In countries where there are self-fueling pumps, people often get confused and put diesel in their petrol car and petrol in their diesel car. In countries like Nepal, we have a dedicated pump person to refuel our vehicles. Such problem may not arise, if in case it does, have you wondered what would happen?

Difference between petrol and diesel car

Firstly, petrol engines have spark plugs. When the car is started, these spark and ignite the evaporated fuel that mixes with the air inside the engine. This is, essentially, how an engine runs, with a series of mini explosions. A diesel engine does not have spark plugs, and rather works off a piston that compresses the diesel so much that heat is generated and it catches fire. petrol vs diesel

Diesel is heavier than petrol. Petrol is light so that it can evaporate easily and cause the sparks. What happens if you put diesel in your petrol car?

What happens if you put diesel in your petrol car?

As we mentioned earlier, diesel needs to be compressed for the heat to generate and the petrol engine works in a different order, chances are that your car will not start at all. If your car starts and runs a small distance, it is because your car still had a little petrol left. Even though the engine would not ruin due to this particular misfuelling, it would cause a serious damage.

What happens if you put petrol in your diesel car?

This type of misfuelling is serious in comparison to the previous one. Basically, diesel acts as a lubricator that smoothens the fuel pump and other internal components, putting petrol in such tank causes to have the opposite reaction.

Adding petrol to a diesel engine increases friction between parts, causing damage to the fuel lines and pump. If you drive away or even start the car with petrol in the mix, you could cause expensive damage to the engine.

What to do when you misfuel?

If in case, you misfuel the car with another type of fuel, stay calm and follow the followings:

  1. Do not start the engine at any cost.
  2. Put your car in neutral and call or push it to your nearest mechanic.
  3. Inject out all the fuel in your car.
  4. Flush it with the right fuel.
  5. Change lubricating oils.


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Compiled by : Debashish S Neupane Debashish S Neupane

Maintenance tips for cars headlights

16th January 2022
"You must regularly maintain the headlights and taillights with the same effort as maintaining other components."

The lights of your car may not get as much care as the engine or the tires. And yet, the lights are an essential part of your car that enables you to drive at night. However, you must regularly maintain the headlights and taillights with the same effort as maintaining other components.

So, here are seven effective tips that will let you keep your car lights clean:

Inspect the light

The first step to proper headlight and brake light care is to do regular, frequent inspections of the lights.

This can be a quick walk-around where you examine the lights for any failures, uneven dimness, and other defects.

If something is dirty, out of order, or needs replacing, be sure to take action immediately and don’t put it off.

Clean the Headlights regularly

If dirt or grime builds up on your windshield, you will likely wipe it clean because it’s harder to see through.

Though they’re less obvious than a dirty windshield, messy headlights also can hinder visibility.

They make it more difficult for light from the bulbs to illuminate the path ahead.

If your headlights are dirty, yellow, or cloudy, they are going to prevent the bulbs from illuminating the road ahead properly.

Replace your car headlights in pairs

In case your car requires replacing the bulbs, never do it for one. Remember that the globes in your headlights and tail lights come in pairs.

When you replace the component, you need to purchase new lights in pairs as well.

This will retain the consistency of your light as you drive. Replacing bulbs in this manner will prevent you from driving with just one functional bulb.

Check the Headlight Alignment

The majority of people know how dangerous misaligned wheels can be, and the issues this can cause.

It may surprise you to learn that headlights can also get out of alignment, resulting in safety issues for you and your passengers.

Headlights are designed by the manufacturers to aim the beams in the same direction.

However, jolts that are caused by potholes can result in the headlights getting displaced. This can cause safety problems.

Choose High-Performance Headlights

If you invest in high-performance headlights, you are going to be more aware of potential obstacles in the road.

These types of lights will help you react sooner.

Any time you choose a headlight that is higher quality than what is considered basic or standard; it’s going to provide you with a better and safer driving experience.

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Compiled by : Delika Dangal Delika Dangal