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Ways to Help Prevent a Flat Tire

30th January 2022
"A flat tire might put an immediate stop to your trip plans."

A flat tire might put an immediate stop to your trip plans.

With simple preventative maintenance and cautious measures, you may be able to assist prevent flat or blown out tires.


It's critical to ensure that your vehicle's tires are properly filled. At least once a month, use a tire pressure tester to check each tire, including the spare. To locate the required tire pressure, look for a label on the driver's side doorjamb or door edge, or consult your car's handbook.

Tire pressure readings might fluctuate while tires are heated, so do this after your car hasn't been driven for a few hours.

In addition to preventing flat tires, maintaining proper tire pressure can improve your car's fuel efficiency and lengthen the life of your tires.


Though it's sometimes unavoidable, if you know you'll be driving near active construction zones or poorly maintained roads, attempt to choose alternate routes.

Punctures and flat tires can be caused by sharp pebbles, nails, metal shards, glass, and potholes.

Hitting a pothole can cause damage to your car's tires, wheels, and other components. If you find cracks or bulges in your tire, they could be the consequence of hitting potholes or debris on the road.

If the tires are underinflated at the time of the collision, they may be more vulnerable to damage. Bulging or cracked tires should be changed.


Examine the label for the required tire pressure for your tire once more. It also tells you how much weight your vehicle can handle. When loading your vehicle, keep this number in mind because an overloaded vehicle can damage your tires.

If you're transporting heavy cargo, you should raise your tire pressure to guarantee that your vehicle can hold the weight.

If your tires are loaded to the maximum pressure, which is also indicated on each tire, look at the sides of your tires to see how much weight they can handle.

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Tips for long-lasting tyres

20th September 2020
"Tyres are sometimes the major expense of your car after fuel so ensure you get the full benefit of your investment."

Tyres are sometimes the major expense of your car after fuel so ensure you get the full benefit of your investment. It takes good maintenance and treatment to get the best out of your tyres. Once in 4-5 years, you will need a replacement. However, your tyre could easily be ripped down to shreds by the end of that time, if due care was not taken to it.

The following easy tips are not just a way to enhance your tyres' durability but also boost overall fuel economy, driving behavior and, perhaps significantly, your general safe driving.

Monthly check of tyre inflation

Too much-inflated tyres will unexpectedly bounce you around, poorly-inflated tyres cause you to lose handling characteristics and make your fuel expenses even more. What's even worse is that tyres that are significantly poorly-inflated can overheat and burst.

Look for the best pressure for your tyres, front and back. Don’t forget to check your tyres every month. You can even set a reminder if you have trouble remembering it.


Check your wheels for balance

When you get your tires rotated, you can also get your wheels balanced. And if you use a two-wheeler then need not do this, you can just do your tyre rotation. There's a heavy spot inside every tire and wheel. None of them is perfect, even though they are completely new. The gap is slight, estimated in 1 to 1⁄2 ounces. But vibration and uneven tire wear can be caused by that slight difference. Using a special device and small weights your technician can stabilize any wheel. As when the tire wears, the weight will need to be shifted or changed. It is a quick, easy cycle that costs far less than a new tire! Please ensure throughout rotation you have the balance of your tires tested and balanced.  

To preserve the life of your tyres, you need to minimize the repetitive and sudden braking. Sudden acceleration also leads to reducing tire’s wear similarly. Standard tyres, not ideal for power slides or burnouts. Even if you are enticed by the scent of burnt rubber, stop any of those gimmicks on your tyres. They put undue pressure on the tyres, reducing life faster than expected.


Always carry out pre-travel examinations

Before any ride, this should be something you do. The tires should always be provided with a pre-trip examination of key structures for road preparation. Test the tyre pressure, check at the condition of the tyres, and be prepared to tackle troubles before hitting the roadway to mitigate the damage.

Don't forget to carry a spare tyre!


Heavy loads

Motorcycles are light and heavy, and people either slim or obese. We may raise the tension of the tyres to accommodate more weight (within the prescribed edges) understanding this factor. If we add a traveler and a load to it, we should apply further pressure to the prescribed maximum limit to sustain this big load.

Anyway, aim to make the bike as light as possible. The heavier the load is, the more the damage is, so we can obey guidelines like emptying the saddle bars and the top case or removing them if we don't need it. We may also decrease the weight of the unwanted stuff taken from other boxes and the storage of the under the seat.

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Compiled by : Upasana Poudel Upasana Poudel

Car tire and wheel care maintenance tips

7th December 2021
"Car tires are one of the most important components that have to be regularly checkup and maintained."

Cars need regular maintenance to perform efficiently, safely while driving, car tires are one of the most important components that have to be regularly checkup and maintained.

Here are some tire care and maintenance tips that you can follow during everyday driving and before heading on long road trips:

Maintain the right tire pressure
Most of the tire problems stem from improper inflation. Keeping your tire properly inflated is critical to maintaining the life of your tires, maximizing the fuel economy, and most importantly to keep you and the other passengers safe.

The maximum pressure that the tire can hold is mentioned on the sidewall of the tire.

But, that is the maximum limit and is not the actual pressure you want to inflate your tires with.

Check your tire tread depth
The tread depth of your tires must always be more than 2/32 inches.

If your tread depth reaches this limit, it is deemed unsafe and must be replaced.

More the tread depth the better is the grip and the stopping capability.

Get your wheel alignment checked
The front tires of your vehicle need to be aligned periodically to ensure that there is not an excessive amount of difference in the way the two tires are pointing.

A qualified maintenance facility can measure the amount of tow-in or tow out on your vehicle’s wheels and adjust it according to manufacturer specifications.

This prevents excessive and undue wear.

Choose your tires well
If you wish to get maximum life from your tires pay attention to the quality of tires.

Along with the tire brand, you must ensure that the tire size exactly matches the manufacturer’s recommended size.

This will prevent early tire wear, improve fuel efficiency and increase their longevity.

Clean your tires
Simply wash your tires with soap and water and remove dust from the wheels.

Cleaning your tires is not only important to enhance the aesthetic look of your car but is also a significant maintenance step that can prevent your tires from cracking and discoloration.

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